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PACC TALK with Bari Mears

PACC911 President and Founder

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PACC911 President and founder Bari Mears joins Jan D’Atri on her show for a special PACC911 segment as they dish up each week about all things animal in this regularly featured KTAR podcast series.

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The Comfort Animals Bring To Us

Senior Medical Rescue & Surrendered Souls

Emergency Evacuation for Pets

Events and Partners PACC911 Supports

Rescued Treasures Deals & Steals

PACC911, From Then to Now

Adoptions are Happening!

Animals are Family, and They Need Us Most Now

Introducing PACC911, Our Medical Fund and Rescued Treasures Boutique

Hear what’s having an impact on all the animals. New segments posted every Saturday. 

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