A Luncheon to Benefit Critically Injured Homeless Pets

Sunday, November 12, 2023
11:00am – 2:00pm
Glimmer of Hope

Join us to Celebrate the Magic
of This Year’s Rescue Pet Transformations

“The annual celebration you’ve been waiting for, where you meet the PACC911 animals you helped us save and celebrate your powerful donation results.”

Be Part of the Solution!

Experience the journey with us.

PACC911 unleashes all efforts to help the innocent but unwanted animals who need a miracle to change the course of their lives. Our Critical Care Program is that miracle and has touched the lives of close to 10,000 animals to date, thanks to your generous support.

You’ll share in the heartwarming journeys of our rescued pet recipients that represent the 1200 we helped saved this past year. They all began with hopelessness, but ended with joy and loving arms.

Celebrate with us at Glimmer of Hope as we continue to advocate for the helpless, discarded animals, left behind, but found by PACC911.

Enjoy Your Special Program

Come have a fantastic luncheon with fellow animal lovers!

Featuring a live and silent auction, a fantastic meal and best of all, you’ll meet this year’s pet stars as they walk the red carpet. Prepare to witness their life changing before-and-after stories in an inspiring video program.

These compelling stories are those of animals that you have helped us to save in the past year through your generous contributions.

But your day doesn’t stop there!

Find out if you’re the lucky raffle winner of a brand new 2023 Toyota RAV4 when we draw the winning ticket on stage.



Deanna and Kemp


Glimmer of Hope ’23
Annual Luncheon

Sunday, November 12, 2023
11:00am – 2:00pm


JW Marriott Scottsdale
Camelback Inn Resort and Spa
5402 E. Lincoln Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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Take a Sneak Peek!

Your Glimmer of Hope
Co-Hosts and Auctiontainer
Jan D'Atri with her dog
Jan D'Atri (Co-host)

Emmy award winning TV personality, radio talk show host and cookbook author.

Kyle Kittleson with his dog
Kyle Kittleson (Co-host)

Animal expert and dog trainer consultant for Hallmark Channel and other top media outlets.

Letitia Frye with her pets
Letitia Frye (Auctiontainer)

You’ll be on the edge of your seat with a thrill packed ride as you bid to win exciting prizes, led by this celebrated “Auctiontainer.”

Meet Your Video Pet Stars 

Come see their powerful stories

These featured pets represent
1200 animals that you helped us save in 2022.

Abused. Neglected. Left for dead. They survived. Now meet them.
You’ll remember their triumphs long after the show.

Rescue dog Serenity, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Found barely alive on side of road, she was dying from highly advanced case of Valley Fever.

PACC911 Partner
2nd Chance Dog Rescue

Rescued dog before and after photo


Struck down by hit and run car, he was left to die on street, suffering in agony from painful broken legs.

PACC911 Partner
Arizona Husky Rescue

Rescue dog Eddie, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Cruelly abused as a stray, he triumphed over a horrifying attack that resulted in a chemical burn infested with maggots.

PACC911 Partner
Arizona Husky Rescue

Rescue dog Louis, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Mercilessly run down by a speeding car, he was left for dead in road until saved by rescuer.

PACC911 Partner

Rescue dog Peggy, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Abandoned in Mexico in terrifying condition, he was scared, in horrible,  pain from a smashed paw, ulcers and ticks.

PACC911 Partner
Help A Dog Smile Rescue

Rescue dog Leia, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


The victim of a hoarder, she never knew human touch and suffered years of pain from an untended broken leg.

PACC911 Partner
Love Them All Rescue

Rescue dog Truman, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Found in appalling condition, he was starving, alone, hanging on by a thread until rescued from a junkyard.

PACC911 Partner
Luv of Dogz Fund

Rescue dog Margo, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


She was neglected, shut down, and unable to move from a medical condition that resulted in morbid obesity. Then they dumped her at County (MCACC)

PACC911 Partner
One Love Pitbull Rescue

Rescue cat Sir Soy Sauce, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023

Sir soy sauce

He was an abandoned kitten, scared, hungry, and worst of all blind, wandering dangerously alone on the streets.

PACC911 Partner
Saving Orphaned Souls

Rescue dog Gigi, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


Deteriorating from deadly Parvo, she was cruelly dumped at MCACC before saved from the brink of death by this rescue.

PACC911 Partner
Saving Paws Rescue

Rescue dog Nemo, PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Video Star 2023


After suffering cruelty at the hands of an animal hoarder, he sat sadly in jail at the MASH Unit for FIVE years, waiting hopefully to be adopted.

PACC911 Partner
Saving Paws Rescue

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