Glimmer of Hope 2021 Photos!

Joining together to save homeless animals in need
Glimmer of Hope 21 Ballroom

Thank You for Making Last Year’s

Glimmer of Hope 2021 a Huge Success

Last year we held our annual Glimmer of Hope where over 450 supporters
gathered for an action-packed event full of fun and philanthropy.

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you that your support of Glimmer of Hope helped to raise essential funds for PACC911’s much needed vital Critical Care Program!

With your involvement, our Critical Care Program saved 912 animals in 2020 while the pandemic raged on, and we are on track to well exceed that number in 2021.

We could not be more humbled, grateful and inspired by this vibrant source of help and hope for thousands of injured, abused and neglected animals who rely on our services in Arizona.

On behalf of PACC911’s board of directors and Glimmer of Hope Committee committee, we thank each and every one of you who played a part in the event’s success. You have shown that together, we can indeed do extraordinary things!

We’re doing it again in 2022!
Tickets available now, you won’t want to miss it.

Get excited For This Year With A Look at Last Year’s Photos!
Jan D'Atri with her dog

PACC911 President Bari Mears & Vice President Tina Lopez

“We’d make beautiful babies together, but I’m happily neutered.”

Glimmer dog melody with her poster

“I’m Melody and even prettier than my poster photo.”

Glimmer of hope 21 auction

“Ooooh! I won, I won!”

GOH 21dog star

“I’m starved, where are the nom noms?”

“I brought a human as my plus one today.”

GOH 21 adorable pitbull in tuxedo

“Yo! I’m smokin’ good lookin’ in this tux!”

GOH 21 Hiccup dog video star on stage

“Dad, put me on your shoulder! I need all my fans to see me!”

“Photograph the side with my cute ear!”

Auction items!

Video star dog golden retriever lt dan

“I’m Lt Dan and I’ll melt anyone’s heart. (Come on, have you read my story?)”

Glimmer of hope Santa gift package

Auction items!