Critical Care Gallery (2012)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year

These rescued animals were saved by our Lulu’s Angels Fund in its first year, 2012. 

Click on all the titles to see the pictures and read their stories. Once open you can click the photos to see enlarged images, which display the startlingly dramatic before and after situations, reminding us all that we CAN make a difference.

Patches' Story - At Death's Door




“Patches was found in the yard of his savior; somehow he had known where to go…”

The avid animal lover and advocate for AZ Happy Tails recognized that the severely injured Patches might run away and had no choice but to call Animal Control to bring Patches to safety. No owner came forward and the instant he was placed on the Euthanasia List, AZ Happy Tails rushed in to claim Patches. Patches’ severely infected facial lacerations and his inability to walk led to his vet’s pronouncement that “he would not have lasted another 24 hours in the shelter”. Poor Patches, his road to recovery was indeed a very rough one. Healed-over wounds required surgery and massive doses of IV antibiotics along with continuous cleaning many times a day. Additionally, the vet discovered a serious spinal fracture that would, without surgery, result in paralyzation. Patches endured another surgery, with a rod and screws placed to repair the fracture.

Lulu’s Angel Fund was alerted to the extremely expensive medical bills that AZ Happy Tails was facing and advised AZHT that Patches would be our 11th Recipient for 2012!

From a boy who was, in the words of AZ Happy Tails, “knocking at death’s door”, Patches healed beautifully. Yummy meals of beef stew at his foster mom’s home and more than ten weeks of crate rest worked wonders. While he yearned to play and run with his foster dog-mates, Patches instead found comfort in sneaking their dog toys into his crate at night.

Here’s what his rescuers had to say about Patches post-recovery: “He loves the backyard and enjoys rolling in the grass and lounging in the sun. We want to make sure that he has a nice yard to play in and another doggie companion would be great. Patches has the sweetest and strongest little spirit…we would love for him to spend Christmas with his forever family”.

Well….Christmas wishes do come true! Patches found his forever home with a retiree who has renamed him Harley Snuggles. She felt that the name “Patches” was a too-sad reminder of his injuries and that he should have a name befitting his personality. “Harley is for the funny growly noises he makes and Snuggles is because he’d rather be on my lap than doing anything else.” Harley lucked out with four cat cousins who adore him, plus two dog “sisters” who are happy to share their humans’ bed with him. He’s quick to learn his commands, loves watching television (Channel 5 is a fave!) and enjoys having the newspaper read to him. While Harley has a few more weeks of “quiet rest”, dog sisters Molly and Angel are eager for the “go-ahead” to play with him!

Thank you AZ Happy Tails for saving Patches and finding him such a loving home. In the words of his new Mommy, “He’s a happy boy and you can all trust that he is well loved and cared for and always will be”.

Jack - Neglected, Starved and Scared


Jack the Pittie

“His name is Jack and he’s in Pen #10. Help him please…”

And so begins the story of Jack, an emaciated red pittie at Apache Junction Animal Control.

In his short life, Jack hadn’t experienced much love or care. His exposed ribs; sinewy frame testified to the neglect & starvation he’d experienced, but it was his sad expression that spoke volumes.

As the plea to PACC911’s partner groups went out, Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue stepped in to claim Jack and here’s where his journey to health begins.

“They said he was dog aggressive…” but he wasn’t, he was just scared.

Stressed out and afraid to eat, his weight declined in animal control and he developed Demodex mange. His coat showed the effects of poor nutrition and his testicles were swollen.

Once home with his foster mom, all that changed.

He eats everything that is offered to him – putting on 15 pounds of desperately needed weight in just a few weeks. Hot packs and meds brought down the testicular swelling and a second round of medication has his mange healing nicely. And the blood work is all good!

Oh…and he’s starting to get more playful! While Jack’s favorite activities are speeding through his foster’s backyard and playing with his ball, he’s worked hard on learning basic obedience commands. In just a few short weeks post rescue, Jack has mastered Heel, Sit, Stay, and Leave it.

Jack transformed from a frightened, bony boy to a healthy happy animal, and is now in his forever home and loving his life!

Thank you Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue for your commitment to the loving rehabilitation of this dog.

Sadly, there are many more Jacks in our community but we look forward to more happy endings!

Josie - No One Came Looking For Her

Josie the Poodle Puppy “…no one came looking for her”

Who wouldn’t want this adorable 4 month old puppy? Such a cute bundle of fluff! But apparently someone did not want her, as she was found abandoned and alone on a busy street in Yuma, AZ. She was frightened and confused when taken in by the Yuma Humane Society, who knew she would be easily adoptable. Her health evaluation however proved otherwise.

Little Josie had a serious heart abnormality that was detected, rendering her unadaptable and thus slated for euthanasia. Josie had only lived a few months of her life and would not have a chance to continue on due to the high costs of diagnosis and specialty surgery.

PACC911’s Lulus Angel Fund was contacted and AZ Poodle Rescue stepped forward to be the agency helping Josie thru her medical crisis. We all believed that sweet Josie deserved this second chance at life.

With financial assistance from the Lulu’s Angel Fund, Josie was given the necessary diagnostic testing by the best heart specialist in the Valley. Josie had a hole in her heart (ventricular Septal Defect) which might be fatal for her.. Or maybe not!

By waiting, Josie someday might outgrow her heart defect and live a long and normal life…Her chances were good, although not guaranteed.

Our hearts went out to Josie and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund felt confident that our choice to provide diagnosis for Josie was money well spent. This adorable little girl would not have had a chance without the Fund.

We all feel in our hearts that Josie will be a survivor and that she deserves to live and be loved. As do all abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

As Lou Murphy, AZ Poodle Rescue’s founder stated, “ Josie has no idea that she has a problem. She is a happy puppy looking forward to a great life, thanks to the Lulu’s Angel Fund which gave her the chance she otherwise would not have had.

Angel - The Half-Dead Dog

Angel “There’s a half-dead dog here…”

Chilling words for the animal control officer who responded to the police officer’s request for help. Not knowing what to expect, she arrived at the location to find a starved pit mix. Skin and bones at 24 pounds, the dog that the officer named Angel couldn’t even lift her head. Despite her emaciation, she had recently been nursing puppies, but they were nowhere to be found.

Although silent and withdrawn on the trip back to Animal Control, once Angel understood that she was not going to be mistreated, she refused to leave the animal control officer’s side, happy to be free of her former, miserable existence. Her vet visits indicated that she was a victim of “extreme starvation”. Fortunately, no other life threatening medical conditions seemed to be present.

Angel was picked up by a volunteer from Pet Allies and taken on the long car ride home to her first refuge, quite possibly the only loving care she has ever known. Not surprisingly, Angel had an appetite and eagerly ate all food offered, but her need for positive attention was so great, she would abandon her food to follow her foster mom around the house, not letting “Mom” out of her sight.. “She must have been left alone for days or weeks at a time, without food or companionship…she soaks up attention like a sponge” reports her foster mom. So painfully thin, Angel could not stand for very long and had a hard time getting comfortable once she was willing to lie down. So unused to comfort, Angel didn’t know what a dog pillow was and instead made her bed on the patio concrete

It’s amazing what only three days of loving care can accomplish. Angel began to blossom, exhibiting a sweet nature and accepting hugs. She had gained three pounds! Another day gone and Angel started “talking” to the family, finally laying on the dog beds and wanting to be touched all the time. She loves kids and car rides and does fine with other dogs, but prefers the company of people.

Now, just a little more than three weeks since Angel was rescued, she is a different dog! At thirty-five pounds and counting, Angel is now well enough to receive her vaccinations and with a little more weight gain, will be ready for spaying. By the time Angel finds her “forever home”, the memory of her sad beginnings will be erased.

Charges have been filed against Angel’s former “owners”, with the ultimate goal of a successful felony prosecution. In the meantime, Angel is safe and well on her way to a happy life. With the financial assistance offered by the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, a PACC911 rescue partner was able to step forward and rescue this cruelly neglected dog.

Many thanks to Pet Allies for rescuing Angel and transforming her into the loving dog and loved companion she was meant to be.

Chuku-Tu - Facial injuries In Immediate Need of Care

Chuku-Tu’s Story

…”other than being a senior, our girl is going to be just fine…”

Contacted by a potential adopter, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue was alerted to a Siberian Husky that had been taken in as a stray at a local shelter. Chuku-Tu had a massive facial abscess (from her eyelid to her mouth!) that prevented her from eating and she also exhibited walking difficulties. Sadly, these health issues landed Chuku-Tu on the Euthanasia List. It was obvious to 2nd Chance that Chuku-Tu needed immediate medical attention, and with a commitment from LAF, 2nd Chance was able to rescue this old girl and take her directly to the vet. It was determined that her facial wound was an ulcerated tumor (likely cancerous), and she also suffered with arthritis, bad teeth, extremely matted fur and tick infestation. Surgery successfully removed the mass and it’s clear that, post surgery, Chuku-Tu is a different girl! Her health prospects are wonderful and she will “spend the rest of her life happy”. And that happy life has already started! She went directly from the vet to her new forever home, where she was welcomed with “open paws” by her new canine roommates. Her owner watched in amazement as his other adopted dog selflessly offered his prized squeaky toy to Chuku-Tu, as if to say, “I know what you’ve been through. this will help”! Thank you 2nd Chance for your commitment to saving a wonderful dog and placing her into a great home!

Bogart - Almost Euthanized

Bogart’s Story

“THIS is why we are in rescue…”

Despite his tough-guy namesake it was clear that Bogart needed help, and soon. Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue was notified by the Yuma Humane Society that a big red male Doberman with a partial facial paralysis and a hip injury was due to be euthanized unless a rescue group stepped up to claim him. It was clear to DHDR’s Executive Director that significant funds might be needed to bring Bogart back to health and with a recent emergency medical expenditure for another rescued dog, they could not claim Bogart. Lulu’s Angel Fund entered the picture and took Bogart on as its fourth Angel Recipient.

Although Bogart’s head tilt and the puncture in his thigh indicated the possibility that he’d been hit by a car, his sweet demeanor and friendly attention-seeking demonstrated that this Dober-gent was very deserving of another chance. With funds provided by LAF, Bogart had blood work, biopsies, x-rays and exams to determine what exactly was wrong with him.

It turns out that his skull malformation was probably caused by a significant head trauma sometime in his past that didn’t heal correctly. Fortunately, his slightly odd facial appearance does not give him any pain. An indication of copper storage in his liver, called for antibiotics & liver meds, plus a liver-supportive diet & vitamin supplements.

Now, Bogart’s weight is good at 73 lbs., and chiropractic treatments have improved his skeletal issues. “He’s not so crooked now” according to DHDR, and all his blood work is normal. He is believed to be about 2-3 years old.

From the beginning, Bogart has been a pleasure in his foster home. He is respectful of his canine housemates, quickly mastered the doggy dog, and has no bad habits! Bogart is simply a sweet, fun-loving guy. In fact, now that he’s discovered he can clear the 4 foot fence to the goat pen, he enjoys joining them for some playtime on their jungle gym!

Bogart is going to be a wonderful companion to some lucky individual or family. We at Lulu’s Angel Fund are delighted that this handsome fellow now has a bright future, thanks to Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue!

Juno - Thrown From A Vehicle And Suffering In Pain

Juno’s Story

“She cannot use her front legs; she can only scoot in a circle and wag her tail…”

Juno’s story began with her discovery in a shelter pen by Helping Orphaned Hounds. This adorable lab/pit bull puppy had adapted to moving without the use of her front legs, but still cried in pain. The shelter was prepared to euthanize her within two hours when HOH appealed to the Lulu’s Angel Fund to help save her.

Immediately selected by the LAF committee, Juno was taken by HOH (a PACC911 rescue partner) to SW Veterinary Referral Services where x-rays revealed broken elbows and road rash, evidence that she’d been thrown out of a fast-moving vehicle! Unfortunately, the locations of the breaks necessitated not just a simple cast, but the use of screws and washers along with medical attention needed for a nasty hole on the side of her body. Clearly, Juno had been the victim of much abuse in her young life. Her surgery, even with a rescue discount from Dr. Bone, is expected to exceed $4,000.

Despite the terrible treatment at the hands of her former owners, Juno is a “lovebug” who has captured the attention and hearts of her caregivers and the public, who have responded with much-needed donations for this little girl. As you can see from the photos, her sweet demeanor following surgery bodes well for a full recovery. Thank you Helping Orphaned Hounds for rescuing Juno and giving her a chance for a happy home with some lucky adopter!

Daphne - Near Death, Living Under A Bush

Daphne- Near Death, Living Under A Bush

“She is suffering right now and won’t make it much longer on her own”

Not uncommon words to describe these “reservation dogs” where the overpopulation problem has reached epidemic proportions. Daphne, near death, dehydrated and living under a bush, caught the eye of a good man working on the Sacaton Reservation. So great was Daphne’s will to survive, she was eating garbage bags and ingesting pieces of plastic toys and other inedible objects. For The Luv of Dogs answered a plea from an advocate in the animal rescue community: “please go out there and try to save this dog”! With a commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund to assist with the cost of Daphne’s rehabilitation, that’s just what they did…

Poor Daphne was severely emaciated, infested with ticks, and frightened. Perhaps recognizing her rescuers as such and realizing that she was finally safe, Daphne allowed ear cleaning, nail trimming and tick removal, all without complaint. A course of antibiotics helped with the intestinal inflammation (due to all the plastic she’d consumed!) and her fever blood tests were negative. Daphne had even gained three pounds What she needed now was confidence and a home.

Daphne has found a foster family who has provided her with a nurturing environment that has helped her to heal and blossom. With their love and encouragement, Daphne has developed into a beautiful girl with a big, big smile! This green-eyed, red pittie even has a foster pal named Popeye who’s been showing her how to be a carefree dog.

Thank you to For the Luv of Dogz for their quick response to this girl in need. Daphne, like so many others, would not have survived without your continuing commitment and love. The Lulu’s Angel Fund is proud to have played a part in giving Daphne’s a chance for a new life!

Lady - Chemical Burns On Her Back

Lady’s Story

“…she looks like she’s been burned…she’s scared but sweet with people..”

Rather remarkable that she could still be sweet after suffering such abuse at the hands of humans. Lady, an owner-surrender, sat in her cell at Pinal Animal control for way too long, waiting for someone to save her. She languished with chemical burns on her back that could not heal without medical intervention. While Pinal was eager for this sad blue pittie to find a home, no one was interested. Tough Love Pitbull Rescue shared her story on Facebook and Lady’s sad circumstances came to the attention of the Lulu’s Angel Fund. With a plea to our rescue partners, Reservation Rewards stepped in and arranged for a foster to take lady directly to the vet for a full exam. This is what they found…

Badly infected and broken teeth necessitated 5 extractions…this poor girl had terrible problems eating. Although 20-30 cancerous lumps were removed from her skin (on her belly, mostly) an ultrasound proved that her internal organs had, thankfully, not been affected. In the future, Lady will need to be monitored for her skin cancer and any resultant lesions will be removed twice a year. Her bad burns, probably from a chemical poured on her back, are healing with medical care, but she will be forever scarred.

Despite Lady’s health challenges, she is so loved, sleeping on her foster dad’s bed and appearing daily on his Facebook pages! She’s also a bit of a “star”, having appeared on the Fox 10 morning show, when they interviewed her and her rescuer, Sheila Iyengar (of Reservation Rewards), at the vet. Sheila reports that more than one potential adopter is interested in Lady after her debut on live television!

Thank you Sheila and Reservations Rewards Animal Rescue for your compassionate commitment to this most worthy dog. We at the Lulu’s Angel Fund are pleased to have been a part of Lady’s journey to a wonderful new Life!

Dewey - Almost Blind And All Alone

Dewey’s Story

“…he was in a remote satellite Shelter, confused and scared…”

On the evening of August 16, Boxer Luv Rescue was alerted by the staff at Pinal County’s Eleven Mile Corner Animal Control that they had just received a young boxer in severe medical need, whose significant eye injury had gone unnoticed during the 10 days he’d previously spent in a remote satellite shelter. Recognizing that Dewey would need extraordinary medical intervention, BLR contacted the Lulu’s Angel Fund for their assistance, and with Dewey’s immediate selection as a LAF Recipient, BLR was able to quickly claim “this special boy” and get him the help he so desperately needed.

Veterinary tests revealed that Dewey was Tick Fever positive, underweight and suffering from skin issues and recent wounds on his legs. He appeared to be mostly blind, but perhaps capable of seeing shadows. Unfortunate also, Dewey had developed a rather severe URI during his time in the remote shelter, which would need to be resolved before his eye issues could be addressed. Ultimately, it was determined that Dewey had been completely blind for some time and his ravaged eyes could not be salvaged; he underwent a double Enucliation. Dewey has not had an easy time of it, but here’s the good news..

Dewey responded well to Tick Fever treatment and antibiotics for his URI and wounds. He came through his eye surgery with flying colors and has adjusted to his blindness. Best of all, his vet’s Practice Manager fell in love with Dewey and took him home as a Foster. As it turns out, this will be lucky Dewey’s forever home! Dewey now has a boxer sister (another rescue!) who has become his “guide” and, along with the family cat, watches over the sweet Dewey. His new mom reports that he is only about one year old and “all puppy”. As BLR states, “there’s no shortage of love for this awesome little guy”. The happiest ending to a very sad beginning? You bet!

Thank you Boxer Luv Rescue for your immediate response to Dewey’s plight and for the compassionate commitment you have for this ‘sweet, sweet boy”. We at the Lulu’s Angel Fund are proud to have you as a PACC911 partner!

Kringle - Who Would Beat Up A Tiny Maltese?

Kringle, Adoption Event PhotoKringle; first vet visit, post intake

Kringle’s Story

“…..he was often seen wandering, scrounging for food and sleeping outside”

A feral cat rescue group advised Valley Dogs Rescue that they had been alerted to a little Maltese dog existing in dire circumstances in a trailer park. The poor animal had been abandoned by his owners and left to fend for himself. Searching for food and living under a trailer in the cold and rain, he, unfortunately, caught the attention of young thugs living in the park who were observed harassing Kringle in the days prior to his injury.

The feral cat group, in the park to trap, neuter & release wild cats, recognized that the dog wouldn’t last much longer. Kringle was taken by VDR to Dr. Charles Pullen at Animal Medical and Surgical center for assessment. Here’s what Dr. Pullen discovered: Kringles’ leg had been broken with a sharp-edged device, most likely a 2×4 stick or post. It was an “intentional” injury that severed his ligament. Injuries of this type are most easily (and relatively inexpensively) resolved by amputation, but Dr. Pullen offered to pin/plate the leg for the same cost. Regardless, Kringle’s medical rehab would be expensive. With a plea to PACC911 from Valley Dogs Rescue, The Lulu’s Angel Fund committed to underwriting Kringle’s medical care.

Kringle’s leg surgery, done two days after his rescue, left him with pins and plates. December 20 was the first day of Kringle’s new life, and while he was healing physically, the psychological damage was obvious. Kringle was reluctant to eat or drink, his distrust of humans and his nervousness quite apparent. What to do? McDonald’s hamburger to the rescue! Used to living on scraps, this “taste of heaven” encouraged Kringle to eat. By December 24, he was doing well enough to be released to his foster family for six weeks of R&R.

By January 3, Kringle showed signs of wanting to play with his foster mates. Although he still was still unused to drinking from a bowl, he’s gradually got the hang of eating kibble (although he much preferred chicken breast). Understandably, Kringle is still leery of teenagers, but he is learning to trust. Surely, it must be wonderful for him not to live in fear and pain!

By mid-January, Kringle had settled into a routine and a life filled with caring humans. Kringle loves sunning himself in the yard while keeping an eye on the neighbors.

Hopefully, Kringle will soon find that forever home that will offer him an affectionate and nurturing environment. Thank you Valley Dogs Rescue for taking Kringle in and showing him that Life can be good and kind!

Rudy - Fighting The Odds To Keep His Leg

Rudy’s Story

Rudy healing after 9-20-12 surgeryRudy in Shelter, July 17, 2012

“he’s in worse shape than we thought…but we’re not putting him to sleep”.

Alerted by Pet Allies that this seven-month old Aussie mix was in the Showlow Shelter with a possible broken rear leg, Aussie Friends Rescue rode to the rescue. X-Rays revealed that both back legs were fractured, and worse, a ball joint that should have been attached to his hip socket was broken off! Within days of his July rescue, and with a commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund for financial relief, Rudy had surgery to fix injuries they believed to be the result a run-in with a car. The left leg’s fracture was repaired and a plate installed to strengthen it. The right leg would be addressed in another surgery. Rudy was described as a “tough cookie” withstanding a lot of pain but still giving kisses, wagging his tail and offering his paw to his rescuers. Sadly, his extensive leg injuries proved resistant to healing…Rudy faced a very difficult road ahead.

Surgery No. 2 took place on August 16. The left leg plate that they hoped would be removed had to remain as he still had a fracture. The right hip’s ball joint was taken out. While recovering over the next few weeks, Rudy entertained himself by sitting on his foster dog mate’s head and stealing his toys!

During the Labor Day weekend, an apprehensive Rudy started water therapy. Working hard and progressing from seven laps the first day to twelve by the third day, Rudy earned his very own life jacket (his foster mom said he “looks dang cute in it”) which helped slow down his eagerness to “overdo it”☺ By mid-September, Rudy was playing ball and enjoying his squeaky toys as he faced his third surgery.

The September 20 surgery removed the left leg plate and indicated everything was healing well. Two days later, a major setback: Rudy had “moved the wrong way” and re-broke his left leg! An external fixture was placed and crate rest, pain meds, and antibiotics were mandated. Amazingly, Rudy’s mental health throughout his ordeal was completely positive. He is described as being “stubborn, but just happy to be loved”.

Sadly, by October 18, an infection had set in around the external fixture’s pins and screws, an indication that Rudy’s body was rejecting the metal fixture. In a final attempt to save his leg from amputation, a fourth surgery took place on November 8 to remove the fixture and install another plate.

Post-surgery, Rudy required sedation and 100% crate confinement in order to allow his body to heal itself. Time and patience was what was needed for recovery.

On December 16, X-Rays indicated good calcification at the break, and Rudy got the vet’s OK for more intense physically therapy.

As of January 11, a full six months since being rescued, Rudy is finally doing very well. He still gets cold laser therapy daily to relieve hip discomfort, but he’s playing hard. Our hope is, that at the conclusion of this long and difficult journey, Rudy will be rewarded for his bravery with a happy forever home. Thank you Aussie Friends and especially Danielle for your determination and love!

Tater Toddee - Big Personality In A Little Healing Body


Tater Toddee’s Story

“she’s a brave, tough and sweet little girl…”

Tater Toddee’s story begins with a call to Helping Orphaned Hounds from their vet. A 17-week old Chihuahua had been owner-surrendered with a severely broken leg. HOH was naturally concerned about taking on the very expensive task of repairing this tiny pup’s injury.

With a commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund, Helping Orphaned Hounds gave their vet the “Okay” to help this little girl! A miniscule metal plate was placed to help mend her bones back together and Tater Toddee was confined to a kennel 24/7 (except for potty breaks, of course) for healing. Her little paw turns out some and this will probably be permanent, but it hasn’t slowed this baby down

Tater Toddee is so full of energy, it’s difficult to get a clear photo of her..she’s a blur as she runs and bosses the other dogs around. They, of course, give this 4-pound pup an “are you kidding?” look and walk away. The felines in the house, who are three times her size, get a full dose of the indomitable Tater Toddee, too! Cats, being what they are, seem amused by this little tornado in a pink sweater with her sock monkey tucked in her sweater pocket!

Her foster mom describes Tater as a “playful, overly confident, sweet, cuddle bug” who “enjoys playing chase and harassing her bigger foster siblings with her menacing bark”. While her demeanor demonstrates that she is feeling secure and well-loved, her x-rays reveal that she is healing very well. A second surgery removed her bone plate, and added a bone graft. After being in a splint for another month, Tater Toddee was adopted by a family with two children and 2 other dogs. Lucky Tater, lucky family!

Thank you Helping Orphaned Hounds for believing in the potential of this adorable little Chihuahau pup!


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