Coalition Partners

Working together to save animals

There are two sections on this page. New member application info is at the top. Current partners, just scroll down for your Medical Relief Program forms. 

How To Join PACC911

If you are a 501(c)(3) animal rescue or welfare group and want to find out how to become a part of all this, send us an email at Just put “Request to join PACC911” in the header, and we’ll get back to you with application information. There are no fees involved!

Membership is dependent upon openings. Contact us to find out our current status. 

Coalition Partner Forms


Medical Relief Program 

Looking for our forms? We’ve retired the Emergency Medical Fund that saved so many homeless pets in need over the years, but good news! Our funding for our partners now has more flexibility and we can save even more lives! And you no longer need the forms for it!

To request help from our medical care program, just send an email to with your request. Please put “MEDICAL CARE FUND REQUEST FROM (INSERT YOUR RESCUE NAME)” in the subject line. Bari will respond to get the ball rolling.