Critical Care Gallery (2017)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year

The animals featured throughout our website are PACC911 alumni. With our help they have left behind extreme suffering and gone on to find loving homes and live happy lives.

This gallery shares with you just some of the many animals rescued with help from our Critical Care Program during 2017. By reading these stories and seeing their photos you can see how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Click on each name to see each special case with their before-and-after images. When you scroll down you can read all about Liam, featured in the above picture. He was hit by a car and left mangled under a truck to die, but saved with our help. He now has a loving forever family.

Our Critical Care Program is a very special component of our Medical Relief Program. These cases are all desperate animals that have been victims of cruelty, abuse or extreme medical neglect. To see how our entire Medical Relief Program works, along with sponsor recognition, go here All the rescue groups mentioned in these stories are PACC911 partners. As part of our coalition they are eligible to request these special medical care grants.  

These souls were saved because someone decided to make a difference. Please get involved so we can continue on with our mission. It’s easy to do. In fact, it’s “one click” simple. After you view our gallery, just click to go back to the how you can help/donate section.

Angel - Starving covered in flies, too weak to stand

Angel, a three year old female Akita mix, was covered in flies, unable to stand or walk, and starving when she arrived as a stray at MCACC.  Under the auspices of Akita Advocates, she was provided medical foster care. She was so weak that she had to be hand-carried from the shelter.

Veterinary examination revealed the presence of maggots in her rectal area which doctors theorized had resulted from her laying in place for such a long period of time that flies had laid eggs which eventually hatched.  She was critically dehydrated and was hospitalized for six days.  Blood work showed she was suffering from Tick Fever and radiological examination revealed that she had a broken hip which could not be treated by surgery.  She would require a minimum of 4 weeks of total rest and immobility for the fracture to heal. 

With medical funds provided by PACC911’s Critical Care Program, Angel has been recovering well, and is eager to get back to a normal life while in her foster home that is taking good care of her.  Thanks to the dedication of so many, Angel has been given a new lease on life and, hopefully, will soon be sharing love and joy in a future forever home.

Audrey - Emaciated, unable to walk, saved from euthanasia
Audrey, a five year old female American Pit Bull Mix, was emaciated and could not walk when surrendered to MCACC.  She had been scheduled to be euthanized when 2nd Chance Dog Rescue was contact for help.  She had tested positive for Valley Fever and was suffering severe pain from a mammary tumor.  Surgery could not be performed, however, until she had returned to a healthy weight. 

Two weeks after being taken into the home and hearts of loving fosters, Audrey had gained 12 pounds and was scheduled for surgery.  PACC911‘s assistance was requested to offset the financial cost of Audrey’s medical care and treatment and she was submitted for the Critical Care side of our Medical Relief Program.  Within the span of one month following her surgery, Audrey truly received her 2nd Chance at life.  She transformed into a beautiful, happy, smart and loving pet available for adoption into a committed and loving forever home. 

Audrey’s story and photos are a powerful reminder of the magic behind animal rescue and foster care.  Congratulations, Audrey, on your 2nd Chance at a wonderful life!

Beastie – Owner hit him with her car and never sought help
This gentle natured boy was suffering from an untreated knee injury and his eye was infected and swollen.  His owner had hit him with her car over a year ago and never got him medical attention. He had been limping painfully, and she just ignored it. When she moved out of the house she had been sharing with someone she simply left Beasty behind. Valley of the Sun Rescue stepped in and when they went to see Beasty, he wasn’t using the back leg and had a huge ulcer and swelling of his eye. They wouldn’t leave him behind. They took him for emergency medical treatment and reached out to PACC911’s Critical Care Program for assistance with costs.  The ball of his femur was fractured and could not be repaired, but he was able to receive FHO surgery to remove the ball of the Femur bone. His eye was also treated and was thankfully saved without surgery.   Beasty is such a good boy. He loves all people and all dogs big and small.  He looks forward to having a family that will love him forever. 
Bushwick - Abused, severely burned, life on a chain
Bushwick (Bushy) lived his entire life on a heavy chain in his backyard. He suffered abuse at the hands of his “owners” and had burns down his back and injuries to his face. Surrendered Souls Rescue saved Bushy and began the journey of restoring his health and faith in humankind. With a medical grant from PACC911’s Critical Care Program, this gentle giant started his road to recovery.  Because of his horrible life, Bushy cowered at every move and it was apparent that he would need training to prepare him for transitioning from an abusive life to learning how to live in a loving forever home. This dedicated instruction aids his house training and socialization as he prepares for his new life with someone who will love him they way he deserves. This sweet boy is truly an Angel.        
Camille - Pregnant and dying of starvation
When Sweet Camille was brought to the Animal Benefits Club (ABC), it was assumed that she had been struck by a car and left to die on the side of the road.  However, upon further examination, ABC’s veterinarian determined that she was dying of starvation, her tiny body racked by multiple seizures.  Moreover, it was discovered that Camille was pregnant.  She was immediately hospitalized and placed on IV fluids.  She went into a labor made even more stressful by her weakened physical condition.  Happily, she successfully delivered her litter while in the hospital.  PACC911 responded to ABC’s request for medical funds which provided Camille with food eight times a day, along with vitamin and calcium supplements.  Her puppies, syringe fed at first, were able to nurse once Camille regained her strength and produced milk for her babies.  Thanks to the loving care of Animal Benefits Club and the medical funds provided by PACC911, Camille and her puppies have a new lease on life and look forward to living in a permanent and loving forever home.      
Cayden - Lost in desert, starving to death with painful injuries
Cayden was found in the desert by Pinal Animal Care and Control in dire shape. This poor pup was suffering from starvation, illness, and pain from terrible injuries. He had a painful aural hematoma that was taking over his whole left ear, punctures on the left side of his neck and ear, was starving and very weak, could barely stand up, punctures all over his body, was limping, and the smell of infection was all over his kennel. Saving Paws German Shepherd Rescue took him in and reached out to PACC911 to help them with the medical expenses. He stayed in the ER vet for a few days, had surgery and was put on meds. Then a setback occurred, he became paralyzed on one side of his face and required additional surgery to address that and remove his damaged left ear. Now, he is a very happy boy and is in a foster home waiting patiently to meet the perfect new family who will cherish him.      
Courage – Neglected to the point of death, found love in final hours
Courage was rescued from a shelter by Surrendered Souls Rescue, and PACC911 assisted with medical expenses. At ten years old, he was in horrific condition from extreme neglect. He suffered from so many medical ailments. From years of neglect, Courage’s weak body succumbed and he crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone was heartbroken at this loss, but as he gained his angel wings he was preciously cared for and knew he was loved. We are all the better for getting to know you in our time together, rest in peace sweet precious Courage.
Georgia - Young stray suffering from valley fever, mites, leg wound
Georgia, a six month old Shepherd mix was brought to MCACC West as a stray. This poor girl was simply miserable.  She was extremely lame, particularly in her right rear leg. She could not stand and was in awful pain. Better Days Rescue committed to this girl, and Georgia was brought to 24 hour veterinary care, treated for pain, a wound on her foreleg, tapeworm, and ear mites. She was diagnosed with advanced Valley Fever that had settled in the bones of her legs.  Treatment commenced right away to combat the disease.  Better Days Rescue reached out to PACC911’s Critical Care Program for assistance with medical bills.  Georgia now lives in a loving medical foster home and continues to take her medications for pain and healing.  She loves playing with her foster siblings, but also gets the rest she needs to progress in her healing.  In the near future, Georgia will be ready to become a treasured member of an adoptive family.  Georgia’s medical foster raves about her demeanor and says that she is a great girl.        
Ghost - Facing euthanasia due to finances of owner
Ghost is an eleven year old German Shepherd mix whose owner had surrendered him to a local shelter, requesting euthanasia since he lacked the money necessary for the surgical treatment of the distention that was causing pain in Ghost’s hips and abdomen.  The shelter contacted Saving Paws Rescue who came to Ghost’s assistance by accepting him. Saving Paws then contacted PACC911, seeking the financial assistance for the required surgical procedure.  A ten pound watermelon-sized tumor was removed from his belly.  Since his surgery, Ghost has fully recuperated and is loving life.  Ghost is housebroken, rides well in a vehicle, loves children and loves attention and affection.  He is presently in foster care with Saving Paws Rescue eager to find a forever home.          
Holly – Coldly dumped when she was old, sick, blind
Christmas would come early for Holly, a geriatric Chihuahua Pug, turned into MCACC shortly before the holiday, her eyes blinded from untreated infections.  She was in need of emergency dental care and spaying, which needed to be delayed until her urinary tract infection could be successfully treated.  Additional diagnostic tests revealed that she was positive for Ehrlichia, an infection from the bite of an infected tick. While awaiting surgery, she suffered a relapse of her urinary infection which required additional dosages of antibiotics.  After much healing, Holly underwent surgery.  She was spayed.  Seventeen teeth were excised and her remaining teeth treated and cleaned.  Several weeks after surgery, Holly became available for adoption.  Perspective adopters were all amazed at how well Holly learned to cope with her blindness.  She was adopted into the loving care of a gentleman who owns and operates an auto repair business. His family has promised to spoil Holly every day for the rest of her life.              
Katie and Baxter – Surrendered in desperate need of medical care
Katie and Baxter are both 13 years old.  They were surrendered by their owner because she was moving into an apartment complex which did not allow pets.  A number of people read the owner’s email plea for help. When a loving volunteer from The Dog Safehouse offered to rescue and foster Katie and Baxter, she discovered that the dogs were in need of medical care. With the help of PACC911‘s Medical Care Program, Katie has received medication for her arthritic hips and been provided with desperately needed dental care.  Both these dogs are now able to live out their golden years pain free and in comfort.     
Kira – Rescued from domestic violence home
Shortly before Thanksgiving, Kira, a female Dane was rescued by the AZ Human Society from a home with domestic violence.  The woman in the home was able to escape but could not take the dogs with her.  After a week at the shelter, Dane Haven was contacted for help.  Kira had become withdrawn and increasingly aggressive.  Foster care was arranged and in the following days and weeks, Kira began putting on weight and responding happily and positively to the care heaped upon her.  Within a short period of time, however, Kira began to exhibit symptoms of severe pain.  Veterinary tests revealed that Kira suffered from a mammary tumor that needed to be surgically removed.  The cost would exceed $1,000 to have her spayed and for the removal and pathological examination of the tumor.  Dane Haven turned to the generous care of PACC911 for assistance.  Today, Kira is healing her body and soul in a loving foster home.  Someday soon she will meet the adoring family she deserves that will keep her safe and happy forever.        
Kiwi - Suspected abuse, broken front legs
In March 2017, an urgent request went out from Valley of the Sun Animal Rescue to PACC911 asking that Kiwi, a one year old Chihuahua mix, be provided emergency surgery through our Critical Care Program.  Kiwi was suffering from two broken front legs resulting from suspected animal abuse.  Because of her frail and failing physical condition, the timing of the surgery was critical to her survival.  PACC911 responded immediately and Kiwi’s life was changed forever. Kiwi is recuperating nicely from surgery.  Her broken front leg bones are forming scar tissue and getting stronger with each passing day.  She is presently being cared for by a foster mom who loves her. Kiwi enjoys being cuddled and carried around.  She is gentle and sociable with the other dogs with whom she shares her foster home.  Thanks to the caring hearts of the Valley of the Sun Animal Rescue and PACC911‘s Critical Care Program, Kiwi is looking forward to a long and loving life in a forever home.          
Liam – Hit by car, left to die under a truck
Liam was hit by a car and left to die under a truck, with no food or water. He was covered with ticks, flies and ants – a mangled starving pup with two broken legs. AZ Happy Tails came to rescue this injured pup and with PACC911 Critical Care Funds, received the surgery he so desperately needed. His strong spirit pulled him through this horrible accident. He landed a new life with a wonderful forever family and is getting the love and attention he deserves.  


Maggie – Abandoned stray in dire need of surgery
Maggie was picked up as a stray and brought to MCACC. She waited and waited, but sadly, no owner every came for her. She had a prolapsed vagina, had not been spayed, and was and in heat.  Maggie needed surgery, and Underdog Rescue came to her aid taking her to the hospital. They reached out to PACC911 and received assistance for the medical costs.  Maggie had surgery to fix her issue, was spayed, and received vaccinations. The sweetest dog, she fast found the family she was meant to live with forever. Her new family says it is a match made in heaven.  She also got a new beautiful collar so she will never be lost again.  
Milo - Puppy with unbelievable medical problems
Milo, an adorable pug puppy, had more problems in his short life than most dogs have in years of living.  His owners found AZ Pug Life online and needed to surrender him immediately due to his second prolapsed rectum within a week of surgery.  The rescue rushed Milo to the vet.  They performed a second surgery immediately, and Milo went to his foster home to recover, and the waiting began. Milo received his shots and stayed on medications to hopefully heal his problem. Most prolapses are because of worms, giardia and coccidia, conditions that are avoided with good care. Milo came from a back yard breeder and obviously had no early preventive care of any kind.  Shortly after surgery Milo became very ill and was rushed on a Sunday to another vet. The diagnosis was Parvo, and Milo began the battle for his life. With supportive care delivered in the hospital Milo slowly began to recover.  But then he developed Bordatella and needed even more treatment for that.  Milo finally recovered enough to leave the hospital. Because he would continue to shed Parvo for up to a month, he was sent to an adult dog only home in Tucson to continue his recovery.  Tucson became a magical place for Milo….because he found his future forever home!  A friend of his foster fell in love with him and has promised to give Milo the companionship and devote the resources to let Milo live a long and happy life.  He is now living happily with his wonderful new forever family.        
Mina - Owners refused to reclaim this long-suffering neglected senior
Mina, a 9-10 year old German Shepherd, was brought into MCACC East as a stray. She had tags and the owners were contacted, but sadly, they refused to return calls to pick up this suffering girl.  Mina had long been neglected.  Her collar was so tight that it had embedded into her skin causing deep wounds.  The painful ulcerations actually had maggots in them as this poor senior had been ignored for so long.  The wounds were critical, and they required stitches to repair.  Mina also had untreated ear and eye infections that now impacted her overall health and eyesight.  Open wounds on her back hip were painful and required immediate attention.  MCACC reached out to Saving Paws Rescue who came to save sweet Mina, and they reached out to PACC911 for assistance with medical expenses. Mina would have a long road to recovery, but she was a gentle soul and already showed her gratitude and will to survive.  A few weeks later, with love, affection, and consistent medical attention from volunteers, Mina made amazing progress.  Her stitches were removed, and her hair began to re-grow.  Her hind leg healed. Mina is now a happy and active girl. She is so grateful to share her love and be loved back.   She enjoys people and other dogs and greets visitors and volunteers at Saving Paws Rescue Doghouse.  Soon Mina will have a forever home and be part of an adoring family.      
Ron- Blind stray helped with surgery
Ron was found as a stray with terrible eye issues and was e-listed.  He had the worst case of dry eye, with possible signs of cherry eye. He was also showing signs of possible kennel cough. Underdog Rescue saved Ron and with proper treatment his eyes looked 100% better. Surgery further alleviated his eye trauma, and he is on a lifetime of eye drops for his dry eye condition. The treating vet and staff shared he was the happiest dog they have ever had there. Ron is blind, but gets around just fine. He is in foster with a possible adoption in place. With the help of PACC911, Ron is now pain free and can potentially see shadows instead of abject darkness. When Ron was first saved, he could hardly open his eyes. Now, he is happy,  thriving and has already mapped out his fosters home.    
Sabrina – Plagued by dental infections, cysts and tumors
A gorgeous senior cocker spaniel named Sabrina was found by the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. She had dental infections, cysts, lumps, and tumors covering her body. With the help of PACC911’s Medical Relief Program, this puppet has found her forever home, along with a few teeth for the Tooth Fairy and no more cysts and tumors.  
Savina - Couldn't even move due to painful exposed bones
Savina was rescued from Pinal County with a severe injury to her hind foot.  Her bones were actually exposed and her leg was necrotic.  She couldn’t move at all.  Surrendered Souls came to Savina’s rescue.  Her life mattered, and they would do everything they could to save her.  Surrendered Souls took Savina immediately for emergency medical attention and reached out to PACC911 for assistance with expenses.  It was learned that Savina had tetanus, as she had been exposed to it through the open wound on her hind leg.  This was the reason she was unable to move.  She was given the tetanus antitoxin to stop any new tetanus from attacking more nerves.  Blood work revealed that she had tick fever and valley fever as well.  She was very sick girl.  Savina’s leg injury was so excruciatingly painful, that although it created risk in her condition, the leg had to be amputated. This strong willed little girl knew she was in good hands, and she knew a better life was ahead.  She survived the surgery, but she was still direly ill.  It takes many weeks to overcome tetanus and Savina was still unable to move, but she made great strides.  She knew that she was safe and loved as her foster mom hand-fed her and gave her lots of love and encouragement.  Savina survived the tetanus. She has had physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength and learned to walk (and run!) on three legs.  You should see her now, full energy and playfulness.  Savina’s rescuers would not give up on her, and she beat the odds.  Today, she is a happy girl with a bright future.    
Spiritstrong – Bait dog in critical condition when saved by police
SpiritStrong, a bait dog, was in critical condition when she was saved by police officers and taken to MCACC.  Almost immediately, a call went out to America’s Freedom Paws Rescue asking for medical care and treatment necessary to save her life.  Covered in ticks, with lacerations on her ears, buttocks and belly, Spirit was also suffering from chemical burns under her skin that required her to be shaved.  Veterinary examinations conducted by urgent care doctors indicated that Spirit was in need of immediate emergency surgical attention.  With medical funding provided by PACC911’s Critical Care Program, surgery was performed and Spirit was returned to the America’s Freedom Paws Rescue for rest and recuperation.  Happily, the rescue said goodbye to SpiritStrong recently as she embarked on her new life with an amazing and loving family.  She gets a new life thanks to caring people whose kindness and love have afforded Spiritstrong the joy of a forever home as the only dog and focus of so much future love and attention.
Venus – After being hit by car family didn’t want her anymore
Venus was taken to MCACC West after being hit by a car on the freeway.  She had a microchip, but when the family was called, they declined to come get her.  An offer was made to assist the family with medical expenses, but they still declined.  The family said Venus was their mother’s dog; she had passed away and they did not want her.  This gentle senior may have simply been dumped, and we will never know.  Sadly, though, she was no longer loved. Venus was taken in by Surrendered Souls who reached out to PACC911’s Medical Relief Program, and they would give her a new life.  She got the treatment she needed, and had FHO surgery to repair her dislocated hip.  Today, she is doing really well and expected to make a full recovery.  This sweet old soul will find a forever home soon so she can share her love with a family who adores her.       
Zack -Senior dumped, miserable from painful neglected sores

Old, sick and no longer wanted. This is so often the story of many senior dogs who are given up after years of devoted love to their guardians, when the going gets tough. Zack, a tiny and once beloved Maltese, was turned into the county shelter by his owners who wanted him to be euthanized. Because County has a loving staff and volunteer team who know there is a willing rescue community out there, and because they are aware of PACC911 and our  life-saving medical programs, Zack was given a reprieve and lived to enjoy a second chance at life. Ruby Ranch stepped up and brought Zack into their rescue with the help of our PACC911 Medical Care Program. Upon examination, what they discovered was shocking. Underneath Zack’s fluffy coat his body was covered with sores and scabs causing him extreme misery. Biopsies and cultures were performed and the worst possible news was learned. Zack had MRSA along with a rare and hard to cure skin disease. MRSA is responsive to only one type of antibiotic. Depression and anorexia are side effects of this troubling condition but Ruby Ranch gave Zack their unconditional love and the extensive medical care he needed to bring him back to a happy and healthy boy. The day he first barked was a day of celebration for all.          

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