Having Trouble Keeping Your Pets?

Resources to Help if Your Pet is Struggling

Please keep in mind that each organization has their own set of rules and guidelines, therefore you will have to investigate each one to determine if you qualify for assistance.


Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry  assists Arizona low income families and the elderly with food for their pets.

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry  is another food bank for  pets, aiding homeless families and also steps in with disaster relief. 

Veterinary Needs

For veterinary needs, go to our special section for low cost clinics and emergency services

Temporary alternative placement

Arizona Humane Society Alternative Placement Short term homes full of never ending love. . . . Whether deployed oversees or involved in an accident, the Arizona Humane Society offers alternative placement unique and special services for those temporarily unable to care for their pets. Alternative placement also ensures that pets get a second chance through means other than traditional adoption. They find foster homes for ill and injured pets, reunite lost pets with their distraught owners and work with more than 100 local animal welfare agencies to meet the specific needs of certain animals.


Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

How they can help you

If you are facing foreclosure or need to move for any reason, do not leave your pet behind or let them go into the streets.

Before contacting Lost Our Home Foundation try to find another home with a landlord that allows pets; however, if you are unsuccessful, the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation can help.

They provide five primary services:

Financial Aid: If financial burdens prevent you from caring for your pet or leading you to consider turning your pet over to your local shelter, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation can help.

Food Bank: In these hard economic times even providing food for your pet can seem impossible. Lost Our Home realizes what trouble pet owners are going through and can help.

Foster Program: Is foreclosure or a forced move preventing you from keeping your pet? Staying somewhere temporarily where you cannot keep a pet and would like your pet cared for in the mean time? Contact Lost Our Home to learn how they can help through their temporary foster program.

Adoptions: Many loving pets that have previously been abandoned or neglected are waiting to find someone to love. Browse through their current database of homeless pets looking for their forever home.

Rescue Aid: Do you want to give your pet up for adoption? If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, please go to their website.


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Tempe, Arizona 85282
Tel: 602.445.7384

All staff members volunteer and work full-time. For this reason, there may be delays in correspondence; please be patient.