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Coalition Partner Forms (EMF/LULU’s/Initial Membership Application)

Coalition Partners’ Forms Page

Already a PACC Partner? This is where you find your EMF and Lulu’s Angel Fund forms. New member forms are also found here, please help us by encouraging donations our way so we can once again offer membership to new groups. New membership is temporarily closed due to the current strain on our coffers and we are actively fundraising to reverse this. Remember, ONE donation here stretches to help over 120 groups!


PACC911 Membership

What is expected from Rescues in the Coalition? Partner Code of Ethics

Application for Becoming a PACC911 Partner

Lulu’s Angel Fund

Note: Be sure to read the guidelines first to understand the difference between the two applications below.

Download Guidelines

Mini Application

LAF MINI Medical Request Application

Maximum application

LAF MAX Medical Request Application


Emergency Medical Fund (EMF)

Download Guidelines
Download Medical Request Application