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Our Medical Relief Programs have saved over 3,430 pet lives and our payouts since 2004 have been a staggering


PACC911 is renowned for its life saving Medical Relief funds that allow our partners to save hundreds of pets in jeopardy each year when veterinary costs would otherwise be prohibitive. With our help, rescue organizations partnering with us have a greater ability to come to the aid of those with critical needs who require extensive medical care. 

Our influence has a huge impact on the homeless animals finding themselves in county shelters or in other precarious life threatening circumstances. These pets would not have had a second chance without our vital medical assistance. 

Most of the animals featured on this website are PACC911 Alumni, saved with the help of our Medical Relief Funds. That’s Marvin in the photo above. He was rescued with our assistance in 2017.  You can see more miracles like Marvin under our Critical Care Gallery and In Action video section.

This is how our program works:


Medical Relief Programs

available to PACC911 Partners

The Emergency Medical Fund (EMF)

This side of our Medical Relief program, the Emergency Medical Fund (EMF), retired in 2019, but was a vital part of our history.  This resource saved the lives of 2,126 pets in need, allowing them to become adopted and beloved family members. You’ll see references to the EMF throughout our website.

It began way back in 2004, before we formally established ourselves as the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (AKA PACC911).  The EMF provided for our partners’ veterinary expenses, enabling them to save animals with costly conditions that they otherwise may not have been able to afford. There was a cap on how much was allocated to each coalition partner each year.  With our growth and the community’s increasing reliance on our help, we now have our more comprehensive Medical Relief Program available to coalition members.

Our Emergency Medical Fund dispensed over $977,000 during its tenure

The Critical Care Program

Launched in 2012, this special fund provides our partners with resources to rescue those desperate animals that have been victims of cruelty, abuse or extreme medical neglect. 

These cases incur higher cost veterinary bills that all too often put these suffering pets beyond the reach of help. By offering this aid to our coalition members they can reach more of these severely traumatized animals.

Our Critical Care Program is helped by contributions from the Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF)Heidi’s Healing Fund (HHF), the Lazin Alive & Well Fund (LAW), the Golden Angel Fund and our in house PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Fund (GHF). We are also supported by and dependent upon contributions from you, the public, to help save these at risk animals in need.


Our Critical Care program has dispensed over $840,000

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