2015 – Our Additional PACC911 LAF RECIPIENTS

In 2015, because we helped over 176 animals we are simply listing the remaining recipients of the Lulus Angel Fund (LAF). You’ll find these pets under the name of the rescue partner that saved them, along with a note about their situation. Each animal saved had a second chance at life and PACC911 is proud of our accomplishments to help make this happen.

Almost Home Boxer Rescue

In loving memory of a sweet soul whose saviors did all they could. Scooby passed over the rainbow bridge surrounded with love.


Animal Benefits Club of AZ

AJ/Pit Bull
Saved from living on the streets alone and scared. Gentle boy ready for a loving home.

Hit by a car and left to die, had lifesaving medical care and surgery.


Arizona Beagle Rescue

Found emaciated with untreated leg fracture, now safe and healthy.


Arizona Happy Tails Rescue

A massive hernia almost killed her. She is safe now.

Placed on the euthanasia list because she had a leg injury. Now healed and loved.


Arizona Poodle Rescue

Little but mighty! Survived a death battle with Parvo!

Always smiling and wagging his little tail while disease was ravishing his body. Saved!


Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue

Joliet & Sheena/Pugs
Medical neglect of growing tumors caused these two dogs extreme pain. Surgeries saved these girls.

Shiloh & Darien/Pugs
Neglected open wounds became terribly infected. Babes are now safe and healthy.


Arizona St. Bernard Rescue

Bernie/St. Bernard
Hit by a car was saved and now healed and happy.

Murphy/St. Bernard puppy
3 month old puppy found with multiple fractures in leg and  pelvis. Now saved and loved by new family.


Arizona Weimaraner

Suffering from torn ACL, unable to walk. Saved and surgery repaired his leg.


AZ Paws and Claws

Thelma the Cat
Saved from the euthanasia list for being sick and old.


Better Days Rescue

Bridget/Aussie Shepherd

Chained outside 24/7 for her whole lonely life. Now safe and finally loved.

Suffering with neglected ear infection and painful digestive disorder. Healed and knows comfort.

Depressed & broken hearted, became lethargic at county on the E-List. Now knows happiness.


Boxer Luv Rescue

His cruelty too extreme to overcome, he knew the love of those who tried to save him. R.I.P. sweet boy.

So sick and frail with double pneumonia at County. Now healthy and adopted.

Infested with thousands of ticks. Needed blood transfusion to survive. Now healthy and loved.

Abandoned on reservation and near death. Starving, broken bones, and very sick. Saved!

Saved from Pinal county with Valley Fever and a lesion on his brain. Now a happy boy.


Brittany Rescue

Chuck/Spaniel pup
Nearly starved and dying from pneumonia. Now healthy and adopted!


Circle L Ranch

Tiny Chi in Yuma shelter in pain & desperate need of surgery. Saved!


Dane Haven Rescue

Sadly, too late to be saved but he knew love in the end. Hans got his angel wings, rest in peace.


Desert Harbor Doberman

Sadly, crossed over but Aston knew his saviors loved him. Rest in peace sweet baby.


Luv of Dogs

Roaming the streets in the extreme and intense desert summer heat, hungry and alone. Now safe.

Abandoned in a back yard for weeks. Finally discovered and saved.



Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Poor girl was neglected, emaciated and suffering. Her saviors comforted and tried to save her. She crossed over in loving arms.



So very sick from untreated heartworms and ticks. She crossed over the rainbow bridge knowing love.


Mighty Mini Mutts

Tossed away at age 15! Blind and terrified, he shook in his cage at the pound. Now truly loved.


Ohana Animal Rescue

Should a broken leg mean amputation? We think not.  Joker was saved and is now loved.

Hernia surgery needed, owner threw her away. Now healthy and happy.


R.A.I.N. Rescue

Moxey the Kitty
Painful infections resulting in eye removal. Now in comfort, she is loved.


Ruby Ranch Rescue

Luna & Bunny
Sweet seniors thrown away by owners and were left on their own. Now safe and loved.

Found as a stray, missing an eye and so scared. Now adopted!

Roxy/Poodle mix
Dumped at county with tumors and infections. Saved from the e-list and now healthy and loved.


Saving Paws

Kicked in the leg by a bull calf, so owners simply gave him away. Now healed and safe.


Standing Proud Rescue

Baby Girl
Sadly she could not be saved but in the end she finally knew love. Be happy and free sweet girl.


Underdog Rescue of Arizona

Found as a stray, hungry and terrified on a Mesa freeway. Now safe and loved.


Valley Dogs

Devastated because he lost his home. Was at county wasting away, losing all hope. Now loved.


Valley of the Sun Rescue

Used for human entertainment (a victim of Weight Pull fighting and traumatic breeding). Given to county to be euthanized. Now knows family and love.

Gotti & Cin
Victims of an unscrupulous hoarder, they were starved and attacked as they scrounged for food. Now safe.

Found starving to death. Eating rocks and trash to stay alive. She is now safe and loved.