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A new way to use an old asset to benefit PACC911

 You can use your unwanted life insurance to help us!

For the past fifteen years, owners of unwanted life insurance have sold their policies for their true market value. Of the over 130,000 insureds who have done so, 100% of them received more money vs. surrender. Seniors who donate policies to PACC911 can turn an asset they planned to dispose of into a valuable gift saving animal lives. Once received, these funds are reallocated to the initiatives and goals we wish to accomplish.

Have an unwanted life insurance policy
you’d like to turn in?


Here’s how you can do just that

AND help PACC911 in our mission to help homeless pets.

Why do this?

As you move throughout your life, your need for various financial assets changes. One asset whose usefulness changes the most is life insurance. A life settlement offers an alternative for those who want to discard unwanted policies.

What is a life settlement?

A life settlement is a cash payment in excess of the surrender value for a life insurance contract that has become unneeded, unaffordable or is simply not meeting one’s expectation.

For those who qualify, your life policy can be sold via a life settlement, where it is converted into a valuable asset allowing for a significant bestowal to PACC911.

Sellers and buyers

There are two types of participants with these transactions:

  • Life Settlement Brokers whose objective is producing the most competitive offers for insureds and sellers (We’ve partnered with Marc Ruskin to bring you this opportunity and this is his preferred option).
  • Providers who represent the buyers, whose primary concern is receiving the highest rate of return and in turn lower offers.

A powerful way to put unwanted policies to good use

If you purchased an insurance policy when your children were young and don’t want to face the increasing premiums or let the policy lapse now that they are adults, this is an ideal alternative for your situation.

Or perhaps the people who meant something to you at one time and were beneficiaries are no longer in your life. This is an excellent solution in these cases too.

If you let your policy lapse, it has zero cash value, but if you choose a life settlement it can be used to make a valuable bestowal to PACC911.

There are many situations where a Life Settlement
can be the perfect solution to meet your needs
AND you’ll save animals in distress. 

Check out these generous results
obtained from life settlements 

These are actual examples of the financial gains people have realized after pursuing a life settlement.
And there are many more just like them.

  • 64 years old with an unwanted $1 million dollar term face value policy that has no cash value if surrendered… it sold for $635,000!


  • 84 years old with an unwanted $10 million dollar universal life policy that would surrender for $60,000 … it sold for $1.8 million dollars!


  • 77 years old with an unwanted $5 million dollar universal policy that would surrender at $125,000 …. it sold for $750,000!


PACC911 is the ideal beneficiary
for your charitable donation


When you donate to PACC911 you are benefitting over one hundred animal welfare groups in one easy step.

Your Life Settlement donation offsets the veterinary expenses incurred by our coalition partners, which are overwhelming when it comes rescuing and rehoming these neglected, abused and abandoned pets. Look at our before-and-after stories that showcase the vital work we do and the difference we make for these suffering pets.

You can be a part of what we do
by supporting us with your life settlement donation.


How to find out more and get started


Just contact Marc Ruskin (below), who will answer your questions, explain how this opportunity applies to your special situation and assist you every step of the way.

“Your life settlement donation
can help pets like me.”


Tell me more!

Marc Ruskin, ChFC, CLU, REBC, RHU

Mobile: (480) 221-1070