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One Special “Angel”

Our Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF) is a powerful life changing special fund that has saved countless homeless pets from the brink of death due to neglect, starvation, abuse, abandonment and other extreme adversities. Reserved for cases of special hardship, it saves those animals that might never have known the experience of the touch of human kindness or a life filled with love.

With the aid of this fund, one of our PACC911 partners, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue, saved a white pitbull in dire straits and named her Angel because, well, we like to think she was heaven sent. At the end of a long trail of many visits to the edge of the other side, she not only recovered but we are delighted that she found a very special, unexpected home.

Watch the video to see her story,  it will help you understand why we do what we do. And you’ll be glad you did.

You can be a part of this!

You too can be a part of saving animals, there are many more just like Angel and their stories are posted. (This Angel is found under our 2014 alumni.) Help us continue on with our mission, all you have to do is just click on our donate button.