Critical Care Gallery (2014)

See the Animals We've Saved This Year
These are the stories and photos of the pets rescued with help from our Critical Care Program during 2014. 

Read through these heart wrenching stories to discover how PACC911 makes a powerful difference saving pet lives in our community. Just click on each name to see their special story and photos. These images reveal their startlingly dramatic before and after situations, reminding us all that we CAN make a difference.  You too, can get involved. After reading, just click to go back to the how you can help/donate section.

Nina – A Broken Jaw From Abuse and Neglect

Nina’s Story

nina-beforeTime ran out for Nina, a Chihuahua diagnosed with a badly broken jaw. Veterinarians at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control lacked the resources for surgical repair.

Nina was spared from euthanasia thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund and Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. A volunteer from the rescue picked up the injured dog from the county shelter in early January. Private veterinarians said one side of her jaw had broken from severe dental decay, an obvious sign of neglect. The other side resulted from trauma, most likely caused by abuse.  On January 10th, Nina underwent corrective surgery. A feeding tube has since been removed. Antibiotics treated a minor infection.

She’s doing remarkably well in foster care, according to Barb Rabe, president of AZ Chihuahua Rescue. “She’s eating and healing nicely,” Rabe says. Nina may never close her mouth completely but she’s expected to make a full recovery. After her next follow-up visit in a few weeks, Nina will be placed for adoption. Rabe describes her as sweet, lovable and cuddly. Nina will make someone a fine companion. Thanks to the PACC911’s Lulu Angel’s Fund and Arizona Chihuahua Rescue, Nina has the chance for a forever home full of affection, belly rubs and no more abuse.

Sheila E – On the Streets For Years Without Hope

Sheila E’s Story

sheila-beforecropLife wasn’t kind to Sheila E. No one knows how long the ten-year old black and white Pit Bull mix scratched out a living on Phoenix streets. Eventually she landed in a cage at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. A staff evaluation was grim.

Enter For the Luv of Dogz, a popular rescue group with expertise placing older dogs like Sheila E and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. A volunteer picked up Sheila E from the east side shelter on January 11th. The old dog was huddled in the back of her cage as if she’d given up hope. Once in care with Luv of Dogz, Sheila E improved each day. A veterinary exam showed no significant illness or injury, just changes associated with age and the harshness of life on the streets.

Despite the odds, and considering her past history she did well until she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and monitored for myopathy. Eventually, Sheila became a hospice dog.  This girl had known only neglect and cruelty but at the end of her days she experienced the sweetness of human love and kindness. Sheila E slept on a cozy bed, enjoyed nutritious food and TLC, and received pain medication to relieve the pains of her maladies. Eventually Sheila succumbed, but before she passed she was able to live pain free in a loving hospice setting.

Petey & Penny – Two Dogs So Weak They Could Barely Walk

Petey & Penny’s Story

Petey-sbeforePenny-before2Shar Peis Petey and Penny were picked up as strays within a few days of each other by Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. Both were extremely emaciated and in desperate need of medical attention. Pei People Shar Pei Rescue came to their rescue, pulled them from the shelter and rushed them straight to their vet.

In addition to what appeared to be starvation, Penny was suffering from a prolapsed rectum which required emergency suturing and eventually corrective surgery. Petey’s initial diagnosis was starvation but within a few days of their rescue, Petey and Penny began suffering from severe diarrhea, indicating a potentially more serious condition and causing their rescuers to wonder if they were, in fact, related and perhaps even abandoned by the same owner.

Needing additional funds to help this beautiful boy and girl, Pei People Shar Pei Rescue, a PACC911 partner, turned to Lulu’s Angel Fund for help. With funds received through Lulu’s Angel Fund, Petey and Penny were able to receive the extensive diagnostic testing, including X-rays, blood work and ultrasounds, they needed to determine that they both suffered from inflammatory bowel disease, which prevents the absorption of nutrients from food and results in the emaciation seen when they were rescued. Their condition required medically supervised boarding along with a special digestive diet, fluid supplementation, steroids and B12 shots to treat their condition.

pete-afterpenny-afterPetey-Penny-afterWe are happy to report that Petey and Penny have now been stabilized and released into foster care.  Petey has gained 6.5 pounds and Penny has gained 4 pounds! They are playful and happy and are making great progress in their foster homes. While both still need additional recovery time, it is hoped that within the next month or two, Petey and Penny will be ready for their forever families!

Hank – All The Cards Were Stacked Against Him

 Hank’s Story

Hankafterhank-beforeHandsome Hank, a beautiful Anatolian mix, may or may not have had a happy home at one time. We will never know. What we do know is that his family cared little enough about him to turn him into the county shelter as a senior boy with only three legs and a number of other health issues that had been untreated.

With the cards stacked against him, he would surely be slated for euthanasia in the coming days. As his owner walked away from him, Hank whimpered  and wanted to follow.  Hank tugged at his leash to be with the person who he knew as family and who was now abandoning him. The owner walked on, not looking back.

Depressed, Hank would not eat and languished in his cell untreated for the many issues he had going on.  He then became seriously ill with pneumonia and surely would have died had not Animals Benefit Club (ABC) stepped up to save his sweet life with the promise of funding from the Lulu’s Angel Fund.

With continued veterinary care, including IV fluids and lots of TLC, Hank is expected to recover and be ready for a new and forever home for his  remaining golden years. His sweet disposition has made him a favorite of all the caregivers who come in contact with him.

Thanks to ABC and the Lulu Angel fund, Hank has a chance for a new and better future. He continues to make progress on this journey.

Cara – A Soiled & Matted Stray With A Surprise

Cara’s Story

cara-after1cara-before-1By the time Cara, the two-year old poodle mix, arrived at Pima County Animal Care and Control in Tucson, her filthy matted fur suggested she’d been a stray for weeks, perhaps months. Feces and urine clung to her white curly fur. She had an eye infection and a mass around her vulva. Dogs like Cara are often euthanized. Arizona Poodle Rescue made sure that didn’t happen.

A volunteer named Rochelle took charge. As she buzzed off Cara’s messy fur, the dog rewarded her kindness with kisses. Two baths later Cara finally looked and smelled like a house-pet. Cara enjoyed healthy dog food instead of the scraps she likely survived on. A few days later, Rochelle worried about a discharge from Cara’s vulva area so she made an appointment with their veterinarian. Cara was pregnant, very pregnant. She was also blind in one eye. A course of antibiotics was prescribed. Then Cara expelled a dark green substance. Due to the late hour, Rochelle drove to an emergency veterinary clinic. One pup was already dead and lodged inside the birth canal. Soon Cara expelled it. But the other pup still had a healthy heartbeat. An overnight stay with medication and a C-section for the next day to deliver the second pup was suggested. The volunteer went home for the evening along with the hefty estimate for services, more than the rescue could afford. The next morning Rochelle called their veterinarian who offered a more reasonable price along with a spay. Unable to leave work, Rochelle called the emergency clinic to arrange for a friend to pickup Cara and her medical records. Prepping for surgery, Cara squatted and delivered the second pup which was also dead.

Despite her medical issues, Cara is now healthy, happy and ready for a new home. She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. She is a delight to be around. Thank you Lulu Angel’s Fund for covering the bills. And thank you Arizona Poodle Rescue for stepping in to save her from the shelter. Partnerships save lives.

Dolly – The Blind Puppy No One Wanted

Dolly’s Story

dolly4afterdolly7b4Dolly is a beautiful Mastiff puppy who was subjected to unspeakable abuse from the day she came into life.It all started at the hands of the backyard breeder to whom she had the misfortune of being born, as well as her first so-called “rescuer”.

Born in August 2013, Dolly was found to be blind and when her breeder couldn’t find anyone to buy a blind puppy, Dolly was denied the very basic necessities of life: food and water. When it became apparent that she wasn’t going to go quietly into the night and die, her breeder posted an ad on Craigslist offering her free to “the first person that shows up.” Unfortunately, the person that showed up wasn’t much better than the breeder. After a week where she still was not properly fed and watered, yet another Craigslist ad appeared asking a rescue group to take Dolly as she now had an injured leg and the rescuer could not afford to care for her.

Thankfully, Dolly’s next rescuer was her true savior. She immediately rushed her to Squaw Peak Animal Hospital and contacted AZ Mastiff Rescue. Dolly was finally in the arms of truly caring people and she knew it, lavishing her rescuer’s young daughter with happy puppy kisses! She weighed in at a mere 25 pounds, more than 50 pounds underweight for a six-month-old Mastiff puppy. She was also found to have a broken femur, likely the result of being struck with a blunt object,such as a pipe or bat. Her blindness was attributed to a genetic disorder and irresponsible breeding. While she may be able to see some light and gray, her blindness is nearly complete and unfortunately cannot be restored.

Dolly is a survivor and with the help of Lulu’s Angel Fund and AZ Mastiff Rescue, her leg has been surgically repaired. For the first time in her life, she knows what it is to be loved and cared for.  She is undergoing rehabilitation and has been placed in a loving foster home where she receives all the food and water she wants along with unconditional love, support and training. She still has a long road of rehabilitation and recovery before she is ready for a forever home but at least the abuse she suffered is behind her and her future is bright.

Max– Dumped At The Shelter To Die A Desolate Death

Max’s Story

max5aftermax2b4This is one of our charitable hospice stories. When Maxx, a mixed breed dog, became ill his next stop should have been with his veterinarian. Instead his owners dumped him at the county shelter. Whether it was due to lack of money or caring, we’ll never know.

With an enlarged gland, Maxx was slated for euthanasia. However, at the eleventh hour, Arizona Prussian Snailhound Rescue stepped in to save Sweet Maxx. Volunteer Jill Lenz immediately drove to University Animal Hospital in Tempe and upon arrival discovered that  the results of a full work-up were grim. Maxx has lymphoma with about three to six months to live, maybe even less.

Update:  The original prognosis of three to six months was overly optimistic, but Max was deeply loved and cared for during the short time he had left. Thanks to the Lulu’s Angel Fund, he did not die in an overcrowded shelter and his medical expenses were covered. Thanks to the Arizona Prussian Snailhound Rescue for making Maxx’s end of life warm and loving. For a short time, he enjoyed romping around the backyard with other dogs. He had his belly rubbed and snacked on dog biscuits. His owners gave up on Maxx for reasons we don’t understand but the rescue community devoted the best resources available to him. 

Thor – Left To Starve In His Own Backyard

Thor’s Story

Thor-beforeThor, an approximately two-year old purebred Weimaraner, was found starved to the point of being in shock  in the back yard of a home in Phoenix. He is now safe in the care of AZ Weimaraner Rescue thanks to the heroic efforts of one woman who refused to leave him after she found out that his “caregivers” had not fed him for more than two weeks.

At the time of his rescue, Thor weighed in at only 46 pounds, half of what he should have weighed. He was rushed directly to veterinary care where he was hospitalized, put on IV fluids and monitored continuously for several days to ensure that he did not experience organ failure. A full blood panel was done and it appears that Thor has not suffered permanent organ damage. After several days of hospitalization, Thor was released into a loving foster home where he has been receiving feedings every 3-4 hours around the clock. His foster family describes him as the most gentle, kindest soul you could ever meet. He shares his foster home with three other dogs and three cats, all who have helped in his recovery.  In a poignant act of compassion, one of the dogs, a long-haired doxie, has appointed herself as Thor’s private nurse. She, along with the kitties, lay on his bed with him so that he’s never alone. One of the other resident dogs has a collection of nearly 20 stuffed ducks over which he very protective but he has allowed Thor to play with his prized possessions, seemingly knowing that Thor needed to know what it was like to have toys of his own.

As of this writing, Thor has gained 24 pounds and is making remarkable progress.  He still needs to gain at least another 10-15 pounds before he will be strong enough to undergo neuter surgery, after which he will be ready to find that perfect someone to share his life.

Dogs like Thor often cost rescue groups thousands in medical and nutritional care bills and since most rescues don’t have that kind of money readily available, many of these dogs aren’t able to be saved. Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, AZ Weimaraner Rescue was able to provide Thor with immediate, life-saving treatment and has fully committed to providing whatever care he needs to fully recover and find a forever home that will love him for the rest of his days.

Diana And Her Pups – A Challenging Rescue

Diana And Her Pups

diana-afterLife was not supreme for Diana, an injured dog. Abandoned in late winter in northern AZ, Diana and her twelve puppies scratched out a bleak existence near a gravel pit. Hungry, cold and thirsty, Diana and her brood stuck together in hard times as families often do.

RJ Owens, president and founder of Pet Allies Rescue in Show Low, AZ, received a call on March 7th from Amanda in Pet Allies’ thrift store. There was a report of an abandoned dog with puppies near Taylor, AZ. RJ asked Amanda to drive out to investigate. The report?  A skittish as well as injured mama dog and puppies about three weeks old. Later that day, one by one the puppies were gathered and placed inside a kennel with the door left open so mom could go inside. Since it was late on a Friday, a trap was not available. The plan was to set a trap first thing in the morning.  One of the puppies, appearing weak and malnourished, was taken in right away by a volunteer and started on goat’s milk. In fact, volunteers scooped up nearly all the goat’s milk in the Show Low area in Basha’s and Wal-Mart. Puppies seem to thrive on goat’s milk.

Capturing mom, however, was a challenge.  A neighbor’s dog was caught instead. Finally the trap worked and Diana was safe. One of the kenneled puppies somehow weaseled his way out and was never found, dead or alive. The other puppies are now in foster homes doing well. As soon as they are old enough, they will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and placed for adoption. Diana meanwhile was seen by the Pet Allies veterinarian.  A fractured leg was diagnosed with two options: amputation or surgery.

Thanks to the Lulu’s Angel Fund and Pet Allies Rescue, Diana’s leg was saved by the veterinarians at the Alta Sierra Clinic.  After a two-day stay, Diana was released but was on almost strict bed rest along with pain medication.  Keeping a mother dog quiet and calm with her puppies around took a lot of creativity but they managed.  For a dog that survived on her own with puppies, Diana is not an angry or bitter dog.  She hasn’t always cooperated taking her medicine but how many dogs do?  She wants to be petted and loved.  Pet Allies’ goal is to find her a forever home where she will be treated with respect, love and dignity.  In the meantime, she continues to heal, the puppies are growing nicely and thanks to the Lulu Angel’s Fund and Pet Allies Rescue, look at how many lives were saved.

Beebop –  Abused and Running For His Life Along The Freeway

BeeBop’s Story (formerly Clancy)

beebop2A frightened little poodle mix running along the freeway was sure to be hit.  He had an awkward gait and hopped due to an injury on his foot.  A good samaritan  brought him to safety at the Valley Dogs Adoption Center where he was affectionately named BeeBop because of his limp.

BeeBop was thought a to have a missing toe, causing him great pain and the limp, but during neuter surgery X-rays were taken. Results showed extensive orthopedic injuries, namely a dislocated right rear hip and both front wrists. The missing toe was actually disengaged and had begun to fuse to the top of the foot. The veterinarian suggested that someone had swung BeeBop around by his limbs. The dog’s injuries were never treated.

Despite his pain and discomfort, BeeBop is happy boy.  He loves sleeping on a comfy bed and snuggles next to his human on the couch, although he has to be lifted up and down because he cannot jump and has limited mobility.  He is quite sociable and wants to be part of all family activities, begging to be with people all the time. He does his best to keep up with other dogs when out for very short potty walks.

Thanks to the Lulu’s Angel Fund, BeeBop will get his medical needs taken care of. Due to his extensive injuries additional funds are needed and are in the process of being raised.  BeeBop deserves a better life and Valley Dogs will assure that he gets this.  This future is very bright for this little boy.   

Riley – Abused Then Abandoned To Die In A Back Yard

Riley’s Story

riley-after riley-beforeRiley’s owners moved. Instead of taking the family dog, a German Shepherd, his owners abandoned him in the backyard. No one knows how long he scraped by until neighbors called Pinal County Animal Control.  On April 11, 2014 a volunteer from Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary, a PACC911 Partner, pulled him off their e-list. Listed as 15 years old, chances for adoption were slim.

Without regular food, water or veterinary care, Riley’s condition was poor. He smelled like three-day-old egg salad. After volunteers bathed him, they shaved his back end. There, a massive infection was found. Furthermore, urine dripped out of his penis including the skin in the buttocks area. It was clear he needed immediate veterinary care.

Veterinarians at SW Veterinary Services in Gilbert performed several procedures including a fluoroscopy, pre-pubic urethrostomy and complete castration with scrotal ablation. The urine flow needed to be re-routed, most likely the result of long term trauma. What that was we shudder to imagine. Surgical intervention was indicated because the urethra was completely severed.

Riley is receiving 24-hour care during his recovery period.  He is getting stronger, eating four times a day as he needs to gain about 40-50 lbs.  The rescue group reports that Riley is about nine years old not fifteen as originally reported. We will receive  reports on his progress as he heads towards recovery.  

Duncan – Saved, But Then . . .

Duncan’s Story

Duncan-waiting-room-office-greeterDuncan-in-coneDuncan is a four year old Shar Pei who was found as a stray and brought to Maricopa County’s East Side Shelter by a caring stranger.  When no owner stepped forward to claim him during the three-day hold period, Pei People Shar Pei Rescue, Inc. (“Pei People”) stepped in on Easter Sunday to rescue him, as he was extremely emaciated and in need of immediate care.

Duncan was placed in foster care with a volunteer who kept him at her workplace during the day. Several days after his rescue, Duncan suddenly started trying to vomit and was retching unsuccessfully with only foam and saliva coming out. His condition quickly deteriorated as his abdomen began to distend and his breathing became distressed.  Fortunately, his foster owner quickly recognized these symptoms as bloat and rushed him to the vet.  When bloat occurs, the dog’s stomach fills with air, fluid and/or food. The enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs, can cause difficulty breathing, and eventually may decrease blood supply to a dog’s vital organs. Sure enough, he was diagnosed with severe bloat and an x-ray revealed that he also had gastric torsion, a condition that can cause rapid clinical signs and death within hours. Even with immediate treatment, approximately 25% to 40% of dogs die from this medical emergency. Despite the odds, Pei People had faith in Duncan and moved forward with the risky surgery.

Duncan’s life was saved thanks to Pei People’s quick-thinking volunteer and the excellent surgical skills of the vet who performed his gastric torsion surgery. Unfortunately, emergency surgery such as Duncan’s is very costly and not many rescue groups are capable of making such a financial commitment to one dog. However, thanks to the financial support of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Pei People did not have to turn their back on Duncan in his hour of need.

Duncan is doing great postop!  He is eating well and healing quickly. To ensure that he remains healthy, he is being fed small meals 3-4 times a day and is slowly gaining weight and regaining his health! Duncan is a gentle, loving, mellow, well-behaved dog who deserves a second chance at a happy, healthy life. He continues to accompany his foster owner to her place of business where everyone who meets him falls in love with him! He enjoys greeting all who come in and out and gently keeps them company while they wait. Duncan is expected to make a full recovery thanks to Pei People and the Lulu’s Angel Fund and will soon be up for adoption.  

Honey –  Alone And Suffering

Honey’s Story

Honey-after1honey-before-honeyafter2Honey is a one year old chow mix who had never known what it was like to be loved and cared for. When she arrived at Maricopa County’s East Shelter in Mesa, she was diagnosed with severe demodex mange, a common infestation of the dog’s skin by tiny, cigar-shaped, eight-legged mites that reside and feed in the hair follicles and oil glands of the skin. Honey’s condition was so severe that if someone did not step forward to help her quickly, she would be euthanized. Thankfully, PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund and Mingus Manor Animal Sanctuary teamed up to save this precious girl.

Upon rescue from the shelter, Honey was immediately placed under the care of University Animal Hospital where it was discovered that in addition to demodex, she was also fighting tick fever. She was placed on Ivermectin for the mange, a treatment that would last for at least three months.  She was also placed on antibiotics to combat the tick fever. Upon her release from the hospital, Honey was placed in foster care where she received love and care for the first time in her short life. Within a few weeks, however, she was well on the road to a full recovery.

As her health has improved, Honey has blossomed in her foster home, where she enjoys playing with her foster sisters and brothers. Once she has fully recovered from her conditions, she will undergo spay surgery before being placed for adoption.

Unfortunately, many dogs like Honey never make it out of the shelter and don’t get the second chance they deserve at a full and happy life. But with the help of Lulu’s Angel Fund, Honey will have the opportunity to find that special home where she will be given the love and care every dog deserves! 

Lanie – Abandoned In Her Own Backyard

Lanie’s Story

lanie-2lanie-vetslanie-1lanie-afterLanie is a young, pit bull mix that was abandoned by her previous owner. She was left to fend for herself outside in the yard of her former home with no food or water. Each day she would go out in search of food and water, returning to the yard of her abandoned home each night, no doubt hoping that her family would return for her. Unfortunately, that never happened. Good Samaritans in the area who were aware of Lanie’s sad existence and had been feeding her as she wandered the neighborhood begging contacted For The Luv of Dogz rescue group when they noticed her condition deteriorating.

When Lanie was examined by Luv of Dogz’ vet, it was discovered that she was underweight, had hair loss from demodex mange (a common infestation of the skin by tiny mites that feed in the hair follicles and oil glands of the skin) as well as a secondary skin infection and a rear leg that was fractured in over 20 places! Knowing what this little girl had already been through, Luv of Dogz reached out to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for help.

Accepted as a Lulu’s Angel, Lanie was immediately treated her for the mange and skin infection, both of which are healing nicely. It was originally thought that Lanie would lose her injured leg but after consulting with an orthopedic vet specialist, it was determined that since the breaks were several months old and Lanie’s body had started to heal on its own, it would be best to leave the leg intact and allow her body to continue to heal. She was monitored closely to ensure that she was in no pain or discomfort as a result of her healing injury. Within several weeks, Lanie was getting around like a normal dog, playing with the other dogs in her foster home and showing off her beautiful, sweet personality. Now the only remnant of her sad beginning is a very slight limp.

One of the techs at the vet office where Lanie was initially treated fell in love with this sweet girl and offered to foster her during her recovery with the option to adopt her when she was ready. Despite all that she has been through, Lanie is a sweet, loving dog and thanks to Luv of Dogz and the Lulu’s Angel Fund, she now has the a second chance at the life she deserves with a family that will love her forever! 

Buttons – Dumped In The Middle Of The Night

Button’s Story

buttons-&honey-post buttonsafter buttonsbeforeImagine what it must be like to be tossed into a pen in the middle of the night by those that you thought loved you just because you were sick. That’s what happened to Buttons, a friendly, female pit bull begging to be loved who was left in the stray pens at Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC). Her legs were red and inflamed and she was missing hair. Unable to do a skin scrape to determine exactly what type of skin condition she had, PCACC asked the rescue community to step forward to help this precious girl. Cochise Canine Rescue, a PACC911 Partner, answered the call and immediately took Buttons into their care.

A visit to the vet revealed one of the worst cases of demodex mange ever seen by Cochise’s vet along with a baseball-sized tumor on her rear leg. It was obvious that Buttons had been suffering for some time. Due to limited funding, Cochise Canine Rescue applied to and received funding from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to ensure that Buttons would receive the treatment she needed to fully recover.

Buttons was placed in an experienced foster home where she received medicated baths, antibiotics and medication for her skin condition. Within a week, she looked like a new dog and her sweet personality began to show. An aspiration on her leg tumor thankfully revealed that it is most likely a fatty tumor and nothing serious and it will be removed during her spay surgery.

Buttons has been sharing a foster home with another Lulu’s Angel Fund recipient, Honey, and the two have become great friends, playing in the backyard and getting all the love and attention they both so richly deserve! Thanks to the Lulu’s Angel Fund, both of these beautiful girls will be ready for new forever homes shortly!

Hank – Unable to Walk

Hank the Rotti’s Story

hank2rottiafterhankb4Maricopa County Animal Care and Control recently circulated an email asking rescue groups to save Hank, a middle-aged Rottweiler languishing at the shelter. Normally, Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue saves dogs from Native American communities. One day, Sheila K. Iyengar, President of Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue, paid closer attention to the email that made the rounds for a few weeks when the dog’s face grabbed her. Fate intervened because as she called the county, workers were wheeling the dog into the euthanasia room. Why no interest in the handsome Rottweiler? He could not walk. Staff at the county did not know if he was injured, abused or born with lameness. For weeks, workers cleaned around him and hosed him down. Reservation Rewards named the dog Hank and immediately drove him to their veterinarian, Power Road Animal Hospital. X-rays and blood test revealed the absence of hip sockets. Bone on bone friction caused such deterioration that there was no bone to repair. The veterinarian, Dr. Scott Darger, said, however, that Hank was an excellent candidate for femoral head surgery where the deteriorated bone is removed and ligaments are used to attach the leg to the hip. Without assistance from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, the surgery would not be possible. Thank you PACC911 and this special fund for saving Hank’s life.

Hank underwent successful surgery. At Sheila’s home, he’s recovering and gaining strength. In a few more weeks, he will undergo another surgery to repair the second hip. After a full recovery, Reservation Rewards will place Hank for adoption into the loving home he deserves. He is sweet, playful, and gets along well with other dogs. He loves to smooch and cuddle up on his bed. Hank will make a great addition to any family. 

MaryLou – A Stray Unable To See

 MaryLou’s Story

marylou-afterMaryLoubeforeMaryLou, the two year old brown and white pit bull mix, landed at the County Shelter on March 10th as a stray. Most dogs arrive at the County as strays. No one knows how long she survived eating food scraps and drinking from puddles. Except for an untreated eye infection that caused swelling, redness, and itching, MaryLou was otherwise healthy. The County lacked adequate resources for proper treatment and so MaryLou’s condition rendered her unadoptable. The Lulu’s Angel Fund was set up to save shelter dogs and cats like MaryLou from euthanasia. A volunteer from the Arizona Prussian Snailhound Rescue picked up her and immediately drove to a veterinarian for evaluation. A short course of antibiotics was prescribed to reduce inflammation. Entropian eye surgery has been performed, courtesy of the Lulu’s Angel Fund andMaryLou is doing much better. She is sweet, happy and playful and will make a fine family pet. Look for updates on our website to follow Mary Lou’s progress. A big round of applause to the Lulu’s Angel Fund and Arizona Prussian Snailhound Rescue for another life saved from euthanasia.

Sonny - Our Fallen Angel

Sonny’s Story

sonnyafterbathsonnybefore1Brought to MCACC from the Salt River Reservation, Sonny was in terrible condition. He was not only extremely emaciated but also showed signs of severe abuse by human hands.

He quickly stole the heart of Diana at Second Chance Animal Rescue who new hoped him and immediately had him evaluated for medical treatment.

Sonny’s red blood cell count was extremely low, the likely result of life on the streets for weeks or months, and starvation. His poor battered body was also riddled with infections that he could not fight on his own.

Serious medical treatment was started and Sonny, we prayed, would be on his way to a better life and full recovery. It was hoped that the life of this sweet soul could be reclaimed and lived to the fullest. Diana spent hours giving love and comfort to Sonny surely boosting his morale and will to live and helping him feel his self worth as one who is loved and cared for.

Despite all the efforts and prayers expended including support from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Sonny could not rally. He could not regain his strength and sadly he lost his battle for life.

Diana kissed his sweet head and held him as he crossed the bridge, and Sonny knew he was surrounded by love.

We always hope for happy endings. They are never guaranteed. But in the case of Sonny, while he did not live long as we had hoped, his short encounter with love made the difference for him as he crossed the bridge. Sonny did have a second chance at love and left the world in caring arms. RIP Sweet Sonny. Thank you, Second Chance Animal Rescue for giving him this chance and allowing his story to be told.

Penny & Piper – Two Cases Of Overcoming The Odds

Penny and Piper’s story

pennyredkerchiefpiper-laugh-w-humanpiperbefore-sickPenny’s health problems were more than her owner could handle so the six year old terrier mix landed at the Arizona Humane Society instead of a veterinarian’s office. Subluxating cataracts destroyed her vision in one eye and it was removed. A complete dental revealed a fractured tooth. Afterwards, the scrappy dog showed much improvement. Surgeons at Eye Care for Animals evaluated Penny and said her left eye could be saved. With help from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund plus additional funds raised, Mini Mighty Mutts Rescue scheduled the surgery for late September. Meanwhile, eye-drops helped Penny on her road to recovery. Once healed, she’ll be placed for adoption into a forever home.

Piper, a Corgi mix, was rescued from Pinal County Animal Control on the Fourth of July weekend. She was suspected of having a broken leg and a ruptured eye. Fortunately, Piper escaped those serious medical issues but veterinarians at Gentle Care Animal Hospital found she had Valley Fever. She’s responding well to medication. As soon as she’s healthy enough, Piper will be placed for adoption.

Mini Mighty Mutts Rescue thanks PACC911 for assistance from the Lulu’s Angel Fund for helping get this little girl on the recovery road.

Penny Lane – Two Surgeries, A Cast And Recovery

Penny Lane’s Story

pennylane-biscuit-tablepennylanecloseupPenny Lane is a female Mastiff-mix puppy found as a stray. Her rescuer, unable to locate her owners, contacted Arizona Happy Tails Rescue for assistance, indicating that the pup had a “bad limp”. This was quite the understatement. An examination and X-rays revealed serious injuries in the form of a shattered elbow on one leg and a hyper-extended wrist on the other leg. Scottsdale Animal Medical & Surgical Center were confident that she could make a full recovery but the estimated cost of the surgery was far more than Arizona Happy Tails Rescue could afford for one dog so they reached out to and were approved to receive funding assistance from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund.

Penny Lane spent eight days in the hospital and endured two surgeries to repair her injuries but is now on the road to recovery. While her wrist surgery was more complicated and required her to be in a cast for three weeks, her repaired elbow is healing more slowly but is coming along with the help of therapy. Best of all, Penny Lane has a new family to help her in her recovery! She was adopted before she even left the hospital. Her new family found her on Facebook and immediately fell in love. They were more than willing to take on this beautiful girl despite her injuries. She even has a two-year-old Siberian Husky brother, Otis, to help her on the road to recovery. Her new family reports that the two are inseparable and they can’t wait to give Penny Lane the “best life ever!”

We will never know what happened to this girl. Thanks to Arizona Happy Tails Rescue and the Lulu’s Angel Fund, Penny Lane is now safe and sound in a new, loving home!

Glover – Hit By A Car, Lost His Tail, And Now In Love With Betsy

Glover’s Story

glover-andfriendglover-afterglover-beforeGlover is a one-year old, domestic long-haired cat who was brought into Maricopa County Animal Care & Control’s East shelter by the Department of Public Safety after apparently having been hit by a car. His injuries were substantial including road rash/asphalt burns on his face and paw pads, a large laceration on the top of his head and various scrapes over his entire body. His most serious injury, however, was a degloved tail. A degloved tail occurs when extensive section of skin is completely torn off the underlying tissue, severing its blood supply.

Glover was lucky to have survived the initial accident but without immediate medical care, his chances of survival were slim. Thankfully, Animal Loving Friends (ALF) with help from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund was able to give Glover a second chance at life. Based on his condition, it appeared that Glover had been a stray for quite some time prior to his unfortunate encounter with a car. In addition to his injuries, his coat was dull and matted, his ears were dirty and he was suffering from dehydration.

He underwent surgery but, unfortunately, the vets were unable to save his tail and were forced to amputate it. His facial and paw wounds were debrided during surgery and he was neutered. Once out of surgery, he was released to foster care where he began his road to recovery. He was initially a bit skittish in his foster home, undoubtedly due to the fact that he had been on the streets for some time but after a few weeks his personality started to shine through.

Nearly six weeks after his accident, Glover is fully recovered and has been cleared for adoption. His lacerations have healed and his fur is growing back nicely. In fact, his foster mom reports that he is “OH SO SOFT, like velvet”. Glover is still a kitten living life inside as he should have been from the start. He plays with toys, loves to climb the cat tree and watch the birds outside, pounces under the covers and chases imaginary prey. He’s also quite smitten with Betsy, another ALS rescue cat. The two have become quite bonded despite the fact that Glover is only one and Betsy is five.

Thanks to ALF and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Glover is ready and waiting for his forever family!

Duchess – Look Who Beat The Odds

Duchess’ Story

duchess-bed-toysduchess-blue-towelduchess-snuggle-in-bedduchess-syringe-fedTiny Duchess, a two-pound, apple-head Chihuahua was rescued from the hot streets of Phoenix after her little companion had been struck and killed by a car. She was transported to Southern Arizona where Cochise Canine Rescue (CCR) was waiting for her. Severely emaciated likely due to the horrible condition of her mouth and the fact that she had been living on the streets, CCR hoped that she would survive her first night. She had only one tooth that was not broken or otherwise infected. Her gums were so swollen that they actually covered the stumps of her broken teeth so that only jagged ends showed through. Even if Duchess was able to find food on the streets, she likely was in so much pain that she was unable to eat what she found! Taking on a dog such as Duchess requires a huge time and financial commitment by the rescue group and sometimes they are forced to make difficult choices due to a lack of funds and personnel. Fortunately for Duchess, CCR is a PACC911 Partner and was able to qualify Duchess as a Lulu’s Angel Fund recipient, which provided the additional financial support they needed to save her life!

Her foster mom, the co-founder of CCR, fed her by syringe every 2 hours, gave her subcutaneous fluids to combat dehydration and bundled her in a sweater to stop her shivering that first night. The day after she arrived, her foster mom was so thankful to see that she had survived the night and set off to the vet with her. It was determined that Duchess is probably 10-15 years old, likely sees only light, dark and shapes due to severe cataracts and is significantly hearing impaired, which makes her survival on the streets even more remarkable. In addition to these likely age-related maladies, her anal glands were impacted causing constipation and she had a slight respiratory illness for which she was placed on antibiotics. Due to her fragile condition, it was determined that she was not strong enough to be anesthetized for a dental just yet.

Duchess continues to make remarkable progress. She is still on several medications and needs to be syringe fed but also eats tiny bits of cooked chicken and drinks water on her own. Once she is stronger, her dental issues will be further evaluated and addressed. In the meantime, she is making friends, cuddling with several of her foster sisters and brothers, and lavishing in the love and attention showered upon her by her foster family. Due to her advanced age and somewhat fragile health, Duchess will likely remain in her current foster home as a “sanctuary” dog.

Rescuing and saving severely abused and neglected dogs, regardless of their age, is one of the principal goals of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund and we are thankful to PACC911 Partners like CCR who are willing to step forward and take on extreme cases like Duchess!

Angel – Must Have Had A Fairy Godmother

Angels’ Story

angel-afterangel-tutu-with-dianaangel-in-progressangel-before1Angel is a beautiful, young pit bull mix with an incredible will to live. Her story begins in early June when she arrived at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control extremely emaciated and covered in ticks. Volunteers bathed her and spent more than three hours removing the ticks from her ravaged body. If she was going to survive, she was going to have to fight and she was going to need a lot of help! A call went out to the rescue community and thankfully, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue stepped up to give Angel a chance. They knew that her medical expenses would be significant but they felt that she deserved the chance to fight so they turned to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for help. Once approved as a Lulu’s Angel Fund recipient, her long road to recovery began.

She was immediately hospitalized weighing in at a mere 28 pounds, far under the optimal weight for her age and breed. She was diagnosed with Tick Fever as well as Valley Fever in her pelvic, neck, shoulder and skull bones. After a couple of weeks of only marginal improvement, Angel underwent surgery to have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach. Her neck muscles were so weak from the Valley Fever that she developed megaesophagus (a condition in which the muscles of the esophagus lose their tone and are no longer able propel food into the stomach) yet despite her condition, on most days she greeted her visitors with a smile and a wagging tail.

After 10 weeks in the hospital, Angel finally started to make some improvements. She hit the 30-pound mark and started to eat and hold down solid food. She was not yet out of the woods but things were definitely looking up. Two weeks later, she received the green light to leave the hospital and the search began for a suitable foster home in which she could continue her recovery. Unfortunately, Angel developed a rash on her stomach. A skin scrape revealed that she is allergic to her Valley fever medication so an alternative had to be found. Due to the severity of her Valley fever, she will have to remain on medication for the remainder of her life.

Despite yet another obstacle in her way, Angel defied the odds, and continued on to a full recovery. She has touched and inspired so many during her journey that her rescuers expect potential adopters to be lining up. This very special doll  is now ready for her new home, as you can see from her recent photos. Without 2nd Chance Dog Rescue, PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund and countless donations from well-wishers, Angel’s story would have had a very different ending.angel-tutu-sideangel-sombrero

Sophia– Crossed Over Knowing Love

Sophia’s Story

sophia-tear sophia-ivAlthough the hope, desire and goal of Lulu’s Angel Fund is to assist all the animals who come our way, they are all greatly in need and unfortunately sometimes we are just too late. The stories of those we lose, and the efforts of those wonderful angels who try without fail to help them, builds our resolve even more to help every blessed animal we can and try to eradicate the abuse and misuse that causes these situations in the first place. Sophia, at least, was blessed at the end of her life to be in the care of the wonderful group at M.A.I.N. rescue group and the amazing medical staff that tirelessly tended to her in her final hours. Her story should make you cry – then strengthen your commitment to these angels.

Two-year old Sophia, a Shar Pei mix, was found abandoned, staggering down a molten sidewalk in Phoenix’s infamous summer. Infested with more than 1,000 blood-sucking ticks, she had been denied (presumably since day one) any basic right to health or happiness, and as they gazed upon her emaciated and tick-ridden body, the M.A.I.N. rescuers couldn’t fathom who or what could allow this to continue, day in and day out, for however long she endured this level of neglect. For such a young dog, it was also apparent that she had been bred, and not just once.

A plea went out from the shelter. The amazing shelter staff spent hours picking off hundreds of the ticks that covered her body; she could no longer stand on her own. She could barely muster the energy needed to pick her head up from the floor. Sophia was, by all rights, a shell of what any dog of her breed and her age should be. Yet she kept on functioning and she kept on hoping that someone would come for her. M.A.I.N. answered the call for help at the eleventh hour when it became apparent that there was no one to help Sophia but them.

She was carried thought the door of the hospital, past other dogs waiting to be seen. Straight past all of them, because there – it’s the worst cases that are seen first. The others could wait. Sophia had waited long enough – and now, she was literally out of time. Kind techs and doctors ushered her through the crowded waiting room and into the back, where tests began immediately and gentle hands reassured her that she could finally relax and let them help her.

Preliminary tests revealed that she was positive for Tick Fever and that her PCV (packed cell volume) was only a 15 (normal is about 45). She was dangerously anemic and required an immediate blood transfusion to try and save her life. She was also likely Valley Fever positive.

The M.A.I.N. volunteers expect the unexpected and anticipate the miracles. Whatever path this leads them on, they were there for Sophia…. every step of the way.

Every effort was made to save little Sophia’s life, but sadly she lost that battle on September 26, 2014. We can find some comfort that she was in loving and caring hands at that time. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund was more than happy to provide the funds to try to save this precious life.

Buddy– Saved From The Jaws Of A Pack of Coyotes

Buddy’s Story

buddy-fullface buddy-floorLate one night an animal’s screams were heard out on the golf course. If not for the quick work of some Caring For Canines Rescue volunteers, little Buddy wouldn’t be with us today. The volunteers chased off the coyotes and captured the frightened five-month old black Labrador-Retriever mix who could hardly walk or lift his head. Early the next morning he was taken to Sun Valley Hope Animal Clinic where he was examined and diagnosed with severe malnutrition, dehydration and early-stage Parvo.

Buddy was immediately given subcutaneous fluids, put on a lengthy course of antibiotics and given a special prescription diet which is being fed to him every two hours. He’s gained several pounds and his progress is closely monitored by his loving foster Mom. Because of the Parvo diagnosis, Buddy must be kept in isolation for at least two more weeks. As he grows stronger every day, he is learning to trust his human caregivers. Buddy is blossoming into a happy little boy who looks forward to spending time playing with his foster Mom.

He’s getting all his shots and once he’s strong enough, Buddy will be neutered and have a dental done due to some issues with his teeth and gums. It’s starting to look like his foster Mom won’t be able to let him go so she’ll probably become his furever Mom….a very happy ending for this little boy.

Caring For Canines Rescue is grateful to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for helping save Buddy’s life. 

Mercy – Abused And Left To Die In A Box

Mercy’s Story

mercy-after1mercy-beforeAugust in Phoenix can be routine such as monsoon rain and scorching hot weather. August 9th was anything but routine. Valley of the Sun Director, Kathy Swaney was on an errand in the Queen Creek area.

As she approached a four way stop, she noticed a shabby cardboard box on the side of the road. A tail squeezed its way outside. Swaney jammed on her brakes and pulled over. A dehydrated, malnourished and badly injured dog was inside. The pitiful dog, a female Cattle dog mix later named Mercy, made Swaney blink back tears. She rushed the dog to the Power Road Animal Hospital where she was admitted. In addition to chemical burns and badly rotted teeth, the dog was filthy. Abandoned by heartless owners, Mercy was clearly a case of abuse.

After receiving life-saving care at Power Road Animal Hospital, Mercy was released to Valley of the Sun. Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Mercy received emergency medical care that saved her life. Mercy now lives in a forever home with another dog where she runs and plays with her new friend, enjoys belly rubs, nutritious food and most of all, is a cherished member of the family.

Potsie– A Stray Suffering From A Malignancy

Potsie’s Story

potsie-after potsiebefore1Life was unkind to Potsie, the Chihuahua mix. Not only did he land at the County Shelter as a stray but a thick, black tumor covered half his face. Unless a rescue stepped in, Potsie would be euthanized.

In September, Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.) spared the dog’s life. Veterinarians operated, removing the tumor. Potsie’s disfiguring look was finally gone. M.A.I.N. describes Potsie as a lapdog, sweet, loving and affectionate. Unfortunately biopsy results revealed a malignant melanoma.

Potsie’s outlook is uncertain. He may live for months or even years. He awaits a forever home. Could that be you? Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for covering Potsie’s medical bills and thanks to M.A.I.N. for giving Potsie a second chance. Together PACC911 and the rescue community save lives.

Stetson – A Stray Hit By A Car

Stetson’s Story

stetson-afterstetson-woundstetson-before1Stetson’s hardscrabble life as a stray became even more challenging after a run in with a car that left him with barely able to walk. Brought in by Animal Control to the West Side Shelter, the one to two year-old German Shepherd mix was slated for euthanasia due to the extent of his injuries.

Stetson was spared because of Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.) and the financial assistance from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. Kelly Ferreira said the veterinarian at Bethany Home Animal Hospital diagnosed Stetson with fractures to both his pelvis and femur. There was a dislocated hip and pelvic luxation. Stetson went to a foster home with pain medication while a specialist studied his medical records to see if his leg could be saved. Amputation was also possible. Despite discomfort, Stetson was sweet and gentle. At the end of July, surgery was performed and Stetson’s leg was saved. The wound appeared to be at least two weeks old. Stetson was indeed brave and courageous to carry around a shattered leg so long with no medication or care, not to mention food or water.

M.A.I.N. reports that Stetson healed nicely. He’s doing wonderfully, enjoying time with his foster family. He gives kisses, watches TV from the couch and awaits a forever home. Thanks to M.A.I.N. for stepping in to save this beautiful boy’s life and thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for making these life-saving rescues possible.

Stitch – Almost A Predator's Dinner

Stitch’s Story

stitch-afterstitch-before-duoStitch is a ten-year-old domestic short-haired cat who was surrendered at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) in early August with gaping wounds all over her body, respiratory issues and eyes swollen with mucous. It appeared that she had been attacked by another animal but her owners claimed that she had scratched the wounds herself. MCACC reached out to Animal Loving Friends (ALF) for help. ALF could not turn their back on this sweet girl and suspected that if the wounds were in fact self-inflicted, she could have a more serious, underlying condition such as a chronic immune-mediated condition or food allergies.

She was immediately taken to ALF’s vet where it was discovered that all of the wounds were harboring pus and infection under the scabs. The vet believed she was attacked by an animal, perhaps a hawk or an owl based on the location of some of the wounds. She also had a pretty serious upper respiratory infection and while tests for ear mites and FeLV (Feline Leukemia) were negative, Stitch tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which, unfortunately, would prolong the healing process. Her wounds were cleaned and she was placed on antibiotics before being sent to a foster home where she could receive the extra TLC she needed to get on the road to recovery. Due to the severity of Stitch’s injuries, ALF applied for and received approval to make Stitch a PACC911 Lulu’s Angel Fund recipient, thereby allowing ALF to receive financial support to ensure that Stitch received all of the medical care she needed to make a full recovery.

After just a couple of days, Stitch was feeling a little less stuffy and her wounds were looking better. She was ravenous, eating everything put in front of her, leading everyone to believe that she had not been well cared for in a very long time! She was not out of the woods yet, but she was getting the best of care and everyone was very hopeful.

As the weeks went on, Stitch’s upper respiratory infection improved and her wounds continued to heal slowly. She remained on antibiotics to fight off any underlying infection. Her wounds were so severe and had been left untreated for so long that some visible scars may remain after her recovery. But her appetite remains good and she is slowly gaining weight. Her foster mom reports that she is a very sweet cat and loves any attention given to her, especially belly, head and neck rubs!

While it will be some time before Stitch is ready for a new home, her future is bright thanks to ALF and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund! She will remain in her loving ALF foster home for as long as it takes to ensure her 100% recovery after which she will be made available for adoption and we have no doubt that there is someone out there just waiting to give this beautiful girl the forever home she so deserves!

Marie & Tori – Severely Abused and Chained

Marie & Tori’s Story

marietoriMarie and Tori are best friends and “sisters” who were rescued by law enforcement during a cruelty investigation. Unfortunately, a third dog was found deceased, tied to a chain in the backyard of the home. Marie, a five-year old female Staffordshire Terrier mix and Tori, a seven-year old female American Pitbull Terrier mix were deteriorating quickly at the shelter where they were being housed so a plea went out to area rescue groups in hopes of giving these girls a chance to know what it was like to be loved and cared for in a real home. With the help of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Valley Dog Rescue agreed to help Marie and Tori recover from their ordeal and find their forever homes.

Despite the horrible conditions in which they lived, both dogs have great personalities! They are sweet, friendly and get along well with other dogs as well as children. Neither had any serious medical conditions, which was surprising given the conditions from which they were rescued.

PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund is committed to helping animal victims of severe cruelty and neglect so Marie and Tori were perfect candidates for the program and thanks to Valley Dog Rescue, they are now blossoming in their foster home and hoping for a day when they will have a home of their own with a family that loves them as unconditionally as they love people!

Colby – Hit By A Car, Desperate To Live

Colby’s Story

colby-on-blanketcolby-headbeforeColby is a young, domestic short-haired cat found crying and lying against the wall outside someone’s home. His finder noticed that he was covered in grime, had some cuts and wounds, and was unable to use his back legs very well. Knowing that he needed immediate help and unable to find his owners, his original rescuer relinquished him to another Good Samaritan who took him for a veterinary assessment.

The news was not good. Colby had likely been hit by a car as evidenced by several lacerations and abrasions on his face, head, legs, and limbs as well as bruising and severe pain on hip extension. Colby was able to walk, but did so hunched and dragging his rear legs, unable to bear weight for more than a few seconds. He was in so much pain that he had to be sedated for x-rays which revealed a dislocated hip on one side and a pelvic fracture on the other! The vet attempted to replace the dislocated hip but it would not stay in place due to the pelvic fracture and muscle contraction. He was discharged with antibiotics and pain medication and orders for strict cage rest followed by an orthopedic evaluation.

Unfortunately, neither of Colby’s rescuers was able to provide additional medical care nor keep him long term so with the help of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, Animal Loving Friends (ALF) accepted Colby into their rescue. Having volunteers with experience in caring for animals with this type of injury, ALF felt certain they could give Colby the best chance for recovery.

Colby was placed in foster care where he met Glover, another kitty who was hit by a car and treated with the help of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. He settled in nicely, enjoying the company of other cats, even though he could only watch.

Upon evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon, Colby was given more time on crate rest to see if his pelvis heals on its own. After several weeks, Colby was comfortable standing and bearing weight and was taken off pain medication. The surgeon then recommended allowing Colby access to one or two rooms without stairs to begin exercising his muscles so that a better evaluation of his capabilities could be made before a final decision was made regarding surgery. Without surgery, Colby will likely always walk with a limp but if surgery is required, it will likely take multiple surgeries to properly repair the hip.

Colby has been enjoying wandering around, exploring the lower levels of a cat tree in his foster home and using both back legs to walk. He will be re-evaluated for surgery in 4-8 weeks but so far, is recovering nicely and enjoying getting to know Betsy and Glover, the two other kitties who share his foster home.

It will still be quite some time before Colby is ready for his forever home but thanks to ALF and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, he has all the time he needs to make a full recovery and will continue to have any and all of his medical needs addressed as well as receive the love and affection of a dedicated foster mom!

Yas – A Gentle Blind Soul Who Overcame Challenges

Yas’ Story

yas-at-vetyas-with-toysYas, a blind Lethal White Aussie Navajo Reservation dog, found herself at the Pinal County Shelter. Due to a neurological deficit causing her to wobble on her hind legs and serious tremors, she was placed on rabies quarantine hold as this deadly disease was suspected. There was a strong chance that she would face euthanasia.

Days into her quarantine, Yas surprised everyone by eating, drinking, showing no further signs of the disease, so was given a chance at life.

Cochise Canine Rescue wanted to save this precious girl but did not know how they could fund her many medical needs so Lulu’s Angel Fund was approached, agreed to help, and CCR made room for one more angel. Because Yas needed a thorough evaluation, she was boarded for several weeks at a vet’s office to determine her condition and stabilize her. Finally putting on some weight, she appeared chubby at 34 pounds with regular feedings, love and care.

Yas found she could walk on a leash with a harness, listen to voice commands and follow the sounds of feet. Her calm demeanor was apparent despite her blindness and her wobbly legs. In fact after the evaluation Yas began to thrive and CCR was able to take her home for the rest of her recovery. She quickly acclimated learning her way around without bumping into things knowing markers such as rocks or bricks outside and certain furniture inside!

Her tremors intensify in the evening but she rests a lot and doesn’t seem bothered by them. She does have an additional problem with her teeth and it is hoped this will not lead to tooth loss as she ages. A scar on her head suggested that someone shot her with a bee-bee gun at some previous time. Although her life had been terrible, she is forgetting and surely forgiving. Whatever other issues develop, Cochise Canine Rescue will provide her with everything she needs to lead a full and happy life from this day forward.

Yas is content and playful, and she smiles. With such a delightful disposition, CCR is trying to have her trained as a therapy dog. She loves going out in public and getting the attention and pets! She loves people.

Lulu’s Angel Fund made this recovery possible. CCR is so happy with Yas’s progress to date and looks forward to her having a beautiful future.

Thor – A Bait Dog Saved From Horrors

Thor’s Story

thor-beforehappy-thor-aloneThor’s life had been one of pain and misery. He was a “bait” dog.

Bait dogs are used by unscrupulous fighting rings and used to encourage the fighter dogs to fight. They are cut to bleed and then attacked by those dogs trained to fight and kill. Bait dogs are often chosen for their gentle temperaments; they are often timid and will not fight back

Thor was first rescued from Pinal County Shelter by a well-meaning but novice rescue group who sadly had no idea what he had been through. They did not take the proper precautions when bringing him to his foster home. He was thoughtlessly placed in a yard with six other pit bulls with little or no introduction and no supervision. The worst case scenario played out and Thor was attacked by the pack and did defend himself, causing the death of one of the pack dogs.

Back at the Pinal County Shelter it was clear to all in animal control that Thor was not to blame. His gentle demeanor was clearly seen and he was given another chance to be rescued, or he would be euthanized. Now with cuts and wounds all over his poor ravaged body, Thor languished on a cold cement floor in pain with no meds to ease his suffering until Big Bully Rescue stepped up with the help and support of the Lulu’s Angel Fund.

Veterinary care and rest came first and fortunately so far the injuries to Thor have not been life threatening. Next will be training as a key ingredient for Thor’s recovery and re-entry into the world of kindness.

Big Bully Rescue is working on this. Thor now actually smiles at his handlers. He is a sweet and mellow boy, who will in time be a trusted friend for the right family. He quickly learned that love and gentleness exists in humans. Thor is recovering well. Thank you, Big Bully!

Gus Gus – Earned his Angel Wings As A Puppy

Gus Gus’ Story

gusbeforeThe Arizona Humane Society received Gus Gus as a stray. Because this young pup tested positive for parvo, they could not keep him at the shelter as the disease is highly contagious. Arizona St. Bernard Rescue was contacted in hopes that they could take him and see that he got the immediate medical care so urgently needed. AZ St. Bernard Rescue alerted the Lulu’s Angel fund and Gus Gus was admitted into the program with great hopes for his recovery. Sadly, despite all efforts on the part of the veterinary team, AZ St. Bernard Rescue and the Lulu’s Angel Fund, Gus Gus succumbed to the deadly disease.

Everyone involved was devastated but so thankful that Gus Gus was given a chance to live. It is hoped that he felt the love of those around him on his very short journey with us. RIP sweet baby.

Mandy – A Severe Eye Infection

 Mandy’s Story

mandybeforemandy1Pinal County contacted Cochise Canine Rescue about a six-pound Chihuahua who had come into their facility with a very severe eye infection. Cochise Canine Rescue didn’t hesitate about taking this little girl. They sent pictures and her story to Lulu’s Angel Fund with a request for help to evaluate her eye and determine what could be done to help her. Of course Lulu’s Angel Fund said yes, and Mandy, as she came to be known, was taken to Eastside Pet Clinic for immediate evaluation. Unfortunately the infection was so severe that her eye needed to be removed immediately in order to save her life, and Lulu’s Angel Fund was there to help every step of the way.

A foster home in Tucson was found almost immediately for Mandy. Every day now for her is better and better. As she has started her recovery and becomes stronger and healthier, her adorable personality has started to shine. This little six-pound wonder of a dog is loving, happy and kind. She is confident and is learning what toys are. She functions extremely well with just one eye. Had Cochise Canine Rescue not been able to get help for her through the Lulu’s Angel Fund when they did, she would not have survived this injury. She is going to make a wonderful addition to a new forever home. 

Milo – Bleeding From Mange

Milo’s Story

milobefore3miloafterMilo is a very sad case who came to the attention of Panacea Animal Rescue through Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. He arrived with a severe case of mange and had swelling, lesions and open sores all over his body. With the commitment of funds from Lulu’s Angel Fund, Milo was put into medical boarding so that they could administer antibiotics to help get him on the road to recovery while a foster home could be found for him.

Milo’s mange and sores were causing him to bleed profusely, his skin was like raw hamburger and the bleeding so bad that even though he just wanted to curl up next to someone and cuddle, the blood would get on their clothing. Between the medicines and warm baths, Milo has been seeing improvement, with reduced swelling and lesions. With the assistance of Lulu’s Angel Fund, he will be able to get more soothing therapy to help his wounds heal even more.

Milo, who started with one of the worst cases of mange, is now doing well. His skin is healing and he is able to enjoy being a dog. He knows love and comfort and is finally able to enjoy life. Thank you, Panacea! Without Lulu’s Angel Fund this happy outcome could not have happened!

Nicholas & Lexi – Saving Both Through A Stroke Of Fate

Nicholas & Lexi’s Story

nicholasbefore1lexibeforelexiafterNicholas was spotted by a Good Samaritan in Tonopah. It was chilly outside and rain expected for the evening.   He was limping down the road with his head almost to the ground.   Neither the Good Samaritan nor Nicholas thought he would make it through one more night.   Nicholas was emaciated and had wounds all over his body. Luv of Dogz Fund was contacted for assistance for Nicholas. Because he would need blood tests, antibiotics and pain medications, Luv of Dogz Fund contacted the Lulu’s Angel Fund for help with Nicholas’ medical expenses. Some caring individuals also heard about Nicholas and donated funds for his care.

That’s when Lexi came into the picture with Luv of Dogz Fund. Lexi was rescued by Luv of Dogz Fund from a garage where she was living in feces and filth. After her medical evaluation, it was determined that she would need hip surgery. Since so many generous people stepped forward to help Nicholas, Luv of Dogz Fund asked the Lulu’s Angel Fund to step in to assist with Lexi’s surgery and care and use the funding that would have gone for Nicholas’ care to help Lexi. There was no hesitation from Lulu’s Angel Fund to provide this assistance to give Lexi a chance a happy and healthy life.

Noah – A Senior With Tickets For The Ark

Noah’s Story

noahfuzzynoah1122 noahchristmas2nd Chance Dog Rescue is all about saving lives. Unfortunately there are some instances when they know that is not going to be the case.   What they can do is give lots of love, eliminate as much pain as possible and be there to help these dogs who have had such awful lives have a peaceful and loving crossing.

Noah is one of these babies – he’s a senior dog at 10+ and came to 2nd Chance Dog Rescue with a host of painful problems including a tumor on his back, a spinal condition that was causing compressed vertebrae and severe pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis affecting both of his hips. The poor boy could barely walk due to the pain he was in and he was becoming incontinent.

Lulu’s Angel Fund was there to help with the expenses of a full veterinary evaluation and x-rays to determine how severe Noah’s problems were and if there was anything that could be done to help. Although surgery was an option, at Noah’s age there was no guarantee that it would do any good for him. 2nd Chance Dog Rescue has decided to shower this poor boy with as much love and affection as they can to give him a peaceful passing. Lulu’s Angel Fund is there to help in these difficult situations as well.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue not only wanted to give him a peaceful passing but a loving and comfortable life for the time he has on earth … and Noah is surprising everyone, as days turn to weeks, and weeks to months. Life for now is good and Noah is enjoying a loving and comfortable home.

Abby – Injured, Hiding In A Hot Parking Lot

Abby’s Story

abbyrecoverb4Abby1sweaterSweet little Abby, a mini lab/chi mix, was found in Casa Grande hiding under a car in a hot parking lot.  She was thin, dehydrated, and in obvious pain.  Some very kind people picked her up and contacted Arizona Happy Tails for help. Abby had obviously suffered some major trauma. Her right femur was not just broken, it was actually shattered, with the wound at least two weeks old. Immediately Arizona Happy Tails contacted PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for medical funding and she was welcomed in as a recipient.

Abby needed surgery as quickly as possible and was taken to Animal Medical Surgical Center to repair her leg. At only nine months old and about 13 pounds, the doctor felt that Abby’s recovery would be at least 90% of her normal use of the leg.

Even with all she has been through, Abby is an adorable, sweet and trusting little girl. She is healing well and was adopted by her foster mom, who could not imagine giving her up. Thanks to the many people who had a hand in saving her – especially Arizona Happy Tails and PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund!

Otis– Alone, Afraid And Facing Death

Otis’ Story

OtisCold, alone and afraid in the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control shelter, a three year old brindle pit bull boxer mix named Otis faced his last hours of life, shaking in the corner of the kennel. He was turned in by his owner who could not afford the medical bills when sweet Otis started having seizures and a possible epilepsy diagnosis. All of the shelter staff fell in love with Otis. He was a friendly dog who got along wonderfully with other dogs and loved being around people. Urgent pleas were sent out to the rescue community and finally, an hour before the cut off time to save poor Otis’s life, an amazing volunteer and foster stepped up to the plate! Rescuing Otis out of the shelter just in the nick of time, a Caring for Canines foster took the seizing dog immediately to the vet for a panel of blood tests and emergency care. Now several days later and on the correct set of medications, Otis is recovering and returning back to his normal, playful self. Thanks to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund and a great team of Caring for Canines volunteers, Otis is now a healthy dog looking for a forever family and grateful for his second chance at life.!

Boyd – Seriously Injured After Being Given Away

Boyd’s Story

boyd1 boyd2Boyd is a beautiful nine-month old black lab puppy.  His owner could not care for him any longer and after rehoming him, he came back injured after only a month.    You can only imagine what happened to this poor boy in that month – Boyd could not put pressure on his left rear leg, he was emaciated and dehydrated.   Animals Benefit Club (ABC) took him for orthopedic evaluation and he was immediately hospitalized. ABC contacted PACC011’s Lulu’s Angel Fund for assistance with the medical bills that would be required to diagnose and treat Boyd, and they gladly accepted this beautiful boy. Boyd required a triple pelvic osteotomy in order for him to walk or stand normally.

After just eight weeks of rehabilitation, Boyd is completely recovered and can do everything (including jumping and running after the tennis ball) that a totally healthy dog can do!  Thank you to ABC for helping this boy and to Lulu’s Angel Fund for making a normal, healthy life possible for him!

Lucas – Victim Of Horrific Neglect

Lucas’ Story

lucasb4lucasafterA sad, sad story, Lucas was a victim of horrific neglect by owners who did not seek veterinary care for his illness and abandoned him. He was underweight, covered with ticks and his skin and ears were ulcerated and bleeding.  He could not walk or stand and was in agonizing pain.

The day he was scheduled to be euthanized, a volunteer from ABC saw something in Lucas’ eyes and took compassion. He was moved to University Animal Hospital in hope there was a chance that his life could be saved. ABC contacted Lulu’s Angel Fund who gladly accepted Lucas as a recipient for their medical funding.

Lucas spent six weeks in the hospital receiving pain medication, daily medicated baths, antibiotics and steroids for his diagnosed condition of Canine Lupus, an auto-immune disorder. After just 5 weeks of treatment he is a new dog with a bright future.

Lucas is at a normal weight and his skin is healed.  His energy level is excellent and he loves to play with people and other dogs.  His medications are being adjusted to correspond with his much improved condition following the advice of his doctor. Lucas is making tons of friends with the volunteers at ABC and enjoys romping around the yards and playing ball.  He never runs out of energy and absolutely enjoys every moment of his new life! Thanks to ABC for saving this boy, and to Lulu’s Angel Fund for making his medical treatment a reality!

Baby – Two Years Old And Facing Valley Fever


Baby-Pic-2In October 2014 Maricopa County Animal Care & Control sent out an urgent plea to rescue groups for Baby, a two year old, spayed Australian Cattle Dog. X-rays showed that poor Baby had a large amount of bony growth around her left elbow and left front leg. The suspicion of MCACC was either a tumor or advanced valley fever, and tests for valley fever were currently not available through them. Thus the urgent plea for a group to step up and help poor Baby.

At the last hour, AZ Cattle Dog Rescue stepped in to help this precious girl along with a commitment from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to help with the medical expenses, and get the necessary valley fever test so that correct treatment could be started as quickly as possible.

Since Baby has been receiving treatment for her condition, her photos show great improvement and she will hopefully be ready soon to find her forever home – thanks to the loving care of AZ Cattle Dog Rescue and the commitment from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to get this precious ‘Baby’ on the road to recovery.

Bishop– A Second Story Fall


Bishop-23Anyone who has ever been around a boxer knows what fun-loving, high-energy dogs they are, and Bishop is no exception! In November, Bishop, a two year old boxer was confined to a 2nd floor area of his family’s home. Seeing the kids playing in the yard below was too much for Bishop, so he did what any fun loving boxer would do, he jumped out of a window to play with his family and had major fractures to his leg. However the family, not having the means to deal with treatment and recovery, asked Animal Health Services in Cave Creek to euthanize poor Bishop, only guilty of wanting to play with his family.

Recognizing Bishop’s dilemma, Animal Health Services in Cave Creek reached out to Boxer Luv Rescue to see if they could help this wonderful, fun-loving boy regain his life. Boxer Luv Rescue reached out to PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. The bills were going to be daunting; Bishop was going to need extensive surgery and recovery to repair the leg. PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund quickly said yes to this boy in need, and with Animal Health Services in Cave Creek discounting the treatment plan, Bishop was on the road to getting the care he so badly needed. He was a train wreck and the leg fracture was like a puzzle for the surgeons to put back together. Animal Health Services in Cave Creek did an amazing job for him with the help of Boxer Luv Rescue, the PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund Grant, and the hospital; collectively the effort was successful to save him.

After eleven days in the hospital ICU at Animal Health Services in Cave Creek, Bishop finally went to a Boxer Luv Rescue foster home to begin his long sixteen-week, restricted activity recovery. This amazing feat took a village, and would not be possible without the financial assistance of PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund. We are looking forward to sharing his adoption to a forever family when he is fully recovered and ready to go.

Willy– Mistreated, Neglected, Given Love In His Last Days


Willie-cageWillie-b4txWillie-inbedPoor Willie was a very sweet dog who was mistreated and neglected, and it was too late for him when he finally got the attention and help he so deserved. In November Willie was taken in at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control with apparent tick fever, one blind eye for certain and the other questionable.

Willie was pulled from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control immediately and funding was secured from PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund to diagnose and treat this poor baby. Unfortunately his white blood count was very low, and his little body just couldn’t fight off the tick fever that had become so advanced. He was treated but with no luck. Willie lost his battle just after Thanksgiving. At least he spent his final days in a loving and caring environment. While this was not a successful story for PACC911’s Lulu’s Angel Fund, it certainly highlights the need for people to take proper care of their pets and when a condition presents itself, get it treated immediately. 

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