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PACC911 Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF)


remington400PACC911 Helping Animals in Desperate Need


PACC911’s LAF first became available in January 2012. It’s funded through an endowment provided by Lulu’s Fund, a part of the Timothy T. Day Foundation, the Heidi Rescue Fund and from public donations provided by people like YOU!

Since it first started, word has spread rapidly among the PACC911 coalition partners about this new resource for special cases of hardship, abuse and neglect, and growth has been substantial. As of the start of 2016, we are fast approaching 300 animals facing extreme duress that were saved by this special fund.

How it works

When there are serious situations of abuse or neglect resulting in expensive medical treatment or care, PACC911 identifies the animal in question as a case for the LAF and offers access to this program to the PACC911 rescue partner who voluntarily steps forward.

This money may be spent on veterinary procedures, hospitalization, medications, boarding or behavioral training, as needed.  Guidelines for the fund are posted on a special section of the PACC911 website, available to our coalition partners.

You can help now and contribute to saving severely abused and neglected animals by clicking on the make a donation button below. The more donations we receive the more lives we can save.

Meanwhile look at our gallery, read the stories and see the photos of these precious lives that have been saved and gone on to loving homes or are awaiting adoption.

We graciously thank

The Lulu’s Fund, part of the Timothy T. Day Foundation, Inc. for their initial endowment to launch this program, along with their continued ongoing support of PACC911.

The Heidi Rescue Fund that has so generously provided vital funding and support as we continue to grow.

You, the public, for your kind contributions to help save the animals in need.

Donate to PACC911’s LAF via PayPal with the button above.
PLEASE notate on PayPal that this donation is for LAF!

Click here to see the LAF recipients powerful recovery stories!