Emergency Medical Fund (EMF)

All PACC911 fundraising proceeds are channeled to our partner organizations through the innovative Emergency Medical Fund (EMF), a one-of-a-kind program that defrays expenses for veterinary treatments that will make sick or injured animals more adoptable.

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Why this is important

The EMF has grown to become a vital community aid providing relief to over 125 rescue groups who rely on our help to offset their veterinary bills. Facing the high costs of medical care for the pets they save on a daily basis is a major hurdle faced by all rescuers, and our assistance has been welcome, providing much needed relief and reducing their burden so they can carry on. We need the help of the public and generous donors to keep this going and ask you to consider reaching into your hearts and your pockets with a contribution of any size.

Pacc911 has been creative with our approach to fundraising for this much needed endeavor. Money raised from our innovative programs, such as Bowl-A-Rama, HOPE for the Animals and various book sales such as the popular Simply Delicious cookbooks (editions 1 & Too) keep this important and one-of-a-kind program afloat. In 2012, the EMF caught the attention of Ginny and David Jontes who recognized our importance to the community and created the Jontes Sav-A-Life Fund to bolster the EMF with a generous donation for this year.

But we still need your help.

To give you an idea of how much is required to enable our rescuers to continue their life saving work, between 2004 and 2012, PACC911  dispensed over $500,000 to its animal welfare partners to help ill and hurt animals become ready to be placed into loving homes. We’re saving the lives of countless pets, allowing them to become beloved family members and have a second chance at life.

It’s easy for you to help save a pet in need

Your one donation reaches over 125 hardworking rescue organizations enabling them to continue on saving more lives. You can make an immediate difference in an animal’s life by contributing now in the amount of your choice, just click here.