PACC911 Animal Cruelty Symposium


A special event about
how to help animal victims of abuse


Date: Nov 4, 2015   6pm -8 pm

(Please arrive at 5:30 to check in and assure a seat.)

Location: Arizona Country Club

5668 E. Orange Blossom Lane  Phoenix AZ 85018

A comprehensive and informative talk about Animal Cruelty
and what YOU can do to report and help.


Animal Cruelty is rampant. PACC911 fights back by providing information from a panel of experts to help inform the rescue community and the public about how the process works and how to proceed when you are confronted with a situation.

We take on so many animals that are victims of cruelty, it just seemed so appropriate for us to put on this evening symposium.  You’ll meet and hear from a panel of specialists in the field representing local sheriff and police investigators, the Arizona Humane Society, prosecuting AND defense attorneys who specialize in animal abuse cases, and others vital to obtaining justice for these helpless creatures.

Be prepared to walk away with a better understanding of what role each person plays to get justice done for these victims and most importantly, find out what you can do should you come across a victimized animal.

Admission:  There is no charge to attend but you must make a reservation as space is limited.  Donations to the PACC911 Lulu’s Angel fund, helping victims of animal cruelty and abuse, are graciously accepted. Just go to our donation page here:


PACC911 partners: Please plan to send one representative from your organization to attend. We would like to see all PACC911 Rescue Groups represented.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by emailing
Refreshments served and hosted by PACC911 board member Ginny Jontes.



PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel’s Fund is for victims of extreme cases of abuse and neglect. You can read their heart wrenching stories and discover how they found happy endings in our Lulu’s Angel Fund Before and After section. That’s Archie in the photos at the top, here’s another one of our alumni, Angel.