Donate or Legacy Planning

You can make a real difference when you're gone

Legacy Planning

Use Your Estate Planning to Save Homeless Pets in Need

Your legacy will ensure we can continue to be there for the helpless suffering animals who have no voice of their own

Want to use your life assets to make a real difference when you’re gone?


Here’s how you can do just that

AND help PACC911 in our mission to help homeless pets.

Include PACC911 in your final giving and enjoy the benefit of making a powerful statement about your love for animals.

You’ll be providing relief to homeless pets on the brink of death due to neglect, starvation, abuse, abandonment and other extreme adversities by supporting our work. 

Remembering us in your will, trust or other estate plans allows us to help thousands of helpless animals in need. We can even ensure your own pets have a safe, loving home to go to when the time comes.

Want your legacy to have far reaching impact?

You’ll benefit over one hundred of our partnered animal rescues and pet welfare organizations that depend on our help so they can continue their mission to save these precious animals and give them a chance to live and be loved.

Why do this?

As you age your situations change. The important people in your life may no longer be there, or perhaps they have developed worrisome situations that cause you hesitation when leaving your precious life accumulations their way.  This is an excellent solution in these cases and  a powerful way to put your assets to good use. Your gift ensures the future of PACC911and thousands of homeless pets in need.

pitbull getting kiss from human
tabby cat eating from bowl with tongue out
Why choose PACC911 for your legacy plans?

Your bestowal is the perfect solution to your life goals when you’re an animal lover. Your life has a lasting footprint, doing a world of good when you are gone.


Relationships change. So do people. There are many situations where a bestowal is the perfect solution to your life goals when you’re an animal lover.

  • Others have predeceased you or are no longer in your life
  • You have troublesome beneficiaries
  • Divorce changes your situation
  • You worry your remaining spouse will remarry someone with concerning relatives
  • Heirs need protection from self (mental illness, substance abuse problems)
  • You want your life assets to continue on to support your values: protecting vulnerable animals in need.
tabby cat eating from bowl with tongue out
house cat wears purple cone
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homeless golden missing one eye

Ways to Leave Your Endowment to PACC911

Leave a planned gift.

Name us as a beneficiary

  • Wills
  •  Living Trust
  • Retirement Account
  • Paid life insurance policy
Turn unwanted life insurance policies into a life settlement donation

Turn in an unwanted life insurance policy to help us. Get a cash payment for unwanted or unneeded policies and allow for a significant bestowal to PACC911.

Donate your vehicles

Wondering what to do with your vehicle. Put it to good use and donate it to PACC911 through this program. Charitable Auto Resources is a national car donation program that partners with us to bring in well-needed, additional funds.

pitbull getting kiss from human
tabby cat with food and carrier
black labrador holding bear toy in mouth

Ease your mind with a Pet Trust

We’ll ensure your pet is cared for when you’re gone

A “Pet Trust” is one simple way. Too often when family members pass or have health issues and must leave their homes, there is no place for their pets. This Trust allows you to leave funds for their care with written instructions and the name of a trusted caretaker. More information can easily be found through research.

PACC911 will assure that your pets are placed with one of our PACC911 Partners for a minimum trust donation.

“Your estate planning donation
can help pets like me.”

PACC911 is the ideal beneficiary for your charitable donation.
Look at our before-and-after stories that showcase the vital work we do and the difference we make for these suffering pets. 
Forever be a part of what we do by supporting us with your legacy donation.


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