Critical Care Gallery (2016)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year

Most of the animals featured on our website are PACC911 alumni who have left behind extreme suffering and found loving homes and happy lives.

These are the stories and photos of the pets rescued with help from our Critical Care Program during 2016. 

Read through these heart wrenching stories to discover how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Just click on each name to see their special story and photos. These images reveal their startlingly dramatic before and after situations, reminding us all that we CAN make a difference.  You too, can get involved. After reading, just click to go back to the how you can help/donate section.

Baxter & Buddy - Barely Surviving Under a Dumptruck

Baxter and Buddy

buddy-and-baxter-after-1baxter-buddy-beforeBaxter and Buddy were discovered living under a dump truck.  They had been abandoned in an empty field with no place to go, and were barely surviving.  Fortunately, they had a savior and she spent several days winning their trust until they could be brought to her home and given food and water they so desperately needed.  Their rescuer partnered with Cochise Canine Rescue, and these lucky boys would have support and a place to stay until they found a foster or forever home.  PACC911’s LAF Program provided financial assistance to help Baxter and Buddy get ready for adoption.  Turns out, Baxter and Buddy are a couple of intelligent, laid back boys who are fun-loving and extremely bonded.  They will be heading for training camp soon and are looking for a lucky forever family to call their own.

Poma - Betrayed By His Family, Dumped Without Needed Care


pomacat-after-2pomacat-before-2Poma, a beautiful gray and white cat, was turned in to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control by his very own family.  Stating he had recently swallowed an object, they left him.  It was apparent Poma was suffering and needed medical attention right way.  Paw Placement Rescue pulled Poma from MCACC and took him to the hospital.   Horrifyingly, this poor boy’s stomach had actually ruptured weeks before being brought to MCACC, and it was a miracle he was alive.  Poma needed surgery immediately!  Paw Placement would give Poma a chance to live, and they reached out the PACC911’s LAF Program for help with medical expenses.  His surgery went great, and after a few weeks of recuperating in a foster home, Poma is ready to start a new life with a family who will love him forever and keep him safe.

Vincent Van Gogh - Family Abandoned Him In Unbearable Pain

Vincent Van Gogh (Nee Sammy)

vincent-van-gogh-aftervincent-van-gogh-beforeSammy was turned into the county shelter by his family with a fleshy, bleeding mass encompassing his ear canal.  He also had nasal discharge, significantly inflamed gums, and a severely fractured canine tooth.  He was in unbearable pain, in terrible health, and he was placed on a short medical deadline for euthanasia.

With the help of a grant from PACC911’s L.A.F. Program, Animal Loving Friends rescued Sammy, and he was renamed Vincent Van Gogh to start his new life.  Once at the hospital, a significant heart murmur, and skin lesions were also discovered. Poor Vincent was in misery as his medical needs had been neglected for so long!

Vincent Van Gogh was made as comfortable as possible and began treatments immediately.  Sadly, during testing, it was discovered that the ear mass is malignant.  Vincent Van Gogh is continuing to heal and feel relief with diet and treatments, but his tumor will require additional medical input to determine next steps.  In the care of Animal Loving Friends, Vincent Van Gogh will be given a chance at life and will live comfortably with love for his remaining days whether that is months or many more years.

Angus - Abandoned Bait Dog Tossed Into Locked Lot


angus-afterangus-beforeAngus and his brother lived an unthinkable life as young pups.  After being abused and possibly used as bait dogs, they were thrown over the fence of a locked lot.  With no food, no water, and no escape, they were starving to death.  Good Samaritans discovered them and tried to help.

The dogs had been beaten up over time, and Angus had severe, deep wounds both new and old.  Maricopa County Animal Care and Control picked the two up, and volunteers quickly learned that despite all they had endured, both dogs were friendly.  2nd Chance Animal Rescue would get Angus out of the shelter and to a hospital as soon as possible and they reached out to PACC911’s L.A.F. Program for assistance with medical expenses.

Once in medical care, it was discovered that in addition to his surface wounds, poor Angus’s gingiva was torn completely from his jaw, his ears were torn, and he had swelling in his legs from trauma. Angus would need several surgeries over time, but first he would need time to heal spending many days in the hospital.  Throughout his stay, as uncomfortable and scary as it was, Angus was a gentle loving boy to staff proving that his loving heart had endured his lifetime of cruelty. Today, Angus is still undergoing treatment but can now recover in the comfort of a foster home while he dreams of meeting the truly loving family that he deserves.  In his foster home, this boy is full of joy, love, and kisses.  Surrendered Souls Rescue took Leo, the other dog abandoned with Angus, and he is safe and sound too.

Beauty - Hit By Car, On Street For Weeks Barely Surviving


beauty-beforeBeauty was saved from the streets by Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue.  She was rescued at 35th Avenue and McDowell, and had tragically been on the streets for several weeks. She was extremely emaciated and had likely been hit by a car.  She was weak, skeletal, and limped from the injury to her back leg.  Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue took Beauty immediately to the hospital to try to save her.  They reached out to PACC911’s L.A.F. Program for assistance with medical expenses.  Beauty was given nutrition and water and made comfortable for the first time in a long time… if ever.  She spent a few days in the hospital being treated and she fought for her life with the love and support of her saviors all around her.  Sadly, though, Beauty’s body had suffered too much trauma and shut down. She crossed over surrounded by her new devoted family of rescuers and medical staff feeling their love and affection.

Sargent - Abandoned Outside Convenience Store, Ignored, Suffering


hopscotch-at-hospital-225Hopscotch, just a puppy, knew nothing but agony at the hands of humans, and was then left to die on the streets.  This 5 month old boxer was found lying in a field in agony and picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  The shelter reached out to Boxer Luv Rescue, who picked her up immediately and took her to an emergency hospital.  The results of her diagnosis were horrifying.  Her rear hip and leg were shattered and completely disconnected from her body structure.   Her front left leg had multiple fractures, and the toes on her right foot were broken.  Sadly, all evidence told a story of human abuse.  Boxer Luv Rescue reached out to PACC911’s L.A.F. Program for assistance with medical costs.  Hopscotch is in good hands now, with Boxer Luv, and will have surgery for her broken bones and hip. After all she’s been through, Hopscotch is a sweet, loveable girl.  She has a long road to recovery, but will have lots of love to keep her spirits up.   Once recovered, Hopscotch will be ready for adoption to her forever family and the life of love she deserves.

Alfie - Hiding Along The Canals, Starving


alfie-rescued-225Alfie was lying in the bushes along South Phoenix Canals.  He was starving and weak.  Maricopa County Animal Care and Control spotted this poor boy and brought him into the shelter.  He was in bad shape and needed medical attention right away.  MCACC reached out to Boxer Luv Rescue who came to Alfie’s aid.  The rescue took him straight to the hospital where it was discovered that he had a dislocated hip that would need surgery.  In addition, he was severely malnourished and anemic, infested with ticks, and had skin infections.  Boxer Luv Rescue reached out to PACC911’s L.A.F. Program for assistance with medical expenses.  Alfie stayed in the hospital for treatment, to regain his strength, and to stabilize for surgery.  Alfie will receive much needed love and support on his journey to recovery.  This adorable guy will be ready for a devoted, forever family soon.

Wednesday - Stray Starving On The Streets


wednesday-adopted225wednesday-rescuedcomposite225Wednesday found herself a stray on the streets in west Phoenix.  Struggling each day to survive, she was in terrible pain and had nowhere to go.  This distressed girl was found and picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  She was severely malnourished and suffered from a prolapsed uterus.  MCACC reached out to Boxer Luv Rescue who came and got Wednesday, taking her to the hospital right away.  They reached out to PACC911’s L.A.F. Program for assistance with medical expenses.  Poor Wednesday was in terrible health, but with medical treatment and some TLC, she would fine.  Wednesday had surgery for the prolapsed uterus which went well, and she spent a few days in the hospital to recover.  She is now regaining her strength in the comforts of a loving foster home.  Wednesday will soon be ready to meet a family who will love her forever.

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