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We use a variety of events to bring in funds for the animals and to educate the public about important issues related to animal welfare.


Here’s how we do it!

Whether it’s fundraising luncheons, special meals hosted by restaurant sponsors who donate their profits, movie showings, fashion shows or sporting and entertainment events, it’s all for the benefit of pets in need.

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Our special fundraisers are added throughout the year. To stay up-to-date watch the website, sign up for our contact list to get notified of what we are up to next and check out our Facebook page.

If you have a way to help us raise funds or want to sponsor an event, please contact us.

Season Calendar

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Due to Covid we are pending our special events at this time. Check back often as we may hold online activities you can join from your home while we all wait out the current pandemic. The animals need your help more than ever at this time, you can donate right now and make a difference.

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“Heavens to Betsy! I can’t wait for the whipped mousecream dessert!”

Our long time supporter Phineas F. Eline the III slurps down another one of our great PACC911 fundraising meals.