Critical Care Gallery (2015)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year

These are the stories and photos of the pets rescued by our PACC911 LAF during 2015. There were so many recipients saved this year  we have THREE pages featuring stories of the pets!

Read through these heart wrenching stories to discover how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Just click on each name to see the special stories and photos. The images reveal the startlingly dramatic before and after situations, reminding us all that we CAN make a difference.

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Buddy – Victim Of A Hoarder

Buddy’s Story

buddyb4buddyafterHoarding is such a terrible situation for animals. Poor Buddy is a seven month old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix who knows the worst of belonging to a hoarder. When he was found by a member of Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue and removed from this awful situation, he was immediately taken to a local veterinarian who agreed to take a look at him and see what his problems were and if he could be helped. After watching him for seven days, the vet determined that a bladder stone was making him very ill. It took two days for the vet to stabilize his kidneys so that he would even be able to remove the stone surgically. The surgery was done, but the bladder was very irritated and leaking. The leak wouldn’t allow urine to go to the kidneys, so they were not working correctly. Enter PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to help with the medical bills for poor little Buddy.

After getting Buddy strong enough for another surgery and with the commitment from Lulu’s Angel Fund, the vet opened Buddy up to repair his leaking bladder and kidneys. The good news is that he can have a normal life with only one quarter of his kidney function. The better news is that they were able to repair the leak in his bladder and repair his kidney. Buddy went home to his foster and things are now looking very good for him.

While he’s not quite out of the woods yet, little Buddy is eating like a little pig and peeing normally thanks to a lot of loving care and Lulu’s Angel Fund and Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue. 

Maxie – Dumped To Die After Ten Faithful Years

Maxie’s Story

maxie-cagemaxietumormaxicarfreedomThere is such a thing as a miracle! It’s an unimaginable situation – you are a loving and caring companion to your human for ten years. Then one day out for what you think is just another fun and joyful ride, the person you thought you should give all your love to dumps you at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control because you have a large, bleeding mass that is likely a tumor. What are they thinking?

Luckily for Maxie, there is a caring a compassionate group of people at 2nd Chance Dog Rescue to help her through this terrible time. Maxie was obviously confused, but also very affectionate and loving as 2nd Chance Dog Rescue removed her from MCACC to get her into a foster home and receive medical care for her condition. That’s where PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund came in – to assist in the evaluation of Maxie’s condition and to fund the proper treatment so that she can get the medical care she needs. Here’s where the miracle comes in – this large mass that Maxie was enduring was benign and was difficult to remove with many fingers growing out of it, but it was removed as much as was possible. It’s not over yet – there were many smaller tumors on her mammary gland which may prove to be cancerous. Removing them is not an option due to her age.   But now, rather than looking for a hospice foster for this sweet girl, a regular foster is being sought. This will be a second chance for Maxie to give her love to someone that deserves it, thanks to 2nd Chance Dog Rescue and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. 

Molly – Crying Out From Leg Pain

Molly’s Story

MollyscaredMollycarMolly is an amazing 1-1/2 year old white and tan Labrador retriever mix. When Molly’s owner surrendered her to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, she had obvious pain in her leg, crying when it was touched, and seemed to have a cold or perhaps kennel cough.

Mingus Mountain Animal Sanctuary agreed to take Molly after she was evaluated and treated by a veterinarian. That’s when PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund was contacted for assistance with the medical bills for this beautiful girl. University Animal Hospital took her in for evaluation. She appeared to have a cold and they feared pneumonia. An x-ray revealed an abnormality on her left femur and the doctors suspected that perhaps valley fever was the culprit.   The cortical bone was so thin the doctor feared she might fracture it. She could not stand on her leg at that point, so rather than wait for confirmation on the valley fever test, heavy doses of fluconazole and pain medications were started for her right away to treat it.

In just a few days the medicines were working wonders for Molly and she was transferred to an amazing foster family for love, care and treatment until she is healthy enough to transfer over to Mingus Mountain Animal Sanctuary. Many thanks to everyone involved in saving Molly, and to Lulu’s Angel Fund for providing funding for the treatment and medications needed to get Molly healthy and living a happy life.

Strings – An Emaciated Stray In Gut Wrenching Pain


String’s Story

stringsonmendstringsaftercouchCan you even imagine having to spend your holidays at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control facility? That’s exactly the fate of PACC911’s first Lulu’s Angel Fund recipient of YR2015. “Strings” was taken to MCACC as a stray in mid-December – who knew what his fate would be? This poor four year old German Shepard/Pit Bull mix was brought in as a stray with a broken hip, abrasions and lacerations on his head and terribly emaciated.   He was obviously in tremendous pain through the holidays – a gut wrenching thing to picture. The future did not look bright for Strings. However, a loving and compassionate person kept checking on his status at MCACC. He would be put on the E-list, only to be taken off, then put on again. It was just heartbreaking and really tugged at the heartstrings of his soon to be foster mom.

After a New Year’s gathering of like-minded animal lovers, Ohana Animal Rescue contacted Lulu’s Angel Fund to see if Strings could qualify for medical assistance. Obviously people wanted to help and kept getting him off the E-list, but it was also obvious the upcoming medical expenses kept them from moving forward. Lulu’s Angel Fund said ‘yes’ to Strings and Ohana to make him the first to have help in the New Year. On January 2nd at a mere 52 pounds, Strings was picked up by his foster mom and given a safe, warm place to be with lots of love and hope for the new year. On January 5th Strings had a veterinary evaluation and it was obvious that the hip, with severe breakage and calcification, would need surgery. There were other issues too – neutering, dew claws removed and a broken tooth – but the hip was the priority and surgery was performed the next day. After some recovery time, he returned to the vet for the rest of the medical attention needed.

As he is healing up and gaining weight – at 58+ pounds at last report! – He is getting a little impatient at being kenneled so much of the time and would like to get out and begin his life again. He loves to chew on toys, tennis balls, and stuffed animals. He also amazingly loves to be around humans and just cuddle – whoever got him into this mess didn’t diminish his big heart and ability to love. He also knows how to sit and shake, and he is for the most part potty trained. He’s smart enough to know what the ear cleaner bottle looks like because he shies away when it comes out of the cabinet!

We are so happy that Ohana Animal Rescue contacted Lulu’s Angel Fund to help this precious boy. We look forward to Strings finding his forever home in YR2015 and tugging on many, many more heartstrings. 

George – A Stray With Dislocated Hip And Complications

Gorgeous George

George-b4George-cutestGeorge was found wandering as a stray in the Kingman area, limping after having been hit by a car. A good Samaritan brought him into the local Kingman shelter which was ill equipped to take care of him since they had no vet on staff. As they reached out to the rescue community, Pei People Shar Pei Rescue group, with the help of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, quickly responded to bring George to the Phoenix area and had him immediately seen by their vets. After x-rays they could see that his hip was dislocated and that he needed FHO surgery (femoral head osteoectomy) ASAP but unfortunately poor George came down with kennel cough, thus delaying his surgery. George was made comfortable on pain meds while he was treated for his upper respiratory infection. Luckily he healed quickly and went into his surgery as planned. George recovered and went into a loving foster homer where he is receiving lots a needed attention and love. When he is completely healed, he will be put up for adoption and Pei People are pleased knowing he is receiving the best care while he waits. Thank you to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for allowing Pei People to save this gorgeous George.

Ozzie – Shattered By A Car, Miracle Healing


OZZY-at-eventOzzy-before-picOzzy came to AZ Prussian Snailhound Dog Rescue on February 16, 2015 from Tijuana, Mexico where he clearly had been hit by a car weeks or months ago.  His injuries were not fresh so it was apparent that this young pup, just 7-10 months old, had spent a good portion of his life in pain living on the streets of Mexico.   He could not really walk but managed to pull himself up to a stand to relieve himself.   Weighing in at only 23 pounds, this poor boy was half starved. His weight should have been about 35-40 lbs.

Because of the way his injuries had healed, it was impossible for the team of veterinarians to get him into the proper position for x-rays without causing him extreme pain and so he was sedated. X-rays revealed the worst scenario. His legs had been broken and shattered bones and his pelvis was broken in at least 6 different places. Surgery was scheduled for the following week. Despite his horrible condition and pain, Ozzy was loving and sweet!  He was pleasant with people and other dogs. He showed no aggression despite the pain that he suffered.

Ozzy’s surgery was very successful.  The vets had decided to only operate on one leg with a “wait and see” tactic for the left leg.  Ozzie came home the following day, and despite still being a bit groggy, it was clear that he already felt better.  Within a few days he was up and putting more and more weight on the right leg.  He was more playful and carefree.  Getting up after lying down was a bit easier for him.  His post op visit got a great report! Now he could begin living life.

March 7th Ozzy made his debut at a PACC911 event for a few hours just to show off his new mobility. Another surgery may happen, but Ozzy has made great progress. What a miracle this recovery has been for Ozzy. Only possible because of the commitment of AZ Prussian Snailhound Rescue and the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.

Percy – Likely Bait Dog, One Step From Death


Percy-car-freedomPercy-b4-jailPercy-before1tongueWithout the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund what chance would a dog like Percy have to survive?

Most rescue organizations have limited resources and sick or badly injured animals are usually humanely euthanized for lack of other options. Rescue groups do all they can, but so many loving animals are put to sleep because their needs and numbers are greater than can be afforded.

Percy came into Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Shelter with healing scratches and scars and a huge painful abscess on his rib cage. He had been a stray roaming the streets in this condition. It is very possible that he had been a former bait dog used in fighting rings. They often choose very docile animals as bait dogs and Percy was surely a docile boy.

When examined by the staff vets, it was apparent that his lung was abnormally shaped as well. Percy would be euthanized unless a rescue would step up for him taking on his medical issues. With an over-abundance of pit bulls in the shelter, Percy’s chances were not promising.

Standing proud Pit Bull Rescue was happy to become Percy’s lifeline with the help of the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. They were taken by this amazing seven-year-old boy who obviously had a rough road for his first years in life but who was still sweet and loving to humans.

Percy’s gentle disposition won their hearts. This boy loves everyone he meets and he is doing well with the care he is now receiving. He is enjoying the kind of life he so deserves while he is on the mend. At some later time Percy will be ready for adoption to a very lucky family.

Sunny – Tiny Dog, Wandering Streets in Pain After Car Accident


Sunny-afterfacingSunny wandered the streets in pain.

 In the corner of a shelter cell, a tiny Chihuahua hovered, unable to walk or bear weight on her rear leg. She was terrified. She was on the sick list at Pinal County Animal Control, meaning her time was limited before being euthanized if she was not rescued. She was listed as just two years old.

No vet was on call and so she suffered silently and trembled until the angels from Cochise Canine Rescue, assisted by PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, took her into loving arms and rushed to get her appropriate veterinary care. This was truly a lifesaving rescue because with medical cases, most rescues cannot afford the medical costs for treatment.

Diagnosis later confirmed a broken pelvic fracture and an injured rear leg, most likely the result of being hit by a car while on the run as a stray. The injury was several weeks old telling the rest of the story. Sunny wandered the streets on her own and in severe pain.

Sunny’s name suits her well. She’s a bit shy on meeting but learns to trust and cuddle easily.  She has the most beautiful face similar to a tiny Shiba Inu, with a sunny disposition. Sunny was very thin when first rescued but is gaining weight rapidly with good food and the loving care she is now receiving.

Sunny is much younger than originally thought at the shelter.  She is just a pup…only about eight months old instead of two years.  This loving little girl will be with Cochise Canine Rescue at least another few months to continue her medical recovery. Her foster family feels blessed to have her and is so thankful that she was saved, giving her a chance to thrive and be loved for the rest of her many years of life.

Wilson – Chained Without Food, Water, Shelter


Wilson-afterwith-shades-onWilson-on-chainWhen it comes to helping animals “heal” and get to a point of adoptability with PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund it is not always about a medical need. Such was the case with Wilson.

This beautiful pitbull was the victim of extreme neglect and abuse as he suffered every day, living his life at the end of a chain. Wilson had no shade and endured the brutal summer sun followed by the coldest of cold days and nights as the seasons changed, for years on end. There was no protection from the elements, little food and inadequate water to quench his extreme thirst. And often his bowls were empty. Wilson suffered every day and languished in his misery with no end in sight. Because of this neglect and abuse, Wilson had little hope for a better day.

But miracles happen and a local independent rescuer got Wilson off his chain, into boarding and reached out to PACC911 for help. With no hesitation, a plea went out to the partner groups to find a willing PACC911 rescue partner to be Wilson’s advocate. And Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary stepped up allowing the Lulu’s Angel Fund to kick in!

It was quickly apparent that Wilson had no social skills and no trust in humans and this would be the needed mission to turn his life around. This unruly boy was placed in a caring foster home that also offered “Boot Camp!”

Wilson was given extensive training and socializing to help him bond with humans and learn appropriate behavior. What a smart and responsive boy he proved to be. A fast learner and a loving soul.

Wilson is almost ready to be presented for adoption and has come such a long way in his journey to trust and relate to humans. With the help of Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary, several very extraordinary independent rescuers and of course the Lulu’s Angel Fund to help, Wilson’s life has been saved. We look forward to hearing that he is in his own loving home very soon.

Rudy –Abandoned By His Family Left To Die


rudy-w-manRUDYpostopMeet Rudy. He is a beautiful boy with a soft brindle coat, floppy ears and kind eyes.

Right now, he is recovering from surgery on both of his back legs. He has a long road of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of him, but this grateful boy is okay with that because, for once in his life, his future is bright.

A couple of months ago, Rudy lived in the backyard of his home. He suffered from a very painful birth defect called luxating patella. The grooves in Rudy’s hind legs that were meant to keep his kneecaps in place were not deep enough to secure them. When he moved, his kneecaps could slip out of place causing excruciating pain and paralyzing him for various periods of time. Instead of treating Rudy with the necessary surgical procedure, his family chose to allow him to live with the defect and pain. And it was this same “family” who actually abandoned him and left him to perish in his own backyard.

On the day before Christmas, Rudy could only watch as the people he knew and relied on packed up the car, ignoring him, and drove away…for good. He wanted to plead with them to stay or beg the family to take him with them.   But he couldn’t. Why did they leave him? Wasn’t he a good boy?? The car pulled away, and the stillness of abandonment set in. He was alone, deserted, and aching. He felt pain most of his life, so this did not bother him as much as the thought that no one had brought him food and water, and he would surely perish.   He could only lay helplessly alone and hope.

As time passed, Rudy became hungry and thirsty, and succumbed to weakness.

But Rudy would be a very lucky boy. Animal Benefits Club discovered Rudy and came to his rescue. They gently lifted him from the backyard, and gave him nourishment and love to restore his strength. They reached out to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund who gladly sponsored Rudy to have the necessary surgery to permanently fix his paralyzing condition. He was brave, the surgery went great, and he is on his way to a full recovery.

Thanks to Animal Benefits Club and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Rudy finally gets to show people his charming and gentle personality and find a real family to love him forever. He will be ready for adoption soon and can’t wait to meet you.

Betty– Tossed In The Desert To Die


Betty-puppiesBetty-pic-1-in-a-cageBetty is a Shepherd mix with soulful eyes who’s had a rough time recently. On being sent to prison, her supposed owner turned Betty loose in the desert outside of Apache Junction where she was forced to survive on her own. The best estimate is that she did so for more than seven months with occasional help from individuals who provided food for her. Tragically, at some point during this period, she was shot in the face with a BB gun, which resulted in her going blind in the right eye. Nerve damage, the full extent of which is unknown, occurred as a result of the shooting and caused her right ear to fall. In due time, an eye specialist should examine her wound.

When Better Days Rescue first took Betty to University Animal Hospital, they had to coax her from an abandoned vehicle. She was very pregnant and ill. The consensus opinion was that she could give birth any day, so Better Days Rescue staff and the Vet made the decision to keep her at University to receive her medication and treatment for healing.

To everyone’s surprise, she didn’t give birth until two weeks later, and it turned out to be fortunate for Betty that she was still in the hospital. As she went into labor late on a Friday, she gave birth to one live puppy, then one dead puppy. The staff with Better Days Rescue realized she was having a major problem, and an emergency C-section was required to save her and the remaining puppies. In the end, she had twelve pups of which eight survived. Two staff members with Better Days Rescue and seven members of the hospital staff stayed until after midnight to see Betty and her newborns through this ordeal.

Today, Betty is a happy, beautiful dog and a fantastic mom with a litter of adorable puppies. Better Days Rescue volunteers, along with all of the hospital staff, have fallen in love with this gentle soul. She is now ready to go out to a special foster, and Better Days Rescue is working on that. Since neither she nor the pups are vaccinated yet, finding the right home has been difficult.

While the cost of Betty’s treatment has exceeded the generous grant from the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, her life would not have been saved without those initial monies which assured the rescue group of funds.   

Minkey – Saved In Her Final Hours


Minky-carMinky-at-county-pic-1This is Minkey, a petite black lab with soft kind eyes. Her story is one of struggle, disappointment, endurance, and finally rescue, but she is not out of the woods yet.

In December 2014, Minkey found herself at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Scared and alone in her pen, this shy girl waited each day with hope in her heart, but no one claimed her. Her days counted down quickly, and she was placed on the euthanasia list.

On her last day, a family met this sweet girl and adopted her giving her another chance. She was saved. And it seemed like Minkey was on her way to a happy life. However, that would not be the case.

In late January, this gentle girl found herself back at MCACC awaiting her fate.   Once again alone in a cell, Minkey wondered… what had she done wrong? Absolutely nothing. But now, her destiny seemed grimmer than ever. Unfortunately, she contracted heartworms and her family who just weeks before, had given her promise for a life of love, chose to bring her back to MCACC rather than treat her illness.   This time, in addition to the enemy of time, this disheartened six year old was facing a death-threatening illness.

Again, her days counted down and again Minkey was put on the e-list. In her final hours, Minkey lay on the cement floor filled with dread. Her time was up.

Someone came to the door of her cage, they talked to her softly…. a leash was placed around her neck, a walk through the halls…. and …..outside into the sunshine! A car door opened, she hopped in and next thing she knew, Minkey was on her freedom ride! Once safe, Minkey did not hesitate to show her gratitude expressing joy with love and showing her best playful, happy-moves. In turn, she got her name, Minkey, to reflect her beautiful mink-like coat and cat-like moves. In addition to a new name, she got a yummy hamburger patty, which she thought was fabulous.

What Minkey didn’t know, is that, while she was waiting, expecting the worst, a team of dedicated people were working to give this poor girl another chance at happiness. MCACC reached out to tell Minkey’s story, and the Ohana Animal Rescue responded, committing to saving her life along with the pledge of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to pay for her life-saving treatment.

Minkey’s next few weeks of heartworm treatments will require bravery and endurance. Minkey has proven she has plenty of both, especially knowing that when it’s all over, she will find a family that really will love her forever.

Amelia & Archie – Starved, Mutilated, Saved, Recovered


Archie-Jaw-surgArchie-after-2-surgeriesAmelia-pic-b4Amelia-afterAmelia and Archie were discovered alone in the desert, enduring great odds.

Both were bone thin, and in dire need of medical attention due to horrifying human cruelty. We are not sure how Amelia and Archie ended up stray, victimized, and starving on the Pima Indian Reservation, but we do know they experienced unthinkable brutality at the hands of a human somewhere along the way.

Poor little Amelia’s jaw had been broken, hanging loosely and misaligned. The skin on Archie’s jaw had been brutally pulled from his bones and was a gaping open wound. Their injuries were unbearable and incapacitating, and they had gone weeks with no care, enduring the pain, wandering helplessly.

Where did Amelia and Archie come from? Had they experienced a loving home at some point but met a dreadful fate, or had they escaped from a long-time nightmare? We may never know, but one thing is for sure, these sweet babies never lost their faith in the hope of human kindness, and it showed on the day their lives were saved.

After what was likely weeks of pain, hunger, thirst and survival from predators, Amelia and Archie had grown weak, and their little bodies were filthy and pained. Then, one late afternoon… They looked up… and saw their savior!!

As their rescuer approached, the light in their eyes and joy in their steps said it all. Mustering all their strength, they ran energetically and gratefully to their life-saver with wagging tails, puppy love, and trust. These little ones somehow knew they would feel relief and love again, and they happily joined this wonderful human from Pima Animal Care and Control who had come to their aid.

Amelia and Archie were given food, water, and comfort. They were examined, and their critical medical care and plans for recovery began immediately. The Pima Animal Care and Control medical staff gave them initial medical help to relieve their suffering. Surgery was performed, and Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue stepped in and has taken Amelia and Archie into their loving foster homes. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund has committed to providing follow up medical expenses. Amelia and Archie’s hope and faith in people came true.

Amelia underwent surgery to have her jaw wired together. The surgery went great, and she is now healing at her foster home with the help of few foster siblings who she adores. She is recovering nicely and…. Surprise, it turns out Amelia was pregnant. This will prolong final stages of her recovery following birth. She and the puppies will be monitored closely to ensure everyone’s health. They will all be ready for forever homes in weeks to come.

Archie, has a long battle to fight too, and has done great. Pima ACC provided 3 surgeries to reattach the skin to his jaw, and although it was a complex and painful process, all went wonderfully. He will need to have a few teeth pulled as a result of his injury. After all he has been through, Archie is a bundle of energy and love. He is getting along great with his foster siblings, and his goofy, fun-loving side is coming out just in time to meet you at an adoption event in the near future.

The light in these two babies’ hearts was really put to the test, but with their love and forgiveness they shine brightly on with the help of Pima Animal Care and Control, Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue, and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.  

Bogart – Abandoned By Family To Die In Yard


bogartafterBogart-left-homelessb4One of the fastest happy ending stories ever began in early March when Bogart, a handsome, 18-month-old, bluenose pit, and his sibling were abandoned in a Phoenix home. After being evicted, their family simply left the dogs inside the house without food or water. They were there for a week before the owner got by to check on the house, and by then the dogs had eaten the couches and chewed through the drywall to get into the garage. The owner let them out, but by this time they were beyond terrified.

Unfortunately, after living in the front yard for a few days, Bogart’s sibling was struck and killed by a passing car. He spent the next week in fear. He wouldn’t let anyone get close to him, and he kept coming back to the only home he knew. Neighbors were leaving food out for Bogart, but others didn’t want him hanging around and would chase him, making him leery of people.

A plea was sent out, and 2nd Chance Dog Rescue responded. Bogart was trapped the very next night. Once he was in good hands, he became a normal, sweet, beautiful boy and showered his rescuers with kisses.  They knew they had a special dog that would make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.  2nd Chance said Bogart was sweet, loving, and goofy while at the Vet’s, where he was found to have everything from birthday cake to carpet in his stool.

Today, thanks to all involved with the rescue effort and to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for sponsoring Bogart’s medical and training, this boy is in his foster to adopt home!  

Hydro – Captive Inside A Filthy Crate With Broken Leg

Hydro’s story

Hydro-sleeping-afterpixHydrobeforebrace-picThis is Hydro. He is the victim of neglect along with 9 other dogs. Hydro spent the first 2 ½ years of his life outside and alone in a 2’x2’ crate. He only knew living in a filthy cage through extreme heat and cold with food and water being slipped in the door but no love or affection.

About 4 months ago, Hydro’s captor let him and the other dogs out of their crates. They were all so excited and energized to finally be let out of their cramped space that they ran wildly. Hydro’s hind leg was broken in the chaos. It snapped and dangled from his hip. It hurt so bad! Hydro cried out and willed himself over to show his owner that he had been injured and was in agony. He wanted his owner to understand how excruciating the pain was and that he could not walk. He pleaded, please help me.

But his cries and injury were ignored and Hydro was placed right back into his crate where he would spend the next 3 ½ months shivering and whimpering in pain unable to put his leg to the floor of his filthy cage.

Fortunately for Hydro and his fellow imprisoned companions, they were discovered. The owner agreed to surrender the dogs, and they were saved. Each dog was evaluated for their medical conditions so they could be treated. As the rescuers came to Hydro’s cage, instead of greeting them with excitement and relief, Hydro stood in the back of his crate facing the corner shivering. He had been in pain for so long…

His rescuer gently lifted him from his crate. His leg was dangling and useless. Hydro was held gingerly throughout his evaluation to help ease the pain. He would need extensive surgery.   Requests went out to help save the dogs, and Luv Of Dogz Fund stepped in to take Hydro into their care. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund gladly committed to provide funds for Hydro’s surgery and treatment.

Because of the length of time Hydro went without medical treatment, his leg had to be removed. The surgery went great, and Hydro is recovering nicely with the help of some of his foster siblings. For the first time in his life, Hydro can relax and feel safe and comfortable. He is getting around great on three legs and, thanks to Luv Of Dogz Fund and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Hydro will be at an adoption event soon to meet you.

Stanley – Left Alone To Die After Fight


stanley-wearconeABC Animal Rescue has helped so many of our precious pets. Stanley is the latest recipient of love and caring from ABC Animal Rescue, University Animal Hospital, and a beneficiary of funding from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to help Stanley on his way to a happy life.

Stanley is a pit-bull who was found after he had been in a horrible fight. He was bleeding from numerous wounds and his left front leg was fractured. He was immediately rushed to emergency where his wounds were cleaned and repaired while under anesthesia. His leg was placed in a splint and he was treated for severe parasites and dehydration.

Stanley continues to improve each day and is a loving, sweet boy despite his horrible treatment. He is becoming a favorite at University Animal Hospital and is enjoying all the human love and attention he has never had. With thanks to ABC Animal Rescue and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund we hope to have Stanley well on the way to his new life and home soon. 

Teddy – Unresponsive, Dehydrated And A Broken Jaw


Teddywith-boyTeddy-onpillowTeddy, a precious poodle, was turned in to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in terrible condition. Medical Animals in Need (M.A.I.N.) was contacted and they could not say no when they saw this poor little dog. Teddy needed immediate veterinary care beyond the capability of the services offered at county. It was close to being too late when M.A.I.N stepped in…as poor Teddy was very weak and unresponsive. Teddy was completely dehydrated, skin so dry that it would tent and stay that way, a broken tooth and fractured upper jaw – so obviously he was not eating and drinking while at county because he was in so much pain.

M.A.I.N. rushed Teddy to Banfield Animal Hospital right away and contacted PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund immediately to bring little Teddy into the fold and provide funding for the care he would need to get better. After just an overnight in the hospital getting the attention he needed – IV fluids and pain meds – little Teddy was perked up by morning, anxious to see everyone walking by his kennel. He’s had a tough road to recovery with a couple of relapses and trips back to the vet. Luckily he has a loving foster mom who is taking care of his every need.

We look forward to helping Teddy find a loving forever home as M.A.I.N and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund help him through this crisis on the road to recovery. Another life is saved… Teddy’s next years will be filled with the love and joy that he was deprived of in his early years.  

Topeka – Lost, Had Egg-sized Bladder Stone

Topeka’s Story

Topeka-Stone-pictopeka-laying-down-picOn March 3, 2015, R.A.I.N. Rescue (Rescuing Animals In Need) received a call asking if they would be able to take in a small dog that had been running in the streets for several weeks. The lady who took her in had posted signs in the area and placed ads on the internet, but no one called for her.

R.A.I.N. staff picked “Topeka” up that day and, as part of their intake routine, made an appointment with their partner, Banfield Animal Hospital, for the following day. In the meantime, she was placed in a foster home. Topeka is an off-white terrier mix who had many knots in her fur, but she also had a sweet face and a wagging tail. It was later that evening when the foster noticed blood in her urine.

The following morning at Banfield, the Vet said that Topeka was approximately four years old and had been spayed. In addition, she stated that this little girl had a hardened area in her abdomen, and she wanted to take an x-ray. The x-ray was done, and it showed a very large bladder stone blockage. The stone was almost the size of an egg.

R.A.I.N. received a quote from Banfield for surgery to remove the stone, and R.A.I.N. staff then took the copy of the x-ray and got a second quote from Agape Animal Clinic that was a little less. They scheduled her for the first available appointment, 3/10/15.

It’s hard to imagine a dog this size carrying a stone the size of the one blocking her bladder, but surgery was completed with no complications, and Topeka was put on a special diet of Royal Canine Urinary S/O dry or moist food. She is recovering nicely, and will soon be ready for her forever home.

While the cost of Topeka’s treatment has exceeded the generous grant from the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, her life would not have been saved without those initial monies which assured the rescue group of funds. 

Charlie – Dumped With Tumors, Abscesses And A Hernia

Charlie’s Story

CharlieafterCharlie-ear-stitchesIn March 2015, Charlie, a severely matted, ten-year-old Pomeranian, was dropped off at Pinal County Animal Control in horrific condition. He had a tumor the size of a fist behind his right ear that was infected, had ruptured, and was oozing blood and pus. Furthermore, there were countless abscesses in his mouth and a large hernia on his stomach. He must have been in terrible pain, yet he sat in the shelter with neither pain meds nor healthcare before being placed on the E-List.

A plea was sent out, and Circle L Ranch stepped forward thanks to a generous grant from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. Within 24 hours, Charlie was removed from the E-List and brought to a safe place where he was groomed, had many ticks removed, and was provided with Frontline anti-tick medication as well as de-wormer.

Because it was a weekend, it was hard to find veterinary care on short notice, but Vet Med in Cave Creek agreed to see and treat him. He received a medical evaluation and was given pain meds and antibiotics. Blood work was done in preparation for surgery and also to check for cancer. Fortunately, no cancer was detected, and his blood work was normal.

Charlie had to wait for the tumor infection to respond to the antibiotics before an operation could be done, so it was three days later when he went into surgery at Dr. Kits Mobile Vet. The tumor was successfully removed, as well as all of his teeth, and the hernia was repaired. After surgery, he went to the loving home of Debbie Landeburu who hand-fed him and provided wonderful care throughout his recovery.

Charlie now has a permanent loving home with the Landeburu Family that includes two brothers, also rescues, with whom he can play every day. He is cute. He loves to eat and play with unlimited energy, and he follows his new owner everywhere she goes!   This bedraggled and hurting senior dog is now a handsome, healthy, playful Pomeranian in a loving home.

Jennie – From Dismal Outlook to Sunny Days

Jenny’s Story

jennie-headconejenny-playingThis is Jenny. She is a beautiful, petite English bulldog/Beagle mix with a unique tan and white coat. She has the kindest face you have ever met. When you see the attentiveness and softness in her eyes, it is hard to imagine what she must have experienced in her early lifetime, and living as a stray.

Jenny was found on the streets of Phoenix. We don’t know how she ended up struggling to survive on her own, but on February 14th, she was brought to East Maricopa County Animal Control.

She had growths on her skin and a congested cough. She also seemed weary and lethargic. It was unknown how dire Jenny’s condition was. She began waiting for someone to rescue her and help her get better. Days passed, but no one claimed Jenny, and her time was ticking away.

Jenny felt so tired. It was nice to get a meal and fresh water, but she didn’t feel good. The lumps on her skin were uncomfortable, and her throat hurt from the cough that she could not suppress. She struggled to stay hopeful. Would she get better? Each day in her cage she watched people walk up and down the aisles where she now laid behind the metal door.   Jenny waited with courage for someone to notice her, but potential adopters just passed by time and time again. Sadly, Jenny wanted to show someone the love she had in her heart, but she did not have the opportunity. She longed to feel the gentle touch of a human and snuggle in their lap, but no one picked her out. She was so lonely.

Fortunately, one of the volunteers at MCACC did notice Jenny, and began to spend time with her. Jenny’s new friend recognized her sweet, affectionate personality. This volunteer reached out to valley rescues with pictures and descriptions of Jenny’s wonderful character asking someone to save her. She wanted Jenny to find a loving home, even if it was only for her to live out what might be left of a short life.

Underdog Rescue answered the pleas and saved Jenny. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund gladly provided money for her medical needs. Jenny was evaluated by a doctor and she and her rescuers received remarkable news. Jenny’s bumps could be removed and these symptoms turned out to be canine herpes, a completely treatable condition. Jenny was going to be just fine.

Jenny’s surgery to remove the growths went great, and she feels so much better after getting over the cough. She has a new outlook and energized spirit.

Thanks to Underdog Rescue and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Jenny currently lives in a loving foster home and enjoys her foster dog siblings. She especially enjoys getting lots of affection from her foster mom, and she eagerly returns that love with snuggles and smiles. Jenny is now looking for her forever family and would love to meet you.

Elmo, Shanti, Buddy & Chandra- Kept Alive In An Inhumane Setting

Elmo, Shanti, Buddy and Chandra – Their Story

Shanti-before Shanti-afterpinkbow Elmo-2headscar elmo-3poodle chandranewToday, their names are Elmo, Shanti, Buddy and Chandra but for 10 years these sweet poodles had no name. They never knew love, and were only kept alive to make money in an inhumane breeding business. Not only did the breeder never give these dogs a name, they were surrendered to Pinal County Animal Control in extremely poor health, after they outlived their usefulness. Such is life in a puppy mill.

The severe neglect suffered by these four living beings can hardly be described, as the word “misery” is clearly an understatement. Covered in urine, filthy with matted fur, serious eye ulcers or cataracts, and painful rotted teeth were common to all as they were rushed off to receive immediate medical attention.

Elmo, Shanti, Buddy and Chandra were pulled from the shelter by Mini Mighty Mutts who found foster homes for them. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund stepped in to pay medical expenses. This group of compassionate people were determined that these dogs would experience love and the life they deserved. They would be saved from knowing 10 torturous years only to be surrendered in dire medical condition facing the possibility of an e-list.

Elmo, Shanti, Buddy and Chandra were tired and weak with infections. Each of the poor pups knew only that they had been taken from the filth and misery of the one life they knew.   Now, people were talking to them softly which felt nice. They were being gently cradled in the arms of rescuers, something they had never known before, but it felt good. Elmo, Shanti, and Chandra felt a security and a happiness they had never known before. With a little hope in their hearts, they wondered what would happen next. None of these mistreated seniors had any experience to even anticipate possibilities, but good things were finally coming to them.

Elmo was the most critical. He was only 5 pounds, very underweight, with a thinning coat. He had been forced to breed while being neglected of basic needs for years. His penis was swollen, he had a large cyst on his head, and his teeth were completely rotted out.

Elmo immediately underwent surgery to tighten his skin to protect his genitals. The cyst was removed from his head, and all of his teeth were removed to prevent further infection.

Today, Elmo is in a loving foster home. He has been groomed, and he is a cute curly haired boy with bright eyes and a sense of adventure exploring this big wonderful world outside of a cage. He will continue to gain weight with a healthy diet and lots of affection. Elmo will spend the next few weeks recovering and preparing to make up for all the love he has missed out on.

Little Buddy was in the worst condition of all. Estimated to be 15 years old, he suffered from arthritis, infections in both his mouth and penis, dry eye and was covered in ticks. Valley Fever was also initially suspected. All of these poor dogs had been severely neglected.

Shanti and Chandra were also relinquished to Pinal Animal Care and Control along with Elmo and Buddy. They not only had eye infections and rotted teeth, but also had mammary tumors from the relentless and cruel breeding practices of the owner. Shanti and Chandra had been forced to have litter after litter while their health was completely neglected.

Both girls will also undergo surgery to remove the mammary tumors and rotted teeth. Once healed, they can finally feel comfort. Like Elmo and Buddy, in their foster home, they will experience the love of a human for the first time and build a new sense of security. In the meantime, Shanti and Chandra went to the groomer. Turns out, they are beautiful white girls, and they got pink and purple bows! They both feel so pretty. Feeling good physically and living alongside their foster siblings will help them gain confidence. They are looking forward to living happy, healthy lives full of this wonderful thing called love.

Elmo, Shanti, Buddy and Chandra will be ready for adoption soon thanks to Mini Mighty Mutts and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.   These four sweet adorable poodles are ready to find out what it means to be part of a family…. Finally.

Cadbury - Viciously Attacked

Cadbury’s Story

cadburygrass cadburyshelterpinkCadbury is a handsome and gentle Lab/Border Collie mix who’s approximately one year old. After being viciously attacked by another dog, he was found on the street and taken to a shelter where 2nd Chance Dog Rescue pulled him from the euthanasia list. Because it was Easter weekend, they named him after the prominent candy brand. With each rescued dog, we never know what their temperament is going to be, but there was something about Cadbury’s eyes that told us he has a gentle soul.

Cadbury’s injuries included a severe bite to the leg that went to the bone and was host to a serious infection. There was some concern about bone damage and the potential of him losing his leg, but multiple x-rays showed his leg was healing nicely, and the blood work came back clean, so he was scheduled for neutering.

Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel fund sponsoring Cadbury’s medical treatment, Cadbury has made a full recovery and has been neutered. He is considered highly adoptable and is presently in foster care. He has no on-going health issues, and he’s a happy dog who’s good with other dogs and maybe cats, too. He’s a lover not a fighter and will make a happy addition to someone’s life when he finds his permanent home.

Damien And Little D - Homeless Owners Unable To Provide Care

Damien And Little D – Their Shared Story

lildwebDAMIAN-AFTER2Damien is a sweet pit bull and Little D is a cute little Chihuahua. These boys were being kept by a homeless couple, living in a truck. Unfortunately, the boy’s care and basic needs were not always a priority to the people who kept them.

Damien and Little D were completely dependent on the man and woman for food, water, and basic needs, but they didn’t always get either.   Held captive, the boys felt hungry and longed for water much of the time.   They could not get away, and even if they did escape, where would they go? They grew thinner and thinner.

If a good Samaritan had not witnessed their condition and reached out to help the homeless couple in hopes of helping the dogs too, Damien and Little D’s situation may have never been discovered.

The people who “owned” them were given an opportunity to get help, and shelter was arranged for them and the dogs. Now emaciated, Damien and Little D were given a good meal and fresh water. Sadly, drug addiction prevailed, and the couple fled the shelter leaving the dogs behind. This was lucky for Damien and Little D. The dogs were rescued, and were boarded at a local veterinarian clinic so they could be observed for any medical conditions as they gained a healthy weight.

Their treatment of a nutritious diet and close observation began. Little D quickly gained his weight, but Damien remained very thin even though he was eating well. Concern for his health grew, and testing was needed right away. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund stepped in to cover the testing and medical expenses, as it was critical that Damien recover from his emaciated state.   The results showed he had no causal health issues. Damien and Little D were transferred to a boarding facility so they could continue to be observed. Damien began to show signs of the severe stress he was feeling. He was in an unfamiliar environment and was clearly worried about the safety of Little D. Damien felt responsible for his companion as they had faced desperate circumstances together for so long. It turned out, anxiety was keeping Damien from recovering.

Damien and Little D went to Animal Benefits Club (ABC) for what was to be a temporary stay and evaluation. At ABC, the boys did great! In fact, they got along so well with the people and other dogs, the rescue decided it was the best temporary placement for them until they are adopted.

Today, Damien’s weight is healthy. Both boys love the yards at ABC, and have fun meeting and playing with the people and other dogs. Finally, Damien knows he and Little D are safe. Thanks to Animal Benefits Club Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, the boys feel comfort and are having some fun. Damien and Little D are enjoying what will hopefully be a short stay at ABC until they find their forever family who will give them the love and security they each deserve.

Bandit - A Taste Of Love Before He Went

Bandit’s Story

BanditBandit was a sweet soul who lived a short life on this earth. His story is a sad one, but before you start reading know that he crossed over understanding the gentle touch of humans who he knew cared for him and did everything they could to save him.

Bandit, a 2-year-old black and white Chihuahua was left at Pinal County Animal Control after being hit by a car. Unfortunately the poor boy had been hit two days before and suffered for almost 48 hours only to be abandoned to the county.

Although in excruciating pain, Bandit, did his best to stay positive. His leg was badly broken, and he had a puncture wound. Pinal County Animal Control was unsure of the extent of his condition, knowing he could also have internal injuries, and reached out to Cochise Canine Rescue who picked Bandit up to have him examined.

Bandit was taken to the animal hospital and immediately given pain medication to relieve his misery. In partnership, Better Days Rescue took Bandit into their care. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund stepped in to assist with medical expenses.   His condition was critical, but Bandit had a team of people who would do everything they could to save him.

Finally, Bandit was out of pain, and it was such a relief. He was groggy, but he knew the people around him were there to help and cared about him. As they spoke gently and reassuringly to him, Bandit wanted them to know he was thankful for their care. It was so good to feel their love and know someone was looking after him. He put on a brave face and managed to wag is tail for his caretakers, to show his appreciation and let them know, he was keeping his spirits up.

Bandit was placed in intensive care and tests and x-rays revealed his dire condition. His leg had been broken in at least 5 places, and he had a shattered pelvis. With hope, Bandit’s rescuers took him to a bone specialist to see if anything could be done to save this sweet soul. Unfortunately, after a few more tests, it was determined that Bandit’s injuries were too extensive to ensure success, and the chances of a lifetime of pain were too great.

With his rescuers and medical staff holding him, speaking to him softly and stroking his fur, Bandit was humanely euthanized and crossed gently, knowing he was surrounded by love.

Although rare, sadly, not all of PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund recipients survive their injuries or illnesses, but with the partnership and care of rescues like Cochise Canine Rescue and Better Days Rescue and with the support of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund animals that would have certainly faced death are given a chance for a better life, and they all know love and a gentle touch, in some cases for the first time in their life.

Cali - Alone And Suffering From A Broken Leg

Cali’s Story

Cali-afterIn late May, Cali was found alone and suffering on a hot Phoenix street with a broken left front leg. This sweet and engaging, two-year-old Boxer mix ended up at the West Side Maricopa County Animal Shelter where she was put on the E list because of the broken leg. Fortunately, Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund immediately pulled her, arranged for her surgery, and lined up a spectacular foster for her recovery period.

Surgery went well, and the surgeon is very happy with Cali’s progress to date. She’s responding well to treatment and putting weight on the leg. The cast has been removed, but she’s limited to light activity for 6 weeks. The foster parent says this little girl is doing very well and describes her as a love-bug. A full recovery is expected around the first of August, and after that, Cali will be ready to go to a permanent home where she can freely express her Boxer energy and love.

Candace - Against All Odds

Candace’s Story

Candace-Adoption-BCandaceb4Meet Candace, a beautiful blond girl with an irresistible smile.

She’s smiling now… but just three short months ago, Candace was struggling to survive as a stray on the reservation.   She was rescued from the desert by the county and brought to the shelter where she received nourishment and a safe place to sleep. Candace was lucky, and someone picked her out to adopt. She was spayed and all ready to go on her new journey!

But it was not to be. Routine testing revealed Candace had heart worms, and even though this is a curable illness, the adopter left her. Because she was sick, they decided they did not want her after-all. Candace had lost her potential forever home, but even worse, she had an illness that needed immediate attention, and in time, could be facing the e-list. The odds were grim for Candace.

Because of caring people who are dedicated to the welfare of animals, Candace would be saved again. The county reached out to Surrendered Souls Rescue who gladly took her in. Candace was immediately taken to the veterinarian for heartworm treatment. That’s when her additional health struggles were discovered. Poor Candace had developed giardia, an intestinal parasite contracted from drinking dirty water with feces in it, likely all she had access to before she was rescued. She was also diagnosed with a luxating patella in which her knee cap slips in and out of place causing severe pain, and chronic arthritis in her hips and joints.

Candace had been suffering quietly and without complaint. Surrendered Souls Rescue reached out to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund who was happy to help with Candace’s medical expenses. She would finally feel relief.

She began treatments for the heartworms and giardia and got much needed rest, and lots of love in her new foster home. Candace did great throughout the weeks of injected medications and stayed strong and optimistic.   Two months later, a negative heartworm test revealed Candace had survived her illnesses! Focusing on the arthritis and luxating patella would be her next challenge. However, with the rest and supplements to relieve her arthritis during those weeks of heartworm recovery, Candace’s physical condition had improved greatly. Her arthritis and luxating patella did not seem to be troubling her at all. So, for now, both will be monitored.

Candace has her strength back and even more of her sweet personality has come through. She is energetic and playful and so happy to have companionship and affection.   Candace is no longer lonely, barely surviving in the desert. Thanks to Surrendered Souls Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Candace is a happy, healthy girl. The best news is that Candace was adopted!  From e-listed and heartworm positive to this…her FUREVER home!

Chip- Abandoned, Jaw Fractured From Neglected Dental Disease

Chip’s Story

Chip-afterChip---Chi-broken-jawChip is an adorable scruffy faced little guy with a wonderful personality, and aside from his delightful disposition, Chip is also one brave and determined soul.

It was in March that Chip found himself at MCACC. Uncertain but keeping his chin up, Chip sat in his kennel and waited. Days passed, and sadly, he went unclaimed.

Chip was examined by the MCACC staff and it was discovered he had severe dental disease. In fact, it was so bad, he actually had two jaw fractures due to the weak bones, and had lost several teeth. Chip was surely experiencing agonizing pain, but never let on. He had been eating and drinking and showing his sweet nature throughout his days at county not letting anyone know of his terrible discomfort.

Chip was a lucky boy, and Caring for Canines Rescue stepped in and took Chip under their care.

PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund pledged to help pay for his medical expenses.

Chip was taken to Dr. Curt Coffman at Arizona Veterinary Specialists in Gilbert. The doctor and staff examined Chip’s mouth to determine the extent of the disease and the broken bones in his jaw. Chip felt scared at first because they were looking and examining him where it hurt the most, but he loved having people around him and as they spoke reassuringly and gently handled him, he felt safe and knew he would feel better soon. He did the best he could to stay still, and made sure these wonderful people knew he was grateful for their love and help.

Chip needed surgery to fit a retainer in his mouth that would act as a splint enabling the bones in his jaw to grow back together. The disease had also caused sores to develop in the roof of his mouth leaving holes open to his nasal cavity. So far, Chip has undergone three extensive surgeries for the retainer insertion and multiple skin grafts. The surgeries were invasive and long, and the healing is a slow process, but Chip is keeping his positive personality and showing progress. In coming weeks, once his bones and skin have healed, he will have a final surgery so that the retainer can finally be removed.

Throughout the months and procedures, even in discomfort, Chip’s grateful and engaging personality shined through, and the staff at Arizona Veterinary Specialists fell in love with him. So much so, that Dr. Coffman’s office waived much of his expensive surgery costs.

Today, Chip is still recovering, and he will likely always need special dental care. That’s okay with Chip because he is finally out of pain and has met some people he thinks are pretty awesome. The feeling is mutual! Thanks to Caring for Canines Rescue, PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, and the skills and generosity of Dr. Curt Coffman, Chip is healing up nicely and will be ready for adoption soon. And thanks to this little charmer, he already has people anxious to make him part of their family, forever. 

Clara - Hit By A Car, Broken Jaw, Left To Die

Clara’s Story

Clara-Rescued-8-28Clara--jaw-8-28Clara is on the road to recovery. She is a sweet boxer girl who, thanks to a caring network of rescue organizations and people, has a second chance at life.

In a flash, Clara was hit by a car. As the shock wore off, she realized she was struggling to breathe, and then the agonizing pain set in. Clara knew she was hurt badly, but she had no place to go. She could only hope that someone would come to her aid, and soon.

Clara was fortunate. Animal Control Officers found her and rushed her to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. It was evident her injuries were critical, and Clara needed immediate medical attention. MCACC contacted Boxer Luv who came to Clara’s rescue. Moving quickly, Boxer Luv reached out to PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund who immediately sponsored funds to help with Clara’s medical expenses.

Clara was taken straight to a hospital, where it was discovered that her jaw was broken, and she had pneumothorax in which her lung had pulled from the chest cavity making it difficult to breath. Clara needed surgery, but her lung condition had to stabilize first. The hospital staff made sure she was comfortable, and after several days, she was strong enough to undergo surgery.

During the procedure, it was confirmed, poor Clara’s jaw had been broken into 5 pieces. The surgery was long, and Clara actually went into respiratory arrest! Thanks to the expertise and quick response of the medical staff, and Clara’s resilient spirit, she pulled through.

Her jaw was wired with an external fixator so it can mend over the next 6-8 weeks. It will be a long and difficult recovery, and this courageous girl is already doing great. She even began eating on her own just a day after surgery.

Thanks to the network of organizations in Phoenix and Boxer Luv Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Clara is saved. This sweet girl is looking forward to being ready for adoption soon, and finding a wonderful family who will keep her safe and commit to her forever.

Ellie - Owner Neglect Led To Amputation

Ellie’s Story

Ellie-postopEllie-after-surgeryEllie is a cute and playful 8-month-old Bulldog/Pit mix who was surrendered to MCACC East with an old injury to one of her back legs. She was rescued from MCACC East on 4/18/15 by Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue with PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund sponsoring her medical treatment.

The injury was a broken leg that turned out on review of a second set of x-rays to be over a month old and not two weeks, as the owners had said. Initially, the Vet thought the injury was fixable, but given the amount of time that had passed, the bones had already begun healing in a sideways manner. For Ellie’s well-being and long-term quality of life, the decision was made to amputate her leg. This surgery was done on 4/23/15. All went well and she was able to recover in her foster home.

Ellie is now fully recovered and not missing her leg. She is a playful girl who also likes being in charge. She is great with kids, and would do best in a home with large, playful, tolerant dogs. Ellie would also benefit from group training classes before she turns 1, to help work on her socialization. She is now available for adoption and has her paws crossed waiting for her forever home.

Queen Butternut- Dumped For Being An Aging Senior

Queen Butternut’s Story

Queen-Butternut-afterQueen-Butternut-before-picMeet Queen Butternut. When she looks at you with her longing eyes, you feel her heart and know she has made her way into yours.

Not too long ago, though, this sweet girl’s family simply gave up on her.

One day, Queen Butternut was so excited to go for a ride in the car! She thought, how exciting. Where are we going? It’s an adventure! But this happy girl would be devastatingly disappointed… From joyous anticipation, to confusion and fear, Queen Butternut found herself deserted by her family at the county shelter wondering what she had done wrong.

Queen Butternut had done nothing wrong, but she had medical conditions her family did not want to deal with. Queen Butternut is a senior girl with cataracts and some hearing loss. She also has a chronic bladder condition in which she is unable to completely empty her bladder, resulting in urinary tract infections and bladder leakage. Unfortunately, with all this stacked against her, Queen Butternut likely would not be adopted, and would have little chance of escaping the euthanasia list. Her time would be short.

But Queen Butternut still has so much love to give! She wasn’t giving up. From the time Queen Butternut began meeting the staff at MCACC, she shared her happy, generous, soul, and hearts started melting.

Queen Butternut was winning admirers, but she desperately needed a rescue to take a chance on her, or her days would be short. A heartfelt plea went out on her behalf. Arizona Poodle Rescue answered the plea and took Queen Butternut into their care.   PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund stepped in to help pay her medical expenses. She was saved and would get the medical attention she needed!

After examinations and testing by specialists, it was determined that Queen Butternut’s bladder condition could not be completely cured. With medication, the infections are under control, and she is comfortable, but she must wear a diaper for the bladder leakage which will always occur. Fortunately, Queen Butternut looks quite cute in her fashionable pink!

Queen Butternut now lives with her foster mom who has fallen in love and is willing to give her the care she needs to live out the rest of her days. Thanks to Arizona Poodle Rescue, and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Queen Butternut has finally found the loving home and family, that refuses to give up on her. 

Dilly - Trapped Under Beams and Debris

Dilly’s Story

Dilly-after1Dilly-pic-when-foundThis adorable gray tabby is Dilly. Dilly was born to a stray mother last spring and was destined to be a feral cat, living on the streets of Phoenix. Last spring, he found himself in a life-threatening situation that changed his fate thanks to Rescue League and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.

In late May, this young 7 week old kitten was exploring around a tile storage yard where he lived. Suddenly, there was a loud crash! Shocked, Dilly found himself trapped among beams and debris. He started to find a way out, but his paw was caught, and Dilly could not move. He was terrified and in pain and cried out. He cried and cried for days, part in fear and part from the pain, and part because he was growing hungry. Fortunately, the employees working in the area heard Dilly, but they could not determine where his tiny cries were coming from. Finally, the employees were able to determine the pleas for help were coming from a pile of debris. Ever so carefully, the employees removed the debris, beam by beam, to keep Dilly safe until they could get to him. Finally, he was found! His rescuers freed his paw and gently lifted him to safety.

Dilly was so young and was obviously hurt. His paw was swollen and had abscessed. In fact, he could not use his leg at all.   Rescue League, who specializes in saving street kitties, was contacted and stepped in immediately to help this baby boy. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel fund pledged a contribution for Dilly’s medical bills.

Dilly was taken straight to his foster home and given nourishment, clean water, and a soft place to lay. He was unfamiliar with people, as he had seen them from afar, but never had contact. Now, these humans had pulled him from danger but taken him from what he knew as his home. They had given him the food and water he so desperately needed and sense of comfort. He was thankful and felt safer in the crate he was placed in, but he wasn’t ready to trust just yet, so he stayed out of reach and hissed to let them know they were not trusted.

Dilly was quickly taken to the vet to determine the extent of his injuries. He was prescribed antibiotics, wound care medication, and pain meds and was sent back to his new foster home for some bed rest. He did pretty well over the next few days, and because the food was so yummy, decided he would hiss a little less at the humans. He was tired though as he recovered and spent most of his time resting. After a week, Dilly had a set-back in recovery, and his fever came up. He was taken right back to the vet. This time, X-rays were taken to learn more about his injuries, but they revealed Dilly did not have broken bones. He had suffered deep tissue damage and needed stronger antibiotics and wound care. Back at his foster home, Dilly was, again on his way to recovery.

Pretty soon, Dilly felt so much better! He was starting to feel like himself again… but he was still in this world he had never known and did not understand. These humans had made him feel better, and they were speaking to him gently giving him a strange sense of contentment. It was such a wonderful change to have delicious food and clean water available all the time. These humans were getting harder to resist!

After a week of feeling better, inside comforts, and observing the people taking care of him, Dilly had a change of heart. He gave up his hissing for purring and even felt compelled to make biscuits, kneading with his paws. He just couldn’t help himself.

Today, Dilly’s leg is all better. His personality is shining through loud and clear. He is a rough and tumble boy and loves playing with his foster siblings. He also loves humans after all, and shows his affection with purrs and cuddles. Dilly was destined to be a stray scraping for food and survival in what was likely to be a short life. Thanks to Rescue League and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Dilly is loving life with people, and the comforts of being a family member.   Dilly is now attending adoption events and looking forward to being part of his forever family.

Duke - Lost Stray In Extreme Heat, Suffering Tiny Yorkie Mix

 Duke’s Story

2duke-after-mercy-groomDuke-beforeDuke lived a short life, and part of it was sadly enduring neglect. However, in the end, Duke crossed over having known a safe, comfortable home and the love of people who made sure he knew he was adored.

Duke, a little Yorkie mix, was picked up as a stray by the Arizona Humane Society. He was brought back and given nourishment and was examined by the staff.

Little Duke was so glad to be out of the sun and have water for his dry throat and a full tummy. He longed to be comforted in the arms of these wonderful people who were helping him, but each time they touched him, it hurt so bad. He tried to stay brave but could not help but wince from the pain.

The Arizona Humane Society staff discovered Duke’s fur was so matted that his skin had become sensitive and it was very painful for him to be touched at all. To relieve Duke’s discomfort, he was sedated and shaved to remove all the matted fur that was pulling at his delicate skin so when we woke up he would feel relief. After getting all the fur off, though, in addition to the matted fur, they found deep sores that were contributing the terrible pain he felt when touched. The pads of his feet were also burnt, crusted, and sore, so much so, that even though he felt better from the shave, he could barely walk.

He was put on antibiotics to treat the sores but Duke needed medical attention right away.   Yorkie Luv Rescue stepped in and took Duke into their care placing him in a loving foster home. They reached out to PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund who was glad to provide funds for Duke’s medical expenses.

Duke was taken to the vet for an exam and testing. The antibiotics were helping, but he had bloodwork done and a biopsy would follow to determine the cause of the sores. He also got a nice medicated foot soak, which he loved. Even though his paws were raw and had some open wounds, it felt so soothing.

Over the next few weeks, Duke lived in the comfort of his foster home, making trips to the vet every few days for check-ups and bandage changes. As he began to get better, Duke felt happy. How wonderful it was to know he was loved! He showed his affection to his foster mom by giving her sweet kisses. Duke was sharing the love he always had in his heart and that love was returned, maybe for the first time in his life.

Unfortunately, the biopsy had revealed that Duke’s sores were due to Pemphigus, an auto-immune disease sometimes caused by over-exposure to the sun. Although the open sores on his body were getting better, Duke was also fighting for his life internally. Even with the consistent treatments each week, Duke’s little body began to lose the battle.

In late July, Duke succumbed to his illness, but thanks too Yorkie Luv Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Duke crossed over knowing kindness, love, and that he was a very special boy.

Roxie - Neglected In Backyard, Untreated Cancer

Roxy’s Story

2Roxie-the-Boxer-may-2015Roxy-pic1Roxy was a gentle little boxer mix who struggled bravely through illness and eventually lost the battle, but she passed with love and in comfort thanks to Luv of Dogs Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.

Roxy lived in the backyard of a family who had taken her in when they found her as a stray wandering the neighborhood. The family fed and spent some time with Roxy and her canine companion, but they were only allowed in the yard, spending all of their time outside.

A few months ago she began to lose weight. She would not eat much food, and as time passed, Roxy became thinner and thinner. Roxie’s owners cared about her, but unfortunately, did not have the money to take her to the vet.

The next door neighbor noticed Roxy’s declining health. She shared some soft food with Roxy hoping it would help. Roxy would eat this, but not enough to gain weight. She still had a good disposition, and some energy, but she was weakening, so the neighbor brought Roxy to the attention of Luv of Dogs Rescue and asked if the sweet girl could be helped.

When approached, Roxy’s family agreed to let the rescue take her so she could get the medical attention she desperately needed. At the time, Roxy’s condition was completely unknown, but Luv of Dogs gave Roxie a comfortable foster home and would address her health issues. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund provided financial assistance for Roxie’s medical costs.

Over the next week, Roxy had several exams and tests to try to determine what was making it difficult for her to eat and keep food down.

For Roxy, the doctor visits weren’t much fun, but the time she spent with her foster family that week, was great! Roxy got to live inside and show her foster dad what a loving girl she was, and she received lots of affection in return. Best of all, she got to sleep in the cozy soft bed with her foster family! She was comfortable and surrounded by a different kind of attention she may have never known before. Even though Roxie didn’t feel her best, she felt pampered and special.

The first few tests that week did not reveal enough to diagnose Roxy. When an ultrasound was done, though, it was discovered that Roxy had severe cancer in her stomach, and it had spread to her gall bladder and intestines. This explained her difficulty eating. Sadly, her condition was too advanced to be operable, and it was causing her pain.   The only option was to let Roxy go.   Although she knew her foster family and the medical staff who had aided her for just a short while, she understood their devotion, and it made her feel at peace.

It is sad that we lost this sweet soul, but thanks to Luv of Dogs Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Roxy lived her last few days as an inside dog, enjoying the comforts and company of her human family full time. Roxy knew a gentle, loving environment and passed without pain, in caring arms, and with dignity.

Zoey - Lost Seizuring Teacup Yorkie 

 Zoey’s Story

Zoey-pic-4 ZOEY-PIC-3 ZOEY-PIC-2 Zoey, a precious Teacup Yorkie, managed to get away from her home in an area of two-acre horse properties and wander four or five houses down and across the street to tap on someone’s back door. This little girl had covered a lot of ground in the heat looking for help.   Her hair was matted, her nails were long, and she was much disoriented. Fortunately, that homeowner turned her over to Cochise Canine Rescue (CCR).

CCR noted her weight was 1.5 pounds, and she seemed “out of sorts” and in need of medical attention. She appeared to have seizures, so CCR immediately took her to the vet for an examination. It seemed she had some neurological damage. Also, it was determined that she was in immediate danger if issues in her mouth were not treated.

CCR noticed signs a week later and contacted Zoey’s owners. While their mother was out of town, the kids had not watched Zoey in the yard, and she had wandered. When the mother returned, she was distraught to find her 10-year-old dog missing. CCR talked to the woman, telling her they’d already put in over $500 at the vet, and that Zoey needed surgery on her mouth. The mother explained how the family had fallen on hard times over the past couple years and didn’t have the money required for surgery. Zoey’s mom had no idea her mouth was so far gone, and she wanted what was best for her dog, so she surrendered Zoey to CCR. That’s when PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund was contacted for assistance with the medical bills for this beautiful girl.

Over the past three months, CCR got Zoey’s weight up from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. Zoey had her surgery a few weeks ago, and because of her size and age, a specialist was needed during the operation to help with meds; otherwise she might not have survived.   Her recovery has been far above what anyone expected, and she is much happier and more alert now. Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for financing the medical costs for this sweet soul. She wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

Baron- Wandering the Desert, Alone, Sick

Baron’s Story

Baron-and-new-familyafterbARON-PIC-b4Baron, a shepherd mix, was in poor shape when he was found wandering in the desert. He was taken to Pinal County Animal Shelter where he was found to be suffering from Valley Fever and other ailments, including an injured leg that caused a pronounced limp. Better Days Rescue stepped in, and this good boy was immediately placed under medical boarding supervision.

Baron received daily medical treatments during his boarding stay, as well as daily visits from Better Day’s staff. After about a month, he had improved greatly. He began to gain weight, and the limp was much less pronounced. He was moved into foster care where he continued to recover and to receive daily treatments for his injured leg. Around this time, Better Days began working to socialize Baron with both people and other dogs, and he was a quick learner.

It wasn’t long before Baron’s health had improved greatly, and he was adopted by a wonderful family and went to live in a home with another dog, a cat, and a rabbit. The photo of him on the couch with his new family’s two kids, all three with big smiles, shows how far this boy had come. Baron is happy, continues to thrive, and is adored by his family.

Thanks to Better Days Rescue for taking this guy on when he was down, and thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for sponsoring the necessary medical treatment. One more lucky dog has found a happy home, and a lucky family has a happy new addition. 

Benny- Homeless Cat Attacked By A Dog

Benny’s Story

benny-the-cat-nowBenny-the-cat-injuryBenny, a sweet loving kitty, found himself alone on the streets. We are not sure how he ended up homeless, as he is a gentle, affectionate boy who loves attention and people. This is his story of survival. Benny was a lucky cat because he had someone watching over him.

Benny was lost and wandering the streets. He came upon a cat colony that had a nice caregiver who made sure the cats in the colony were all healthy, safe, and that they were spayed/neutered. Benny went right up to this lady’s house as if to knock on the door, but because she had other pets who would not welcome Benny, she could not let him inside. So, the caregiver and her daughter gave him the love and attention he craved when outside and Benny made friends and settled in the cat colony.

Unfortunately, Benny was attacked by a neighborhood dog, and though the fight was broken up quickly, he suffered an injury to his leg. Benny was given topical treatments, and the wounds seemed to be healing at first, but then, the external wounds would come back, and Benny was still limping. Also, while petting Benny, it felt as if something was wrong with the bone in his leg.

The Caregiver reached out to the rescue community for help, and The Foundation for Homeless Cats and PACC 911 responded. The Foundation for Homeless Cats took Benny into their organization, and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund assisted with medical costs.

Benny was taken to the veterinarian clinic and received x-rays, pain meds and antibiotics.  The x-rays showed that his tibia and fibula were severely fractured and bone splinters continued to puncture his leg as he walked, causing new wounds.  He needed surgery so his leg could heal and the splinters could be removed.  He was scheduled for surgery right away. Benny did great during surgery and loved all the attention and petting he got from the nice people helping him.

Today, Benny is very happy. He is healthy and living in his foster home. He is waiting to be adopted by a new family looking for a cuddly love bug.  He wants to be held and snuggled all of the time. His loud, constant purr lets everyone know how grateful he is to be safe, inside and on the mend. 

Chief Thomas- Starving, Injured, In Agony Outside A Store

Chief Thomas’s Story

Chief-Thomas-PostopafterChief-Thomas-beforeOutside a convenience store in Mesa, one could not help but notice Thomas. He was a young black pit bull mix, obviously starving, and with visible injuries to his back leg and tail. Even though this poor boy was in agony, Thomas showed passers-by that he was friendly and affectionate, even wagging his tail. He desperately needed their help, but people walked right past him.

One family, though, would not let this pup down. They bought Thomas food and water and let him get his fill. They knew they could not leave him there.

This family saved Thomas from the streets and starvation. They reached out to rescue for assistance, and Valley Dogs Rescue and Better Days Rescue stepped up. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel fund was contacted and provided finances to assist with Thomas’ medical expenses. Working together, a plan was formed. The rescue groups would take Thomas into their organization and provide support, and the family would foster him through his medical needs and healing.

Thomas, now known as Chief Thomas, was immediately taken to the hospital for examination of his injuries. What was first thought to be an ACL tear, turned out to be a cancerous lesion on his leg, and his tail was broken in several places.  Ultimately, Chief Thomas had to have his rear leg and tail amputated. His surgeries went smooth, and with the help of his new family of heroes, Chief Thomas stayed brave throughout the process.

Today, you would never know what Chief Thomas endured before being rescued. He is extremely happy and very playful. He loves kids and spending time with his foster family’s two other dogs. His foster family says the loss of his leg has not slowed him down one bit!  Thanks to a compassionate family, Valley Dogs Rescue, Better Days Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Chief Thomas is saved and destined for a happy life. 

Crissy- Neglected Breeder Dog Rescued, Then Disaster Struck


Crissy’s Story

crissy-glamour-shotcrissy-bed-recoveringcropCrissy is a sweet Blue Nose Pit mix that was rescued by Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue in October of 2014 after having been labeled Animal Aggressive.   She had clearly been bred multiple times. At first, she was extremely shy and timid, and any fast hand movement would send her running. However, Crissy blossomed quickly in her foster home and soon was quite the social butterfly.

Unfortunately, within a month of being rescued, she began experiencing extremely high fevers. In addition, she would become lethargic and refuse to eat, which led to countless emergency vet visits. Eventually, a blood transfusion was required, and it saved Crissy’s life.

It was discovered that she was suffering from an extremely atypical case of immune mediated thrombocytopenia, an auto-immune disease where her body attacks her platelet cells. At one point, Crissy had over fifteen doctors, including specialists, working on her case. The issue was that they couldn’t find one medication that would keep her platelet levels stable without also crashing her white blood cell counts. After struggling with this for almost a year, they were finally able to get her completely off steroids. She still sees the vet every week for blood work, she’s regularly on and off antibiotics, but she’s doing fine. Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for financing the extremely high medical costs (over $10,000) for this sweet dog. She wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

Standing Proud doesn’t know if Crissy will ever go to a new forever home. She recently had her one year anniversary with the original foster, and it looks like she is already at home there. Although this has been the most frustrating and expensive medical case Standing Proud has ever taken on, they have no regrets. Crissy continues to be the happiest dog, and she’s a celebrity at the vet’s office and at events. As well as being a lover, she’s a true fighter and a perfect example of how amazing and resilient Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mix dogs can be. 

Faith- Hit By A Car, Her Owners Refused To Help Her

Faith’s Story

Faith-cart-and-flowersfaithdiapersShe was dehydrated and dirty from neglect, but what was shared next about Faith, was difficult to believe.   Faith had been hit by a car over six months ago. Her legs and back had been severely broken, but Faith’s “family” had never gotten her medical treatment. She was paralyzed from the waist down.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue took Faith in and got her immediate medical attention. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel fund provided assistance with medical bills.

Faith’s saviors would make sure her spirit was not broken.

After examination, it was determined that although Faith would never have use of her back legs, she needed several surgeries to repair the damage that had been done as a result of the injury and lack of medical treatment. Over many weeks of surgeries and medical attention, Faith stayed brave and strong. Feeling their love and devotion, Faith knew that these humans cared about her and that she was finally safe. Best of all, amazingly, Faith’s little tail wasn’t broken at all, as she wagged it with happiness and gratitude.

Today, Faith is a joyful, silly girl. She is playful and spunky and gets around just fine with her cart. Thanks to 2nd Chance Dog Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel fund she is doing great and is waiting to meet her forever family.

UPDATE: Take a look at Faith now in her newly adopted forever home, so happily playing with her new doggie siblings!

Hope - Lost, Down To Two Pounds, Almost Dead

Hope’s Story

sakki-aftersaki-dentalsaki-b4This tiny, vulnerable and helpless white Persian cat was found all alone in a field, starving and wasting away. Persians aren’t adapted to be outside and their pushed in faces make eating, let alone foraging for survival, all that much harder. To top it off, she was declawed, leaving her completely defenseless.

Stumbled upon by two good Samaritans, they took her in and tried to care for her. One brought her home and named her Hope. Seen by a vet, she was thought to be very young, but starvation had reduced her body weight down to just two pounds and she was hovering near death. The vet’s opinion was that she was out in the wild for a very long time based on her debilitated condition. He affirmed she would have lasted only another day or two at the very most.

Hope had to gain weight to survive, but she was scared to death in her new home that had other cats and dogs. Being out in the wild left her terrified of most anything that moved; they were scary predators and food rivals. Doing what was best for Hope, her finders turned her into AJ’s Best Friends Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue to find a home better suited for her.

Hope began to eat and put on another pound and a half, reaching four pounds, but then disaster struck. She stopped eating completely and had no bowel movements. An X-Ray revealed a large mass in her stomach along with a lot of unpassed stool in her intestine. Abdominal surgery was needed to save this beautiful girl. Further examination also brought into the open extensive dental disease. Some of her teeth were missing, others broken off at the root. Most were rotten with cavities and even cracked. Few could be saved. Could this have been from eating rocks and debris out on her own defenseless in the wild? PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund was turned to for help to save this girl who had suffered so much. Her life outdoors on her own aged her dramatically.

While she had been turned in as having been spayed, in the midst of all this and to the great surprise of her foster, Hope went into heat. This tiny girl was just full of surprises at every stage of her recovery.

Fate finally smiled on poor little Hope. She was too frail to withstand surgery right away and while waiting for her to get stronger to undergo the procedure she was put on special medication and a prescription diet. She surprised everyone by responding dramatically. She no longer needed the colon surgery, just the other medical interventions. She lost many of her teeth but was now pain free. With the help of the Lulu’s Angel Fund, she came out of her shell and socialized, showering affection on everyone. Her foster, who fell in love with her, adopted Hope and renamed her Sakkara (Sakki for short). She now lives as a happy, loved and very spoiled kitty with her brother, another once neglected Persian who came from the same rescue. 

Mangas- Dumped In The Forest, Suffering With Broken Hip

Mangas’s Story

Mangas-pic-1Found-Pup-Mangas-9_23_15Poor Mangas, just a baby at 6 months old, was wandering alone in the forest in northern Arizona near Black River. He was lonely, and his back leg hurt so bad! He just walked and walked in the wilderness… There was no one. Then he heard voices! He ran towards the humans he heard, even with his injured back leg, and hoping… hoping they would help him. He came to the clearing, and ran right up to the people he saw fishing. They began talking to him, and he was so happy they were friendly!   The nice people knew he was lost and took him with them to see if they could find his family, but the only group of people they found in the area had not seen Mangas and did not know where he belonged.

Fortunately, the nice people saved Mangas from the forest and brought him to Aussie and Friends Rescue. The rescue tried to locate his family, but no one came forward. Sadly, Mangas was likely dumped, and he was homeless. However, his luck had changed because he had definitely come across some good folks! Aussie and Friends took him into their rescue and had made sure he was treated for his injured leg. They reached out to PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund who gladly assisted with his medical costs.

It turned out Mangas had a broken leg near his hip joint. The break was actually 3 to 4 weeks old so he had been enduring that pain all alone for weeks. Several treatment options were discussed including surgery and amputation.   Mangas was taken to an orthopedic doctor, and it was determined that because he was so young and the bones had started to heal on their own, he could mend just fine without surgery. Mangas was given the treatment he needed and monitored closely over the next several weeks.

Today, Mangas can walk and run without pain, and best of all, he is in the care of Aussies and Friends Rescue who will help him find his true forever family. Thanks to some good Samaritans, Aussie and Friends Rescue, and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund Mangas gets another chance at life and looks forward to finding a loving family who will keep him safe. 

Remington- Skin And Bones At Only 18 Months

Remington’s Story

remingtontoy-picremingtononwaytovetRemington, an emaciated, eighteen-month-old, white pit mix ended up at West with scabs and sores over his body, ticks and fleas, and white gums. At 20 pounds, he wasn’t much more than skin and bones. Fortunately, 2nd Chance Rescue Group stepped in, and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund sponsored the necessary medical treatment for this good boy. His tick fever levels were off the charts, and he was borderline anemic, so his blood levels were checked three times a day. He started showing gradual improvement, and also on the positive side, his liver and kidneys looked good.

The before and after pictures show a turnaround that’s hard to believe. It’s amazing what 34 days of TLC, medical treatment, and tons of cheeseburgers can do for a lost soul. Remington reached his normal weight and became healthy and happy. He’s the perfect boy. He loves everyone he meets and gives the warmest, sweetest hugs. He also loves other dogs and doesn’t have an ounce of aggression in him. Sadly, he’s still looking for a foster or forever home. Could this be you? 

Romeo & Juliet- Puppies Sick, Dying, Dumped At Shelter

Romeo and Juliet’s Story

JulietfostertoadoptfamilyJulietshelterRomeoshelterIn early September, after spotting three four-month-old boxer mix puppies wandering in an open field, a good Samaritan spent over an hour rounding them up. They ended up at the East Shelter, and all were extremely emaciated, covered in ticks, dehydrated, and sick. Sadly, one of the pups passed away soon after arriving at the shelter.

When 2nd Chance Dog Rescue read their story and saw the picture of Romeo and Juliet lying in their kennel, they were moved to action. They immediately came to the dogs’ aid and rushed them to their vet. Both pups were found to have kennel cough. Juliet started showing signs of improvement within two days, but poor Romeo wasn’t improving. After eight days in isolation, they thought he was ready for a comeback, but, unfortunately, his little body was too fragile.  He was unable to fight any longer.   When 2nd Chance received word that Romeo wasn’t going to make it, their representative rushed over to be with him. She held him in her arms for the first time and told him how sorry she was, and she promised to take care of his sister, Juliet. She now keeps Romeo’s picture and ashes next to those of her dog, Chance.

In the meantime, while Juliet had improved physically, she was still traumatized. It was apparent that this little girl wasn’t used to being held because her entire body shook in fear the first time arms were wrapped around her. However, with each day, hold, hug, and kiss, she started more and more to feel and act likes a puppy. And the look of hopelessness in her eyes became a look of happiness. Juliet is currently doing great in her foster-to-adopt home with two young girls, an older dog, and a mom and dad. One can imagine her two siblings looking down on her and smiling from over the rainbow bridge.

Thanks to 2nd Chance for reaching out to save these dogs, and thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for sponsoring the medical expenses for Romeo and Juliet. 

Trooper - Owners Abused Him, Broke His Bones

Trooper’s Story

Trooper-recovery-in-bandagetrooper-#-2Poor little Trooper lived his life enduring physical abuse and neglect. Each day, he survived pain and heartbreak.

Recently, Trooper’s right front leg was broken.   Yet another injury. This time, he lay vulnerable, crying for help. This time, his spirit just might break.

Fortunately, this boy was discovered by a good Samaritan who pulled him from the cruelty. Arizona Poodle Rescue took him in, and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund provided money to help with his medical expenses. Trooper was taken straight to the hospital. He was given pain medication, and x-rays were taken. Sadly, his condition was hard to believe. Trooper’s left front leg had been broken over a year ago and he had never received medical care. The leg had become completely useless, so when his right leg was broken, poor Trooper could not walk at all. In addition, Trooper was starved. This sweet boy had a long road to recovery both physically and emotionally. It was at this point that his rescuers gave him the name Trooper for all he had been through.

Being treated at the hospital, Trooper was unsure what to think. The pain was finally gone, and he was so relieved. He still felt uncertain, though, and he was reluctant to relax completely. After all, he had once trusted the people he had been saved from too. These new people who had eased his pain, tried to give him food, and comfort him. Even though he was so hungry, he would not take it. He needed to urinate, but what if he was not supposed to do that in his kennel? Would he be punished?   For the first few days, he still felt insecure.

Trooper’s medical team nourished him as best they could and as he felt better and started to gain trust, he finally began to eat on his own. An osteopathic specialist was consulted, and it was determined that the originally unattended broken leg would have to be amputated. Therefore, this newly broken leg would need to heal strong enough to support his body and ability to move freely. He will likely need two surgeries, but after all, this little guy is Trooper.

Thanks to a caring individual, Arizona Poodle Rescue and PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Trooper is saved. He is saved from a life of pain, emotional abuse, and neglect. He has long road to recovery, and may be facing multiple surgeries, but now he knows love, kindness, and comfort. And now, he wags his tail with joy, is eager for a gentle touch and has a spark in his big brown eyes. Trooper has hope and wants to get better. Instead of feeling afraid, Trooper feels safe and happy, at last. 

Vanessa- Lost, Pregnant, On The Streets

Vanessa’s Story

vanessa-pupsvanessa-2pupsVanessa, a sweet black lab mix, found herself a stray on the streets. Day after day, she struggled just to stay alive. Each day she braved the challenges not knowing what lay ahead. To make her desperate situation even direr, Vanessa was pregnant. Just in time to give birth, she was picked up and taken to MCACC West, but because she had gone so long without proper nourishment and basic needs, she and the puppies needed urgent medical attention.

Animal Benefits Club came to their rescue and would take the family under their care. PACC 911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund stepped in to provide financial assistance for their medical costs. Sadly, because of her hardship on the streets, only four of Vanessa’s seven puppies ultimately survived, but she and her new family were given immediate medical attention at the hospital.  Due to her health, Vanessa was unable to provide enough milk for the already struggling puppies so the medical staff bottle fed the babies every four hours while mama got the treatment and sustenance she needed to regain her strength.

Today, Vanessa and puppies are doing great. Two of the puppies were adopted already. Vanessa, a gentle, loving girl and her two remaining pups are at Animal Benefits Club Rescue all waiting to find families to keep them safe and love them forever.  

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