Critical Care Gallery (2013)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year

These are the stories and photos of the pets rescued by our Lulu’s Angel Fund during 2013. 

Click on all the titles to see the pictures and read their stories. Once open you can click the photos to see enlarged images, which display the startlingly dramatic before and after situations, reminding us all that we CAN make a difference.

George - He Found Kindness At The End

George’s Story


“…he has stopped trembling, the only vibration when I hold him is his purrbox…”

During an especially cold January, the skinny orange tabby had found his way into the carport of a Greyhound rescuer. Discovered huddling under some old dogs beds, the little frozen animal had clearly been a house cat at one time, as evidenced by the hugs he gave his rescuer when she picked up George to cuddle him! Knowing that she already had five cats and a big heart, the Rescuer called PACC911’s Treasurer, Nina, to ask if she would take George in and get him help. Of course she would! Poor George was deemed in “the worst shape I’ve ever seen a kitty” and his vet, Dr. Josh Winston, quickly determined the following: George was about 10 years old , neutered, and FELV/FIV negative (whew!). He seemed to have weathered a harsh “out on the streets” life for a very long time as indicated by his extremely matted coat. A three-hour grooming session produced a “skinny little lion”, but, nonetheless, a happy cat!

Once back in his forever home with Nina (yes, she opted to give him a quality, much-loved existence for whatever time he had left), George enjoyed eating up a storm and snuggling with his new mom. His apparent deafness was a sort of “blessing in disguise” as it allowed him to disregard the the occasional hissing of the other members of his new cat family. While there were some setbacks with anemia, a kidney issue, and appetite loss, George eventually bounced back and was doing “just fine”. Nina theorized that he was quite a bit older than originally thought (maybe as old as 17!), arthritic and very tired (who wouldn’t be at that ripe old age?). But George certainly wasn’t deficient in the Love Category as he sought out lots of hugs, snuggles, and offered “purr-box serenades” in return!

Sadly, George’s respite from the harshness of Life came to an end just three months after Nina took him into her warm embrace. Fortunately, this “Golden Angel” knew nothing but love, kindness, and human compassion for the last, best days of his Life. Thank you Nina, for your unwavering devotion to all animals and, especially, for giving George such a warm Life in the little time he had remaining. You have said, “I’m so glad he came into my life”. No doubt, George felt the very same about you! 

Spencer - His Leg Was Flopping In The Wind

spencer-before Spencer’s Story

“…he’s such a little pumpkin head…”

The little Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix didn’t stand a chance in the high-kill shelter in Southern Arizona.  His severely broken leg had landed him on the euthanasia list and it was only a matter of hours before he would die.  Along with four other “E-list” dogs, Spencer made it out of there with the intervention of AZ Happy Tails.


Spencer’s old fracture had healed incorrectly, leaving his little leg “flopping in the wind”.  Scottsdale Animal Medical Surgical Center offered two options:  attempt to repair it, or amputate. With a commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund, the big hearted folks at AZ Happy Tails opted to fix the fracture, despite it being a more costly solution. This “teeny-tiny, super-friendly and outgoing” dog had won their hearts! Dr. Pullen was confident that Spencer’s mobility could be restored with a very invasive bone graft surgery.  Bone was ordered from a bone bank and Spencer was loaded up with calories and antibiotics pre-surgery to help him withstand a difficult operation.

Well, Spencer made it through like a champ, but the road to recovery wasn’t going to be an easy one for a spunky, active puppy.  He just wanted to run and play with his foster siblings, but crate rest was ordered for eight another four weeks of rest after the cast was removed. Happily, Spencer is now 100% healed and has “allowed his Italian Greyhound nature to come out”, spending his days running the yard and playing with favorite toys. Of course, being the sweet, happy boy that he is, Spencer loves to be held and give kisses, too!  All he needs now is a loving forever home. Many thanks to AZ Happy Tails for another Lulu’s Angel Fund success story! 

Caesar - Dumped In The Desert To Die

caesar-tumorcaesar-rescue-feeding-3caesar-rescue-2 Caesar’s Story

“no animal deserves to be dumped in the desert like trash”

The Bernese Mountain dog mix had been living in the desert for six months when the kind folks at the Intel Campus alerted 2nd Chance Dog Rescue.  Not only was the big male dog exposed to all sorts of extreme elements (imagine the summer heat), he limped due to a huge tumor on his leg.  Although he would not allow anyone to get closer than a few feet, it was clear that he was in considerable pain and looking for help!

Poor Snoop was afraid of humans, probably due to the lonely, isolated existence he had been living.  Even so, he perked up, and tail wagging, ran after the green van that appeared on site one day.   The same van workers had seen drop off Snoop weeks before.  Dogs being who they are, Snoop was still waiting for the owners who so cruelly abandoned him to an uncertain fate.  Sadly, that loyalty was rewarded with abandonment, for a second time.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue repeatedly visited Snoop in the desert, giving him food and water and working to gain his trust.  Thank God for the construction workers who had been feeding him!  Snoop had already survived a brutal summer in the desert and was now enduring the hard freeze of an unusually cold winter.  It was clear that without a rescue in his immediate future, Snoop’s survival wasn’t likely.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue brought Snoop a temp bed to get him through the cold nights outdoors. A trap was at the ready, but he could not be taken in unless a foster home became available.  Meanwhile, 2nd Chance continued to urgently post his information with a plea for a foster family to show up!

Snoop’s successful rescue was achieved with a team effort by 2nd Chance’s founder, Diana, along with some willing (and determined!) helpers, including the site’s Security Guard, John.  Turkey, gentle coaxing, and a sedative finally allowed these dedicated animal advocates to capture Snoop.


Snoop spent February and March, living at the vet hospital. It turned out that he was in pretty bad shape:  thin, with rotting teeth, matted coat, infected ears. Now named Caesar, he’d been diagnosed with heartworm and was given 2 months of Heartgard before facing another two months of more


aggressive treatment.  During this time he was allowed zero activity, due the need for a calm environment.  Poor Caesar. Fortunately, frequent visits by Diana (bringing hamburgers!) and some fans from Intel provided relief from his solitary confinement.  His leg tumor proved benign and will be removed once his heartworm treatment is complete.

Four months after his rescue from the desert, Caesar is loving life in his forever home!  Yep, that’s right…not only does he have a wonderful human family, but he lucked out with two dog siblings!   Caesar has blossomed into a happy, trusting dog.  Thank you Diana and 2nd Chance Dog Rescue for your amazing devotion to needy animals.  We at the Lulu’s Angel Fund are so proud to offer assistance for your most worthy work! 

Johnny - A Broken Back and a Runaway Car

johnny-after-webjohnny-beforeJohnny’s Story

“…..this poor little guy has been through so much….”

Johnny was brought into the Pinal County shelter with a possible broken back after an unfortunate encounter with a car. Poor Johnny…so tiny to withstand such a big injury! Spending seven days in the hospital, recovering from parvo and medical intervention for what turned out to be a broken pelvis, Johnny was released to his foster home. After 6 weeks of strict crate rest, Johnny felt good enough to run right into the arms of his new owner! Here he is relaxing by Mom’s pool. Thank you Helping Orphaned Hounds for rescuing this cutie and nursing him back to health…another Lulu’s Angel Fund success story! 

Susie - Life Threatening Illness Strikes On A Holiday Weekend

susie-aftersusiebefore Left

Susie’s Story

“…we agreed to take her this morning in hopes of saving her life…”

Arizona Poodle Rescue was alerted to this adorable black poodle’s plight by the Arizona Humane Society. Susie, a five-month-old stray had tested positive for parvovirus, and isolating and treating a dog with such a contagious disease just isn’t possible for any shelter. Parvovirus is a particularly dire diagnosis for puppies and without aggressive treatment, survival is unlikely.

Because she was diagnosed just before a holiday weekend and would need continuous, monitored treatment, it was clear that Susie had to be checked into an Emergency Vet Hospital, for expensive & lengthy treatment (with no guarantees of success). With the commitment of the Lulu’s Angel Fund, Susie spent a “touch and go” Easter Weekend at the vet hospital struggling to survive. Thankfully, “she made it!”. After four more weeks of recovery and “lap time” at her foster’s home, Susie was said to be “a pistol, so sure of herself…so sure she had a RIGHT to live.”

Susie, now known as Frieda, summers with her new family in North Dakota and returns to the Valley of the Sun for the winter! She enjoys the company of 2 other dogs and as her new Mom reports, “Frieda does not like being apart from anybody”. Thank you AZ Poodle Rescue for your quick response to this little girl’s needs and for restoring her to health and a wonderful life. 

The Quartet - Every Deadly Disease In The Book Hit These 4 Puppies

The Quartet’s Story

quartet-3quartet-4quartet-1quartet-Hospitalquartet-5quartet-Pups-Car“…we had quite a week working to save these babies…”

Who would have thought that the purchaser of a “backyard breeder’s” boxer puppy would begin the intervention to save the lives of four more eight-week-old pups? Not only did this Good Samaritan get her own new little dog through Parvovirus, but she convinced the breeder to release the remaining pups to BoxerLuv Rescue. And just in time…

All four of the puppies were strong Parvo positive when admitted to the emergency vet hospital. Two days in, they began to exhibit frightening neurological signs that suggested Distemper, but that was ruled out with a PCR Antibody blood test. However, Parainfluenza was diagnosed in three of the pups, making the recovery from Parvo that much more difficult. These “little troopers” had to not only withstand IV drips & medications, but they also required nebulizers to make their breathing easier. Suddenly, on Day 5, what a turnaround! Barking, eating, playing..all great signs of normal puppy activity. In the end, it took seven(!) days of ICU Hospitalization for three of the four little boxers to turn that corner! Stark, always the strongest of the bunch, got to skip the ICU part of the program!

After several weeks of foster care, they are now “all in awesome homes”. Two of the group were adopted together, while the other two are in homes with big Boxer brothers and sisters to “teach them the ropes”. What a tremendous commitment BoxerLuv made to these beautiful dogs. The Lulu’s Angel Fund is delighted to have played a part in saving Stark, Marvel, Banner & Rogue! 

Al Poochino – Giving Kisses Like Nothing Was Wrong

Al Poochino’s Story

“he’s been sitting there with a broken hip and no foster offers…”


Al Poochino was a one year old boy on the euthanasia list for a leg injury at MCACC East in January 2013. With a commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund for financial assistance with his medical bills, Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary was able to claim him and get him the help he needed. Radiographs and an extensive exam at he vet’s office determined that Al was unable to use his left hind leg due to a congenital problem with his hip called Aseptic Femoral Head Necrosis.  This required costly FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery. Throughout his ordeal, little Al wagged his tail and gave kisses like nothing was wrong, demonstrating the resiliency and unconditional love a shelter animal possesses.

Healing nicely from the surgery, Al was able to put full weight on the left leg with only a slight limp. By March, he was ready to find his permanent home & with his endless amount of love and fun spirit, it did not take long! Al was officially adopted by a wonderful couple with a huge backyard and 3 other dogs with whom Al can play. From being on “death row” to a happy home life, this is the wonderful outcome we like al-poochino-afterto see!

Thank you to Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary for making Al’s future bright!   

Geisha – Gravely Injured, Flies and Heat Making It Worse

Geisha’s Story

“…she looks likes she got hung up on barbed wire….”


An urgent plea from a animal rescuer alerted Valley Dogs Rescue to the gravely injured border collie mix at Ft. McDowell.  The beautiful dog had been surrendered by her owners who were unable to afford treatment for her terrible leg wounds.  She apparently had been in this awful condition for at least a few days and the heat and flies were making a bad situation worse!

Valley Dogs, with a $2500 commitment from the Lulu’s Angel Fund, stepped in to get this sweet dog the critical medical care she so obviously needed.  Animal Medical and Surgical set to work to repair severely torn skin & muscle while the dog willingly accepted what must have been painful handling. Warning: the photos are GRAPHIC.

Five days later, Geisha was taken to a foster home with big bandages on both legs.  Surgeons were able to close the wounds on the left leg, but the right leg was so badly damaged that the skin could not be closed; frequent daily bandage changes and ultimately leaving the wound exposed was the only healing option available.Geisha-cast-happy

Despite these physical challenges, Geisha proved to be a loving and spunky dog, integrating well into the pack of dogs at her foster home and learning to trust humans again.  Valley Dogs describes her as “a great pup….very loving”.  And she looked pretty cute in that t-shirt she wore to protect her healing leg!

Four long months past intake, (and $5,000 in medical bills!) Geisha is doing phenomenally well; her left leg is healed and the right leg’s wound has diminished to only the size of a dime.

Geisha is described as a “participating family member, great with kids but a little shy.  She needs other dogs and a human pack leader.”  Sounds like the perfect pet…and she’s ready for adoption!

Thank you Valley Dog Rescue for your commitment to a daunting rehabilitation and restoring the beautiful Geisha to health!

Ramona – An Unexpected Turn of Events

Ramona’s Story


“She has a never-ending spirit; she just keeps on keeping on….”

All the Lulu’s Angel Fund Recipients share a common need:  immediate & critical intervention.  Whether their injuries are physical or emotional or a combination of both, they all are broken creatures.  Some heal quickly and dramatically, and some always bear the scars of their “past lives”.  But all are grateful and despite the odds, find their way to loving homes, erasing the memories of the their former sad existences.  This is what the Lulu’s Angel Fund was designed to accomplish.

Rarely, these deserving animals sometimes slip through our grasp.  This, sadly, is what happened to Ramona.

Hit by a car and found along a rural Pinal County Road in May, 2013, Ramona was brought by a Good Samaritan to Ironwood Hospital with a broken femur.  Surgery and a “big scary pin” set her on the path to rehab in the care of a loving foster family.  She adored her time playing with their other dogs and children and especially just relaxing in the grass…her favorite spot.  Oddly, even though the beautiful Ramona clearly had a lot of Lab in her, the family had no luck enticing her into the pool!

A revisit to the vet on June 3 indicated that her “body was doing everything it should be and gave Ramona a thumbs up on the healing process…hurray”.   An upper respiratory infection that presented a few weeks later initially responded well to an antibiotic regimen, but a persistent elevated temperature delayed immunizations.  Despite these setbacks, Ramona continued to have “spunky, happy puppy moments” and everyone felt that she was steadily progressing.  As her foster mom declared, “she is such a sweet pup and we are happy we have the opportunity to help her along.”

Late June found Ramona still exhibiting some URI symptoms but enjoying her new & improved life!  Sunshine, short walks, cat chasing & hangout time with her foster dog brother encouraged napping most of the day.  The only fly in this ointment was a troubling wobbliness…..

Ramona was kept overnight at the vet following her June 24 appointment, as her temp had increased again, inflamed “bumps” had appeared around her eyes and she’d lost a pound in weight.  More disturbing, was the fact that her back legs & hips were giving out.

By the end of the week, Ramona was on a continuous IV drip of fluids & antibiotics, coupled with high doses of prednisone to reduce the neck & brain inflammation that was affecting all four legs.  She had become non-ambulatory, unable to stand or walk.  A neurology specialist strongly suspected that Ramona was suffering from Distemper.

On June 30, Ramona’s devoted caretakers made the wrenching decision to let her go…”much sooner than any of us could have imagined.”   Because she had taken a significant turn for the worse, it was clear that she “wasn’t going to get better”, and so her  foster family surrounded Ramona with their love as she crossed The Bridge.

This sad end to Ramona’s Story is not the one we wished for and we can’t say why this wasn’t the success it “should have been.”  Sometimes these sad outcomes are meant to be, despite our best, heroic efforts. We must find our comfort in the fact that Ramona was blessed with wonderful Rescuers who gave her the last, best months of her time here.

Thank you Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N), BoxerLuv Rescue, Ironwood Hospital, and especially Audrey (and Family), the fosters who so loved her and gave her a Home.

As Audrey said, “I can’t begin to tell you how much she will be missed.”

Velvet – Abandoned in a Yard for Two Years

Velvet’s Story


“She is beyond grateful, you can just tell every day, to be inside and loved.”

It’s difficult for those of us who love animals to understand how a dog owner could leave his pet behind, much less consign her to a lonely life, chained in an abandoned back yard for two years!  If not for the compassion of an 11 year old neighbor, who used her allowance to provide food, this sad creature would have had virtually no human contact. Described by witnesses as a sweet, young pittie mix, this lovely dog was “incredibly lonely and desperate for company.”

Through the determined efforts of many animal advocates, with offers of food, vet care, and housing, this little cutie went home with a foster and was successfully introduced into her first-ever “pack”.   Eating three meals a day, sleeping in a comfy kennel with lots of blankets and surrounded by loving people (not to mention furbabies), Velvet must have thought she landed in “Heaven”.  While she was “terrified of everything” (probably never having seen grass, cars, water, or the inside of a house), she quickly became confident enough to dash in & out of the doggy door with the rest of the pups and even sloshed around on the first step of the pool!  What joy!

And she’s a smart gal, too, easily learning to sit, housebreaking herself in 3 days (!) She came a long way in a very short time.velvet-after-with-sammie

Best of all, Velvet is now enjoying a “trial run” with a potential family and their Goldendoodle, Frankie. Barring any allergy issues for a few of the family members, we are hoping that Velvet has found her forever home!velvet-after-1

The Lulu’s Angel Fund is proud to have partnered with Underdog Rescue in restoring Velvet to health and enabling her to finally enjoy the human kindness she deserves.  Thank you Underdog Rescue for your commitment to rescuing our animal friends!

Angel - Sick , Starving and Abused

Angel’s Story

She was just trying to survive!angelbefore3

Living on the streets for an unknown period of time, this poor stray was sick and hungry. She was also a survivor and found ways to feed her hunger, sometimes killing feral cats. Local people started being mean to her, wanting her out of their neighborhood and throwing stones at her to shoo her away. She was sick and weak but they did not notice that. Finally a kind man who had been watching her for months was able to trap her. He brought her into his home, which had been condemned by the city; he had no heat, air or running water. He now needed to find someone to take this dog, as he was not sure if he could handle her, so he left her in the trap for days while seeking a rescue.

With the help of some caring volunteers, Angel was taken from the well meaning gentleman and brought directly to a vet. PACC911 put out the call to get a partner group to sponsor Angel so that the LAF fund could be utilized to help her. She was taken in by Petey’s Playground shortly after.angelbefore4

angel1afterAngel remains in the loving care of this group located in Yarnell AZ, while she recovers from her severe case of mange and malnutrition. She is adjusting well , as they all do, to love and kindess. She will be put up for adoption when she gets her clean bill of health. Angel is a sweet and loving girl who will bring much happiness to a family.  

Peaches - Used for Bait in Fighting Rings

Peaches’ Story

Peaches-beforeLanguishing at Pinal County for weeks, this gentle girl wrought with bites and scars, could not walk. She had been a “bait” dog. Used by unscrupulous people who conduct dogfights, they use the gentle ones as bait in the most literal and cruel sense. They cut and bleed them to let the fighting dogs get the scent of first blood, invoking a vicious attack.

This sweet girl was no fighter and was subjected to the worst of human cruelty as they watched her suffer in the rings. Now at Pinal county she could barely move and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Because of the promised money from Lulus’Angel Fund, Prussian Snailhound Rescue took this sweet dog into their rescue to be fostered by an incredible lady who would be the caregiver to Peaches, now named, as she underwent her journey to wellness and love.

Early in the diagnosis for Peaches it was known that bilateral surgery for her ACL would be needed to restore strength and mobility to her back legs. Without this surgery she would continue to be in pain when walking. This condition was directly associated with her injuries in the fighting ring. Because of her weakened state upon entering foster care,  Peaches waited several months for her surgery to  be performed.peaches-in-cast

peaches-postop-cage-toysShe now recovers from this very extensive surgery but still has kept her sweet demeanor and patience with humans. Her prognosis is excellent and we await news that Peaches is all well and ready for adoption. A sweeter dog she could not be. She is love and trust and has forgiven humans for her past suffering. She holds no grudges, she only wants love! We will update when Peaches finds her forever home! 

Chloe – She’s Been Stabbed!

Chloe’s Story

chloe-beforeWe don’t know how this horrible thing happened…only that the little white and brown Chihuahua mix found herself on the Pinal County “sick list” after being dropped off there.

With a pledge from the Lulu’s Angel Fund for financial assistance with her medical rehabilitation, Helping Orphaned Hounds got to work to heal this sweet little girl.  The photos of her injuries and the subsequent medical intervention are disturbing, but her recovery has been nothing short of amazing!

Chloe persevered through drain tubes, antibiotics and pain meds.  Surgery was, fortunately, not required and her wounds healed completely and quickly…within 3 weeks!  She did so well and gained so much energy that she was soon playing with all six of her foster-dog “siblings”.

We’re happy to report that Chloe found her forever home…she was adopted in September and now has a Schnauzer “sister” to keep her company.  Lucky Chloe!

Thank you Helping Orphaned Hounds!

Hero – Smelled Like Death

Hero’s Story

“…he is fighting for his life…”

hero-neck-woundAnd that is why Diana, of 2nd Chance Dog Rescue, named him Hero. He was brought into a feed store by a family who could not afford treatment for the injuries he’d sustained 4 days earlier in an attack. They’d hoped the wound would heal itself but by the time they’d surrendered Hero, he was dehydrated and smelling “like death.” Alerted to Hero’s critical needs, 2nd Chance stepped in and brought him to their vet, Dr. Darger, who is “always willing to stay late to save a life!”

Hero’s injuries were especially bad, particularly a shredded trachea that had gone untreated for days,the tissue was already dying. Even with emergency surgery, his recovery from this grave wound was tenuous. But Hero fought enough to beat the survival odds for the first 24 hours of a very critical 48-hour post-op period. Adding to his already-serious prognosis was a significant eye injury that suggested he might end up losing his sight.

Ten days after surgery and the initial concerns about secondary infections, Hero was doing well enough to go home with his wonderful vet techs, who had been overseeing his care since he’d been admitted to the hospital. They would be continuing his eye treatment while helping him adjust to a home environment. As Diana reported, “this little boy amazes me every day with his determination and spirit.” His foster parents had already fallen in love with him and wanted to adopt him, but they were willing to wait until he was healthy enough to be given a clean bill of health.Hero-family

We hope to hear encouraging news about Hero’s eye and we thank his loving foster family/vet techs for giving this sweet boy a new life! And thank you, once again, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue, for being a champion of all dogs in need!

Lulu – Hit By A Car, Pink Toenails

 Lulu’s Story

“…she had a broken pelvis…and pink fingernails…”

lulu-beforeLulu, the tiny poodle who’d been turned in as a stray had been groomed by someone who must have cared for her in the not too distant past. More than likely, she’d been hit by a car, as evidenced by the multiple pelvis fractures and the dangling leg. X-rays revealed a leg bone broken in half that wouldn’t respond to repair, one especially difficult to heal along with a broken pelvis. Once the pelvis was mended and the leg amputated, Lulu was put on six weeks strict crate rest, followed by “jail time” in a small pen for two weeks. Fully healed, this 5-pound cyclone is unstoppable, running around like a maniac and playing non-stop with one of her foster sisters.

lulu-after-2Lulu is still looking for a forever home, but that will need to be a place where she has a back yard and a secure front door (she darts!) As a social, non-shedding girl, she would also make an excellent therapy dog, too. Take a look at these photos…what a cutie! Thank you Ruby Ranch for taking in Lulu (and Elmer below)….and giving them that second chance they so deserve!  

Elmer – Broken And His Chances Were Zero

Elmer’s Story

“…he was older and broken…his chances were zero…”

elmer-beforeRuby Ranch Rescue was at County to pick up another dog and had no intention of taking Elmer. He was “just one of a zillion Chihuahuas at County” and he was scheduled to be euthanized at 5 p.m. unless a savior stepped up for him. Seeing Elmer (who was a staff favorite) playing with another dog, “all happy” (even with a broken jaw), and greeting everyone who went by, the Ruby Ranch Rescuers also noticed the clock: it was 4:50 and Elmer’s time had just about run out. They made a last-minute decision and rescued him! His Rescuers report that “he fits in great”… so good, in that he’s been adopted by a family who previously adopted two other Chihuahuas.elmer-after

Thank you Ruby Ranch for taking in Lulu and Elmer….and giving them that second chance they so deserve!

Uma - A Broken back, But Not A Broken Spirit

Uma’s Story

“Uma… A broken back but not a broken spirit.”

uma-1A young cat was brought to Pinal County Shelter unable to walk, dragging her hind end. Her examination revealed multiple injuries: deep punctures, lacerations and inability of the back legs to bear any weight. uma-in-hospitalFurther examination proved that her back was broken and her legs turned backwards. Her entire back area was numb; she could not feel anything.

Who can say what her fate had been to cause so much damage and pain, but this sweet cat was a willing and loving patient. Taken in by Bradshaw Mountain Wildlife Preserve, a friend of PACC911, her care and rehab was started. She was to have acupuncture on a weekly basis. At this time no surgery is recommended.

Named Uma, this sweet soul has been an optimal patient, knowing she is now in loving hands. Despite her crippled legs, she loves to cuddle and be with her new found human family at Bradshaw Mountain Wildlife Preserve, where she will most likely spend her entire life. The Sanctuary is a lifetime home to most of the animals they rescue.

Lola – Hit By Car And Left To Die

Lola’s Story

lola-afterlola-before-1When a driver hit this poor frightened stray dog, the car continued on… never slowed or looked back.

There she lay in the street unable to move with painful and debilitating injuries.  Thankfully a good Samaritan saw the accident and ran to her side giving comfort as best she could while awaiting the Arizona Humane Society who was called to pick her up.

Evaluation at AHS determined that she would possibly need hip surgery to repair her pelvis. The Lulu’s Angel Fund offered the needed funds, thus allowing Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue to take her into their rescue.

Now given a name, Lola was showered with love, and given the vetting and care she needed to heal. As luck would have it, the break she suffered was a clean one and the later assessment was that no surgery would be needed after all.  Crate rest for 8 to 10 weeks was recommended.  Since Lola’s medical bills were not sizable and would not have utilized much of the Lulu’s Angel Fund money, Valley of the Sun Rescue graciously refused any payment under the new circumstances saying they wished the money to go to save another animal in need. They did, however, acknowledge that it was because of the Lulu’s Angel Fund they were able to take this pooch in, assuming that surgery would be needed!

Lola enjoys a wonderful recovery in her foster home where she is pampered and learning great manners. She is sweet and trusting and as most of the loving canines we meet, has forgiven those who abandoned her.

Louie - One Man’s Trash is Another’s Pure Treasure

Louie’s story

louie-afterSo tiny, alone and afraid, this poor little one came into Pinal County, injured and sick.  Puncture wounds on his shoulder and side were apparently from an attack of a larger animal and had gone untreated.  His little body was full of infection and his eyes so infected that he could not open them.

Trembling on cold concrete, he sat without any medical attention for three days while rules and regulations were adhered to.  Strays must be held for three days in hopes of an owner reclaiming them. This was not the fate of this poor little minpin/chi with no name.

In such condition and if not claimed, these poor animals are slated for euthanasia if not taken by a rescue.  With hours to go before he would meet this fate, Cochise Canine Rescue contacted PACC911 and the Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF). With great teamwork from the amazing volunteers working with Cochise Canine Rescue and the funds allotted from LAF, another miracle happened.  Louie received a name and a second chance at life.

Rushed to the vet’s office and evaluated, Louie was immediately put on antibiotics and treated for his many infections.  So many people came to the aid of this precious little boy, he quickly learned his value and the meaning of love.

Louie in a short time has overcome his fear and is learning to play and give wonderful kisses. He loves other little dogs and all people. It is truly amazing how they forgive.

Louie’s rescue was a true team effort with caring people coming from different counties to help him and all converging under Cochise Canine Rescue. Because of the PACC911 Lulu’s Angel Fund this was possible.  

Marley - A Christmas Miracle

Marley’s Story

marley-afterAs holidays approach every year, many of the rescue groups try to save just one more life as a Christmas Miracle.

Marley was that miracle for Arizona Lab and Giant Breed Rescue. Left by his uncaring owners at a veterinary clinic because of a badly broken leg, instructions were to euthanize this beautiful young dog rather than treat the injury caused by a horse kicking him.

The vet reached out to the rescue community in a final effort to avoid this unhappy ending, and word got back to Arizona Lab and Giant Breed Rescue who wanted to help but had exhausted their funds for the year.  With assistance from The PACC911 Lulu’s Angel Fund, Marley became the final miracle of 2013! Another life saved.

Surgery has been completed and Marley is impatiently recovering from his ordeal. He wants to play ball and run with his foster playmates and will be ready to do that in just a few more weeks, which to him are an eternity!

Thanks to the love and care he is receiving in his foster home Marley is a happy boy who will easily find a forever home when he is ready! What better way is there to end a year? Happy New Year!

Prada- Used For Breeding And Thrown Away

Prada’s Story

prada-beforeAll she had known in her young life was misery. At less than two years of age she became a throwaway to a breeder who no longer found her useful. Was it the cherry eye serious enough to require surgery, the hernia or the excoriation on her tummy which bore at least three litters of pups that caused an “owner” to turn the young pup over to a shelter where she would surely face ultimate death. What are the chances of those with multiple health issues to be saved from this fate?

Little Prada, a young rat terrier had a sorrowful face. There was no joy. Why would there be as she languished in the Pinal County shelter for several months not knowing her fate and having never known the feel of human kindness. Prada did not know about potty training and we conclude that she either spent her first two years outside or in a crate when not being bred. She had no idea of what it was to be a dog and enjoy the kinder side of life. She apparently was just a commodity.

Cochise Canine Rescue wanted more for Prada.  She deserved a better deal. A loving family, a home, a soft bed… the things many canines enjoy and expect.  While her injuries were not as serious as many of our Lulu’s Angel Fund candidates, our hearts went out to Prada and we wanted her story to be told. Hers is the quiet suffering of so many dogs who drew the wrong hand and ended up being mistreated or extorted by those who use animals for their convenience as money makers for as long as they can.

Prada had her medical issues which the Lulus Angel Fund will cover, but more than that her pain was on the inside for she had never known love until now.

The Lulu’s Angel Fund afforded the funds for Cochise Canine Rescue to save little Prada from her cell, her loneliness, her misery.. While she is a bit shy now, she is running with her foster dog friends in a loving home and soon will have all her medical needs addressed!  For the first time, she is having dog gone fun. Prada is beginning to smile. And so are we.



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