Animal Cruelty Resources

If you witness an animal being abused or neglected, act quickly

If you witness an animal being abused or neglected, act quickly.

Below are vital phone numbers and action guidelines. Scroll all the way down for the video PACC911: Fighting Back Against Animal Abuse. This  free online program covers a symposium we hosted. It’s filled with vital information about the legalities and options available to you in these awful situations. The program takes you all the way through the steps you need to take for reporting, documenting and most importantly, getting a CONVICTION.

“Hi! I’m Remington. This is what I looked like when I was only 18 months old. Please read about my rescue and see what I look like now with help from PACC911. Find me under the 2015 Critical Care Recipients.”

Animal Cruelty Numbers

Animal cruelty may be reported also to Silent Witness at 480.948.6377.

Anyone with information about a felony animal abuse case ANYWHERE IN MARICOPA COUNTY can call Silent Witness at 480.WITNESS

If you witness an animal being beaten, attacked or harmed in any way, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911!

Local Resources for Reporting Cruelty

Maricopa Co. Sheriff’s Office Animal Crimes Investigations Unit   (M.A.S.H.)

If it’s during the day or not an emergency, call 602-876-1212 so they can track the calls. If it’s after hours or an emergency, call 602-876-1011, which goes to their 911 operators.

AZ Humane Society Ambulance Service/Cruelty Investigations  602-997-7585 ext. 2073     (Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tempe)

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control  602-506-7387

Arizona Game & Fish   602-789-3201

Arizona Livestock  602-542-0872  

Contact your local police or county sheriff’s department 


Apache Junction – 480-982-8260

Paradise Valley – 480-948-7410

Buckeye – 623-386-4421

Chandler – 480-782-4130

El Mirage – 623-933-1341

Glendale – 623-930-3000

Mesa – 480-644-2211

Peoria – 623-773-8311

Phoenix – 602-262-6151

Scottsdale – 480-312-5000

Surprise – 623-583-1085

Tempe –  602-997-7585

Tolleson – 623-936-7186

 Yavapai County Animal Cruelty Hotline     928.771.3595

Arizona Humane Society  602.997.7585 ext. 2073

Emergency Ambulance Service 602.997.7585 Ext. 2073 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily

Animal Defense League of Arizona

Humane Voters of Arizona

What to do if you witness animal cruelty

If an animal is in a life-threatening situation, call authorities immediately.

Take photos and videos!

Follow up with authorities in a timely manner to determine their findings and their planned course of action.

After you contact authorities, prepare a short written statement detailing the key points of what you observed. Give dates, approximate times, and locations. Timely fact-gathering is crucial—the more time that passes, the greater the risk that evidence will disappear, injuries will heal, or you’ll forget specific details. Written statements from other witnesses will help back up your observations, and if possible, take pictures and date them—photos or videos will strengthen your case.

Always keep a dated record of everyone you’ve contacted, along with the content and outcome of your discussions. Never forward a letter, photograph, or other documentation to anyone without first making a copy for your own files. Make it clear to authorities that you wish to pursue the case and that you are willing to lend your assistance if necessary. Be sure to follow up! If you stay involved, authorities are more likely to do the same.

If the first contact doesn’t produce results, go straight to a supervisor. If that doesn’t work, appeal to local government officials, such as the mayor, the district attorney, or city council members. A call to the media in your area (television and print) can move mountains. Above all, don’t give up—you may be an animal’s only hope!

Helping abused or neglected animals can be difficult and heart wrenching, but they are depending on you to take action.


PACC911 Animal Abuse Symposium

An informative program about animal cruelty and
what YOU can do to report and help.

You see an animal being abused. You have to act fast, but you also want to get the right results. What do you do?


Watch this video. It will teach you.

We take on so many animals that are victims of cruelty, we just had to put on this important symposium. This video is a recording of the program that took place on November 4, 2015. We had a packed room with over two hundred attendees.

  • So many agencies out there, it’s confusing. Time is of the essence. Who should you contact to get the right response?

  • Who can actually make an arrest in these special animal cases?

  • Why are people afraid to call 911? And can 911 respond when it’s not a person being harmed?

  • Did you know that the police aren’t always aware of their responsibilities in these situations? This video reveals why and what you can do to get fast action.

  • Getting justice: what prosecuting attorneys need from you to get these criminals convicted!

Find out what you need to do in a difficult situation!

Animal Cruelty is rampant. PACC911 fights back by providing information from a panel of experts to help inform the rescue community and the public about how the process works and how to proceed when you are confronted with a situation.

You’ll meet and hear from a panel of specialists in the field, including local sheriff and police investigators, the Arizona Humane Society, prosecuting and defense attorneys who specialize in animal abuse cases and others vital to obtaining justice for these helpless creatures.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what role each person plays to get justice done for these victims and most importantly, find out what you can do should you come across a suffering animal. Because if this happens, every second is vital if you want to save the animal from the clutches of an abuser.

Even if you are not from Phoenix Arizona you can learn a lot.

While every location has different laws and regulations, this video explains:

  • Who you can contact to get results
  • The responsibilities of different representatives and governing agencies.

After watching you’ll have a better idea about how to find out how things work in your own area. Because, if you ever come across an animal cruelty situation, you will need to act both swiftly and smartly to get justice for the animal. We’ve also included for you the Maricopa Animal Statutes that you can download here, should you ever want to find out more about the regulations on the books.

Maricopa Animal Laws & Statutes Pt 1

Maricopa Animal Laws & Statutes Pt 2