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Animals in Need During 2020!

These are their tales of tragedy to triumph

Our Critical Care Program cases are all desperate animals

that have been victims of cruelty, abuse or extreme medical neglect.


The narratives below are just a small portion of the many animals rescued with our help during 2020. When you read their touching stories and view their before-and-after photos you can see how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Just click on each name to reveal their powerful story and images.

All the rescue groups mentioned in these stories are PACC911 partners. As part of our coalition they are eligible to request these special medical care grants. To see how our Medical Relief Program works go here.

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The 2020 Before and After Stories!

Blondie - Dying from disease, starvation, alone on the streets

bald abused chihuahua in pink sweater


So tiny, so afraid, so alone.

Blondie was taken to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control when found fending for herself alone on the streets. Her tiny body was trembling in fear, and was riddled with disease. She was so weak due to her compromised condition.

How can anyone let a tiny soul get to this point, and turn away? But many did until Sky Sanctuary saw her and knew they had to act quickly. With help from PACC911’s Critical Care Program and Heidi’s Rescue Fund, Blondie was rushed to an emergency Clinic to be given life support.

Her skin condition was beyond words. Her bones protruded even from under hardened scabs. She had severe dental disease and infections in every crevice of her tiny being. The odor was horrendous, which may be the reason someone discarded her to fend for herself.
The name Blondie was chosen in hopes that with recovery, she would also have a beautiful blonde mane of luscious fur. It was the name of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

There were no real surprises with her diagnostics. Demodectic mange, fungal infections. Tick Fever, and a rare form of Staff along with a compromised eye threatening to rupture..

With nothing less than a labor of love, Sky Sanctuary administered daily medications, avoiding a possible eye rupture which would have cost her an eye, and finally achieving an all clear on all counts!
After such suffering as the victim of prolonged neglect, Blondie also had to overcome her fears and emotional scarring. She had known abuse for so many years of her fragile life.

But loves overcomes such abuse. Now Blondie laughs and plays probably for the first time in her life. She is adored and has truly gone from rags to riches surrounded by those who would have it no other way.

Brooklyn- Cruelly returned to shelter when ill

mistreated dog brooklyn finds new home

It wasn’t her fault. They turned their back on her when she needed them more than ever.

It wasn’t the first time she called the shelter her home; however, this time something was much different.

Brooklyn was so incredibly sweet and gentle and was so grateful for everyone who spent time with her. Volunteers wondered why she  would be a returned resident to the county shelter, facing possible euthanasia. Often adopters don’t want to inherit medical problems, thus her return, because now Brooklyn was unable to open her mouth.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue stepped up without hesitation gratefully accepting the funding from PACC911’s Critical Care Program. It was discovered that Brooklyn was unable to open her mouth because of Masticatory Muscle Myositis. MMM, an immune system disorder,  identifies the dog’s own muscle tissue as foreign and attacks it. All of her food had to be turned into mush to ensure she was able to take it all in through her closed jaws. it is beyond heartbreaking to think of how long Brooklyn endured this condition as it worsened and became more painful.

Brooklyn never lost her love for people and life through her months of treatments and recovery.  Her will to live captivated the hearts  of her foster now adoptive mom. Today, they live the life fantastic together!

Brooklyn survived her rare condition and is able to open her mouth enough to eat and play with her toys and give kisses of love and appreciation.


Chata- Living on street, was just hours from death

malnourished pit bull terrier gains weight

Bones protruding from starvation, she was about to cross over the rainbow bridge.

Almost dead and found on the streets of Mexico, time was of the essence if Chata was to live.

Angels on both sides of the border made hasty transport arrangements to speed her to an Emergency Clinic in Arizona, under Independence Day Animal Rescue.

Chata’s poor little embattled and emaciated body weighed in at only 18 lbs. and was riddled with Tick fever and extremely poor liver health. Each breath was labored and her fragile life was teetering on the edge. A decision had to be made… to move forward or to give her a humane ending with no more suffering.

Independence Day Rescue choose life and Chata was immediately hooked up to life saving IV medication.

With the rising sun the very next morning, a small tail wag could be seen as Chata expressed her optimism. She was on the road to recovery.
Despite setbacks from time to time, her progress continued and in a relatively short time, her body started to heal and gain strength.

Thanks to the love and dedication of Independence Day Rescue and helped by the PACC911 Critical Care Program and Heidi’s Rescue Fund, Chata was given her second chance at life.. From near death on the streets of Mexico to the loving care of her new foster home, Chata is now the magnificent Boxer she was meant to be.

Helena – Found tortured and burned at self storage facility

skinny calico cat to healthy weight


She was burned and tortured but found her fairytale ending.

A little cat was just trying to find a safe place to rest. Her frail and emaciated body, could go no farther as she collapsed at a self- storage facility where she was found. She was lethargic, dehydrated and anemic and the day was hot. This little girl also had large patches of missing fur revealing large and severe areas of burned skin. She was surely the victim of animal torturers enjoying acts of vicious cruelty… the darkest side of humanity.

Animal loving Friends was appalled at her condition and made a promise to save her.
Reaching out to PACC911 for help, Funds were committed to save Helena from the Lulus Angel Fund.

This little kitty surely deserved a second chance at a pain free life with love and proper care. From weeks to months of recovery, Little Helena began to thrive and become the loving and pampered cat she knew she should be. With proper nutrition for the first time in her life, she filled out and grew a lush and majestic coat…. Surely the envy of other cats!

Helena now enjoys a life with her adoptive family and expresses her gratitude every day with many joyful meows.
Helena’s days of abuse are long forgotten as she now enjoys her fairy tale life… A perfect ending… just as it should be.

Leroy- Ruthless breeder dumped him to perish in freezing mountains

Rottweiler leroy sitting in cage joins family

Two twists of fate changed his life.


He had already lived a lifetime in his short 10 month old life, secure in a loving home and never imagining what was to come.

Then, a series of unexpected happenings took place including the passing of his beloved guardian, a return to an unscrupulous breeder who promised sanctuary but instead turned him loose to fend for himself in the cold of a Flagstaff winter, and a miraculous rescue by Rotten Rottie Rescue who came to his aid.

Rotten Rottie promised him he would only know love and comfort from this point forward in his life.

Through all of this, LeRoy had been managing through the pain of a torn ACL. With the support of PACC911’s Heidi’s Rescue Fund, the love of his amazing foster parents, and his love for life, LeRoy recovered from his TPLO surgery like a champ. Today he is climbing stairs, hiking and playing.

LeRoy’s story goes even further. Simultaneously while he was on his journey, there was a young boy named Logan bravely fighting cancer. After many long months, Logan was so happy to return home to his best friend, Cesar, his 6 year old rottie. Through a turn of heartbreaking circumstances, Cesar crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after Logan’s homecoming which in turn brought LeRoy into Logan’s life.

Now these best friends are truly a match made in heaven.

Lucy - Run over and left to die from injuries

small black dog with puppies gets rescued

Hit by a car and left to die alone in the street.

Sweet tiny Lucy had been hit by a car in Mexico, the driver never stopping and with no concern. Injuries incurred to this suffering dog were severe and included a broken femur and pelvis, an eye injury as well as several broken teeth. Despite her painful injuries, Lucy knew she had to fight to survive. Local rescuers brought her to a vet in Mexico where surgery was performed. It was then they realized that she was carrying a litter which miraculously survived.

Medical care in Mexico does not compare to that in the US. Her life saving rescuers reached out thru the PACC911 network that Lucy was in desperate need and Critical Care funds were offered. Help a Dog Smile didn’t hesitate to step in for Lucy, and within 24 hours in their care, Lucy had an emergency c-section. The doctor explained that her pelvis healed so poorly, that there was no way she could have delivered her babies naturally.

Over the last few months, Lucy has proven the power of love conquers all. She is the most nurturing mother to four perfectly beautiful babies who will know nothing but love for all their lives.

Lucy continues to bring joy and smiles to her foster family each day. She is incredibly sweet and the she embraces life to the fullest.

Mona Lisa - Chained without food or water at abandoned house

mona lisa pit bull with new family

Chained and left alone at an abandoned house with no food, water, or shade.

On a scorching August day, 2nd Chance Rescue was notified of a dog left at an abandoned house. Neighbors had heard cries and alerted the rescue. It was assumed that the dog with no name had been fending for herself for about a week and there had been severe storms along with record heat.

What 2nd Chance found was appalling. Chained to a post with no food, water or shade in sight, the dog had dug a hole in the dirt and was cowering there in total fear and despair. She was broken, defeated and had given up. She trusted no one and they had to lure her into a crate with food.

At the vet and with no surprise, rocks were found in her stomach, the only food she consumed for days attempting to survive. It was clear that her life had been one of misery at the hands of uncaring humans with no concern for her wellbeing.

It is truly a miracle what love can do. From the starved and unwanted throw away, emerged the beloved Mona Lisa who is cherished by her new family. She was given a 2nd chance at life by 2nd Chance Rescue and with the help from PACC911’s Critical Care Program.

Now, only good days lie ahead with sunshine and laughter, love and new trust.

Nick Furrie - Viciously mauled by 3 dogs

abused animal with stitches adopted

He was outnumbered but fought bravely to save himself.

He found himself all alone in alley when three large dogs crossed his path. Nick Furry knew he had no choice but to put on his bravest face and fight like there was no tomorrow. That is exactly what he did!

Being only a fraction of the size of his opponents, he sustained multiple life-threatening injuries before someone arrived to intervene. Lucky for Nick, angels from APARN with help from PACC911’s Lulus Angel Fund came to his aid.

Over the next few weeks Nick Furry would prove to be the story of resilience as his strong will to live would continue to amaze his caregivers. It was soon discovered the extent of his injuries were much worse than first thought. His body would endure multiple surgeries to mend his wounds and remove one of his eyes, he would receive no less than 10 medications daily and survive jaundice. With the diligent care of his vet team and love of his caregivers, Nick Furry healed both emotionally and physically.

Today, despite where his story began, Nick Furry holds no ill will towards his dog friends but instead he embraces each day! He enjoys playing, living life and looks forward to joining his forever family soon!

Oscar- Buried alive for a week at the county dump

dog shaved leg wearing bandana

Buried alive under mountain of garbage, someone finally spotted him

Finding Oscar at the County Dump where he was literally buried alive speaks volumes. Some humans believe that animals have no value and are simply regarded as trash to be discarded when no longer useful.

Sweet, sweet Oscar experienced such a fate and was discovered when shocked county workers saw a heap of garbage moving in a landfill. They immediately dug out a near dead dog and they reached out for help.

This unnamed soul had horrendous injuries including a broken leg, crushed pelvis, spinal and bladder injuries and so much more. Home for Good rushed to help him upon hearing his urgent plight. He was taken to emergency veterinary care. The vets working on his broken body believe he was buried for at least a week and was one whimper away from his final breath. His pain and suffering was immense.

Oscar, now with a name, endured many surgeries feeling better as each procedure relieved his pain. Long before he could walk or stand, this loving and living miracle dog wagged his tail to thank his new family at Home Fur Good for the love and care he was now enjoying.

Home Fur Good with the help from PACC911’s Critical Care Program and the Lazin Alive and Well fund literally brought Oscar back from his grave. This Sweet fighter with a heart of gold also had a spirit to survive against all odds.

Now he enjoys the life he was meant to have… one where he is loved and valued and part of a family.

Spicey- They thought she was ready for hospice, but then...

spicy poodle adoption before after

They thought she was a hospice case!

Spicey had been abandoned. She was emaciated to the point of being skin and bones and had an abscessed tumor so large that it covered almost the whole area of her head.

This tiny pathetic girl found herself at MCACC not understanding any of this. Ruby Ranch Rescue stepped up to help, thinking possibly that Spicey would be a hospice case. With help from PACC911’s Critical Care program, Spicey would receive pampering and love in her final days.

However, this was not to be, Spicey had other plans. She showed them that she planned to heal and gain weight. With constant feedings and an unquenchable appetite, she gained 4 pounds in four days topping the scales at 5.2 pounds.

To everyone’s surprise, Spicey’s tumor proved to be benign! The tumor was then removed and she made it through the surgery, continuing to get stronger as time went on. In the months following with the love and support of her foster home, Spicey blossomed even more!

Today with her family she enjoys dining on dog friendly patios, Loves everyone she meets and has become quite the social butterfly of her family. Spicy will never be left behind or forgotten again.

Toby- Tossed into the shelter with broken heart when owner died

toby small rescue dog after adoption

He had dedicated his entire life to someone who was suddenly gone.

After years of unconditional love given so freely, Toby found himself in the shelter, a senior, with a broken heart. Feeling weak, confused, frightened, and in pain with infections clear to his jawbone, nothing hurt as much as his wounded heart. How did he get here?

Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary received the plea for this sweet and fragile soul who had been given away like an old shoe. Without hesitation they brought him into their rescue. PACC911 was there with Critical Care funding and Toby was immediately en route to the vet and started on antibiotics and pain management medication.

With the love from his new foster family , some much needed rest and dental surgery, Toby gained his strength and a heart began to mend. With each heartbeat, an adorable personality began to shine.

And speaking of hearts, Toby stole the heart of his foster mom right away. She fell in love with everything that made him who he is today and a foster home soon became a forever home! Toby was adopted.

Now known as Calzone, he is loved so much. His mom says that everyone knows him and stops to pet him, that he is bright and eager to please and every day he continues to break out of his shell just a bit more.

Says his new mom …“This little dog brought so much life back into my home, I fully intend to give him the love and comfort he deserves for the rest of his days! “

Waylon -Barely alive, emaciated, covered in bugs and urine

injured gray dog to healthy rescue

Despite incredible hardships, Waylon chose to love.

Found in a gutter on the side of a busy road, and dropped at a vet clinic, Sky Sanctuary rushed to the aid of a severely emaciated dog who was barely alive. PACC911 with the Critical Care Program was there to help with veterinary expenses

Weighing only 15 pounds and covered in large open sores from dragging his body, this poor soul was covered in urine, bugs and road rash. Despite wounds, pain and misery, his first response to human kindness was to nuzzle and give kisses. He knew help had come and embraced his rescuers.

His morbid condition did not immediately reveal the worst of Waylon’s problems. Upon examination, it was learned that his fractured spine had been neglected for too long and could not be repaired. Waylon would never have use of his back legs and would continue to have medical issues as time went on. Amputations, some paralysis and partial blindness might plague another dog, but not Waylon. In his perfect forever foster home Waylon chose to thrive despite his many disabilities. His loving foster makes sure that Waylon has a full and active life. Waylon knows only kindness and joy. Right from the start of his new journey, Waylon chose love.

Winter -Puppy mill tried to kill her by dumping in remote area

winter sad dog happy after rescue

From puppy mill to puppy love!

Hardly a puppy, this little senior was found on a cold New years Day in a remote area lying in filth. She was infested with fleas and apparently had a recent litter. Her condition was gruesome with caked matter on her bottom, worn and broken teeth from chewing on a kennel, masses, and a dead eye. She was malnourished and her fur was thin. She was alone and she was scared.

When called, Better Days rushed to take her into their care with the help of PACC911’s Critical Care program and Heidi’s Rescue Fund. She was appropriately named Winter. It was obvious that she was a discard from a backyard, puppy mill type breeder who no longer had use for her.

With love, care, medical treatment her coat started shining and filling out, her fragile body began to thrive with food replacing the dirt she had been consuming.

Winter was learning love and starting to show her joyous personality. A high tail and happy squeals of joy each morning as the miracle began to happen; she went from a puppy mill to a beloved member of a family. Winter is now loving her spring.

Wolfgang- Overfed, he was four times his weight and barely moving

wolfgang beagle before and after

Overfeeding is not love. For some it’s a death sentence.

Barely able to breathe as he languished at MCACC, Wolfgang weighed in at 90 lbs. He was not able to walk without resting every few steps as his tired and overburdened body could do no more. Without immediate help he would not survive for very long.
The abject disregard for his well being was clearly displayed by his enormous size. This was cruelty in its own form… perhaps disguised in someone’s sick mind, as love.

AZ Beagle Rescue, with help from PACC911’s Critical Care Program, rushed to Wolfgang’s aid with determination and goals for his rehab and weight loss plan knowing this was critical to save his life.

Over time with a small but healthy diet and carefully prescribed exercise, Wolfgang began his weight loss journey one pound at a time. From May to Feb, he had shed 33 lbs. Every day, he continues to edge closer to his goal of weighing of 25 pounds as a normal beagle should. Wolfgang is now enjoying walks and a new freedom in his properly sized body.

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