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The animals featured on our website are all PACC911 alumni who have left behind profound suffering. With our help they now have loving homes and happy lives.

Just like Liam, Bunny, Archie, Peaches, Spencer and Lady, featured above. Read their remarkable transformation stories along with all the other pets in our gallery. To view click on the camera icons at the top of the page.

About Our Critical Care Gallery

Our Critical Care Gallery features just some of the animals saved with our help. Read their stories, see their remarkable transformations. Many more than you see here have been through our halls and rescued with our assistance.

These animals would not have made the journey from severe neglect and abuse to good health and placement into loving homes without PACC911 Medical Relief Funds to aid their transition. It all happened because people like you were willing to help. Remember, we can only work our magic when you donate.

Please look at the gallery and then contribute. Help us to continue to save the lives of traumatized animals in need.

Critical Care Program History

You will see references to different fund names throughout the gallery. This is why.

In 2012 our Medical Relief Program launched a special fund to provide our partners with resources to rescue those desperate animals that have been victims of cruelty, abuse or extreme medical neglect.

These cases incur higher cost veterinary bills that all too often put these suffering pets beyond the reach of help. We wanted to offer aid to our partners so they could get to more of these severely traumatized animals.

Back when we began we had just one sponsor and our program was called the Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF) in honor of their patronage.

In the ensuing years, along with public contributions, we’ve attracted new sponsors to help us move forward with our vital work. In 2015 we expanded to include the Heidi’s Healing Fund, who so generously helped us grow and continue with our mission. In 2017 we launched our in-house PACC911 Glimmer of Hope Fund to further sustain this essential program and the LAZIN Alive and Well Fund came on board. 

As a result of all these changes and more sponsors joining our cause, we renamed the fund the Critical Care Program to better reflect its scope and purpose.

As a result, when you view our stories you’ll see references to the LAF and Heidi’s Healing Fund before we united all resources under one name. These are all part of the same Critical Care Program helping us save the lives of pets in need of serious care.