One of PACC911’s legacies was Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue, which was a fun and vital fundraiser for the animal community. In 2013, it was spun off from PACC911, who no longer is affiliated with it and taken up by Eileen Proctor who conceptualized and passionately mentored it when under PACC911’s wing.

This one-of-a-kind event allowed the individual groups with limited resources a chance to raise big bucks at no cost to them. The money collected by each rescue remained with them while PACC
911 solicited for sponsorships for the event, thus supporting our Emergency Medical Fund. During Bowlarama’s ten year period, $2 million was  raised to help the animals of our community, with over 95% going directly to the participating animal welfare organizations while helping with our EMF fundraising.
PACC911 held this high energy event on the first Saturday of August, which was granted the official status of Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue Day, as proclaimed by the Governor of Arizona, and the Mayors of Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Eileen Proctor

The goal of Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue was two-fold: provide a much needed fundraiser for the local rescue community and grant an opportunity to raise awareness for important animal issues during the summer heat when it is virtually impossible to conduct outdoor activities. While PACC911 is no longer affiliated with this event, it was an event we were proud to help launch and support.