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Animals in Need During 2019!

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Our Critical Care Program cases are all desperate animals

that have been victims of cruelty, abuse or extreme medical neglect.


The narratives below are just a small portion of the many animals rescued with our help during 2019. When you read their touching stories and view their before-and-after photos you can see how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Just click on each name to reveal their powerful story and images.

All the rescue groups mentioned in these stories are PACC911 partners. As part of our coalition they are eligible to request these special medical care grants. To see how our Medical Relief Program works go here.

These souls were saved because someone decided to make a difference. Please get involved and support us so we can continue on with our mission. It’s so easy to do, it’s just “one click” simple! After you view our gallery, click to return to the how you can help/donate page.

The 2019 Before and After Stories!

Emrys - Roaming the streets in unbearable pain

Imagine the hopelessness when you are abandoned and roaming the streets in pain with rampant infections searing through every part of your body.

Such was the life of Emrys before he was rescued by Mayday Pitbull Rescue, giving him that second chance at life and relief from the agonizing existence that he knew.

Thanks to PACC911’s Critical Care Program and the  the Lazin Alive and Well Fund, Emrys now lives pain free enjoying his new adoptive family. His new people is his foster family! They fell in love and could not part with him.

Flower - Rescued from euthanasia

Flower came to Desert Lab Retriever Rescue (DLRR) and was such a good girl from the start, despite being very sick. Hergentle spirit was clearly felt.

DLRR rescued Flower from the e-list for being too sick to treat. She had a horrible upper respiratory infection and numerous areas of alopecia with intense chronic skin infections. Flower also had severe infections in both ears. The vet could not visualize most of the ear canal due to edema and thickened tissue.

Her skin was affected just about everywhere, and Flower was hacking and having a hard time breathing through her nose.

The first week in her foster home, Flower followed her foster Mom everywhere she went and laid at her feet when she sat down. S

he slept so much, indicating that she had not been able to sleep peacefully in a long while. Once the medication started working, her personality started to show.

A very active puppy, she absolutely loves to fetch and could play for hours. And of course, she loves toys. She has finally learned how to be a loving puppy. Thanks to PACC911’s Critical Care Program and the Lazin Alive and Well Fund, Flower was able to be saved and restored to health.

Levi Bernstein - Old senior abandoned at shelter


With a shave and a haircut, new life emerges.

Sitting in the county shelter, old, alone and shaking with fear, this little senior could not eat and could hardly move.  He was seriously matted, severely neglected and had been tossed away by previous owners. Sadly, his is the story of many.

Rescued by Ruby Ranch with the help of our Critical Care Program ‘s Lucy Legacy Fund, this old boy was restored to a good life. A shave and a haircut, a good dental and just the basics of life in a responsible home. He emerged with a smile and a new adoptive family.

Lulu – Abuser poured boiling oil over her face

No one deserves this, especially Lulu.

A plea from across the border was heard by PACC911 and acted upon. Kind volunteers in Hermosa, Mexico begged for help for this little terrier mix who had been the victim of horrific cruelty. For no good reason, hot oil was obviously poured on her head and face, causing excruciatingly painful burns that even burned a hole in her face.


With limited resources in Mexico transport was arranged and PACC911 Partner 2 da Rescue stepped up to take Lulu in and get her the medical care she needed. PACC911  offered Critical Care funding to start the journey to good health and a better life for Lulu.

While recovery and treatment is a long journey for this precious one, lulu is pain free and  a happy girl in her foster home. Her life on the streets is  behind her and a beautiful life awaits her in foster care for now, and soon in a forever home.

Maya - Abandoned by family twice, tossed outside

Once upon a family….

Yes,  Maya was part of a family . . . once. She had a home and loved the kids and her life. But suddenly the family broke apart and Maya was left with nowhere to go.

She was tossed aside by an uncaring human and was given  to a friend who left her outside with few comforts in the summer heat and winter cold. She endured this for eight months when her suddenly spirits were lifted. Her past owner who she loved so much came to get her.

Maya thought she was going home, but instead she was taken to the county shelter. Her heart was broken. It was a raw deal for sure, and sadly is the story of many of those poor souls who find themselves thrown away. With little hope of adoption or rescue because she is a pitbull Maya’s otherwise good behavior started to decline and she was to be euthanized.

Who Saved Who was Maya’s Angel, rescuing her from certain death. With funding from PACC911’s Lazin Alive and Well Fund, Maya’s medical issues were addressed and she was placed with a loving foster who plans to adopt her.

Maya is one of the lucky ones. And she knows it.

Moondancer - Stray cat kicked so hard tail amputated

A starving stray kitty was seeking food and waterat an apartment complex. A good samaritan complied. Next door an Irate neighbor who wanted the kitty gone, kicked the poor little starving cat in a rage of anger. A cruelty report was filed but the culprit would not open his door and was not apprehended. 

AZ Friends for Life was called and of course came to rescue the cat with help from PACC911’s medical program.  Moon Dancer had a broken tail which needed amputation. He is fine now and recovered,  living as a happy kitty enjoying life in a great rescue with food and company while he awaits his forever family.  We can only hope someday justice will be served.

Oso - Abuser hacked off his tail

A painful injured tail that had been hacked off was then removed in full at the county shelter. The pain of this condition was coupled by a serious upper respiratory infection making Oso miserable, lethargic, and quite unadoptable. He was weak with thinning  fur from poor nutrition and was surely on a downhill spiral.  

With funds offered for medication and outside intervention,  PACC911’s Critical Care Program and the Lazin Alive and Well Fund,  Oso was able to heal in a comfortable foster home and given the best foods alongside lots of love. He now knows the good life of playing ball and cuddles.

Romano - Languishing in pain from broken leg

Romano was suffering in a California shelter who contacted Saving PAWS with a plea for help. Romano either had straight leg syndrome or had fractured his rear leg. With no veterinary intervention it had healed in a painful and unusable way.

With the help of PACC911s Critical Care Program and the Lazin Alive and Well Fund, radiographs were taken proving the latter. Romano had most likely been hit by a car some time back with no care, now amputation was the only option for a pain free life.

Today Romano now runs on three legs freely and happily. He was adopted by his loving foster.

Sebastian - No one saw the wound under his harness

Because they cannot talk, because they cannot tell us of their pain and suffering, Sebastian silently suffered, even as he was admitted to the county shelter. Sebastian had been found as a stray with a harness already in place and volunteers saw no reason to remove it.

With the funding from PACC911’s Critical Care program’s Lazin Alive and Well fund, Surrendered Souls took this adorable little guy into their rescue. Upon removal of the harness, a painful and gaping raw wound was discovered having caused him  immeasurable suffering for an unknown period of time.

Once seen it was addressed and healed along with the other medical issues that he was diagnosed with, including valley fever.

Now adopted, he is a happy and pain free boy, loved by his new forever mom.


Sue - Found emaciated with tumors and tick fever

Sue was found walking around a neighborhood park totally emaciated. She was weak, tired and glad to go with a good samaritan in hopes of better circumstances. Sue was no youngster and her ten-year-old body surely felt the pain and stress of living on the streets.

She was not taken to a home as  she would have loved, but rather to MCACC where she was impounded as a stray. Sue was friendly and sweet despite the hunger and thirst she experienced in her dehydrated condition. Medical exams also confirmed she suffered from alopecia, tumors and tick fever. None of these conditions are surprising for a dog out in the elements. All medical care was made possible by the PACC11 Critical Care Program and its funders.

Fortunately for Sue, she was rescued by Saving Paws and taken to the vet for a full work up. Medical reports indicated no cancer and with good nutrition alongside meds for the obvious, Sue started gaining weight and feeling like a dog should. She is now up for adoption and is enjoying her home at Saving Paws in the interim…. and being loved a lot.

Sunni Moxie - Abuser hacked off her hind feet

What an unthinkable abomination! The degree of cruelty that we see committed against innocent animals is horrifying.

Sunni-Moxie, a precious little 4 year old poodle, was brought into county as a stray with her back feet cut off. The bloodied stumps were covered in live ticks adding to her misery. It was not a surprise to learn that she also had tick fever. 

With the kind help from Valley Dog Rescue and funding from our Critical Care partner, Lazin Alive and Well Fund, she is now on the mend and loved by her foster family who enjoy her daily kisses. It is truly amazing how forgiving these beautiful animals are despite the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on them by humans. Sunni- Moxie is  enjoying new mobility with  her new cart and life is good. She knows there is an adoptive family just waiting for her.

Tiny Dancer - When owner died, tossed outside to die

We raise our family with love giving them our best years. It is hoped that when our time comes to leave, they will step up and honor their promises. All too often that is not the case.

A lifetime companion to a gentleman who passed was promised that his precious 12-year-old min pin, Tiny Dancer, would be cared for. Instead, this tiny fragile senior was tossed outside, living the in elements for months. This gentle soul had nothing but a backyard of dirt and weeds and a filthy towel.

Thanks to Help a Dog Smile, who responded to a plea and funds from PACC911, Tiny Dancer is lonely no more. He was rescued, vetted and has been adopted into a wonderful loving family.

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